Year of the Fire Rooster likened to ‘sweet and sour chicken’



Among the many Feng Shui experts The T-Zone has come across year in and year out, Princess Lim Fernandez of the well-known Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony has always been among my favorites. The reason may have something to do with the fact that we graduated from the same university along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City, so that wavelengths quickly meet; but to be honest, I think it’s really because she has this extremely pleasing personality and the sweetest of smiles that even if she warns my sign isn’t so auspicious at any time, the probability simply fails to alarm me.

This was my very experience at a pre-Chinese New Year luncheon at the Jasmine restaurant of New World Hotel [where Yin & Yang has since relocated after Mandarin Oriental Manila closed its doors in 2015]where Princess likened the coming Year of the Fire Rooster on January 28 to “sweet and sour chicken.”

Cute as the comparison may be—not to mention deliciously tempting for Chinese food lovers — the geomancer used the analogy to explain how the year is bound to begin smoothly for most, only to take on a surprising and challenging turn half-way through.

“If you look back in history,” she began, “you will see that particular years ending in the number seven, such as 2017, saw global financial crisis.”

Whipping out my iPhone, I quietly Googled for proof with the 1987 Stock Market Crash, the Asian Crisis in 1997, and the European Crisis of 2007 flashing among the results.

Princess Lim Fernandez is New World Hotel’s featured Feng Shui expert for its Chinese New Year’s eve celebration

Almost panicky, I just as quickly calmed down from my search when I looked up to see Princess still brimming with positive aura, ready to give her advice based on the principles of balance and harmony in Feng Shui.

“So what do we do?” she continued, pursing her “sweet and sour” premise. “If you notice your stocks rising through the first half of the year, sell them by June before the ‘sour’ part unfolds. If you’re buying property, maybe you can wait until the second half of the year for a better price, but inversely, if you’re selling property, then you may find that now is the best time to do it.”

According to Princess, the reason for this volatility comes from the element of Yin Fire in this particular Year of the Rooster.

“This year, the fire element takes the form of candlelight fire, which flickers, and can either be easily extinguished or can just as easily start a big fire. So in doing business, you should be extra careful this year just as you literally would in keeping the flame of a candle burning.”

She further warned that with the presence of the “Three Killer Star” in the direction of the “Wealth Star” in the East, money can easily be lost just as quickly as it is made.

The Feng Shui Chart for the Year of the Fire Rooster

“Again, sweet and sour,” she illustrated. “Those who will be successful this year, in other words, are those who are quick to react to unexpected situations, or as others like to put it, those who are good at playing with fire. My advice is simply not to be complacent in business when things are going well as you never know what may happen around the corner.”

She also encourages “thinking out of the box” in whatever industry or occupation one is in to flourish, as history shows the past years of the Rooster as eras when many of the world’s greatest inventions were made.

Princess more excitedly shared that if the Chinese New Year may not be too kind on money matters, it is generally a good year for relationships.

“It’s a good year for romance and marriage because the main star is a Double Double Star located at the center. That means more happiness and more celebration.”

Apparently, among all the Chinese zodiacs, the Rooster is known as the sign for romance.

Now my personal take on the matter is that singletons who are looking to be in a relationship might as well embrace the idea because what have you got to lose? Whether or not you’re a believer in the principles of Feng Shui, we should still take risks when it comes to love. The Feng Shui expert agrees.

And with that, Princess lifted my spirits again as she always does, and promised more specific do’s and don’ts at the Chinese New Year’s Eve celebration at the Ballroom of New World Makati Hotel on January 27. For details email or log on to


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