• Yellow-Liberal dilemma: Regroup or melt



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    Speaking as an observer and non-partisan, I don’t know which to regret more: 1) the ineffectiveness and demagoguery of the Duterte administration; or 2) the ineptitude and cluelessness of the opposition.

    The trouble is, both are Filipino. Their common haplessness reflects on our country and our people. When they fail, we also fail.

    The misfortune of the yellow cult and the Liberal Party is that in the vernacular (all the Philippine languages),
    “yelo” is the word for ice. It melts away in the heat and open air.

    The bad luck of the plot to oust President Duterte is that it carries in the public mind the stamp of the yellow cult. It bears the stigma of failure and noynoying, the chief legacy of President Benigno Aquino III.

    DU30 hit both the reality and the metaphor in his speech before the local government executives of Mindanao in Davao City on Thursday. He declared dismissively that the yellow challenge to his government has evaporated: “natunaw” (it melted).

    You could see heads in the audience nodding in agreement.

    New Trillanes plot twist

    DU30 may have reason to be dismissive and triumphal.

    At the Senate, where Senator Antonio Trillanes escorted the testimony of former Davao City police officer Arthur Lascañas, the unanimous verdict of the senators was that the man‘s testimony had no probative value. As expected, Lascañas attested to the existence of the Davao Death Squad (DDS), and he fingered DU30 as having ordered the DDS killings.

    When he got off the stand, the senators voted to halt further hearing of Lascañas.

    To address the skepticism of his colleagues, Trillanes delivered a privilege speech on Wednesday and sought to back the claims made by Lascañas. His corroborative evidence consisted of affidavits and photos pertaining to the killings supposedly committed by the DDS.

    But none of these had evidentiary value to prove that the DDS existed, or that then Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte ordered any killings.

    Detained Senator Leila de Lima tried to provide support from her detention cell. She fired off a handwritten statement in Filipino assailing her Senate colleagues for doubting the credibility of Lascañas and Edgar Matobato. This moved no one.

    Trillanes is now desperately searching and brainstorming with party colleagues on a new plot twist that will keep him in the news and put pressure on the President. He knows public interest is seeping away.

    Trillanes and his Magdalo party hit upon the idea of turning him (Trillanes) into a victim of the Davao Death Squad (DDS). Either Lascañas or Matobato will gun him down.

    House party-list representative Gary Alejano was designated to float this story in the media. He told reporters that during the 2016 election campaign, presidential candidate Rody Duterte wanted Lascañas to kill Trillanes.
    Skepticism is so high that Trillanes may really have to be assassinated by either Lascañas or Matobato for the plot twist to get noticed.

    Trillanes slain in this fashion will make it to the front pages of newspapers. Time magazine and other international publications will take note of it.

    This would be the equivalent of Frankenstein killing its own creator.

    LP should fight metaphor

    In all earnestness, I would counsel the Liberal Party and the yellow cult to resist and fight Duterte’s metaphor for them. Ignored, the imagery will stick in the public mind. The reputation for melting like ice will be hard to shake.

    This is a time for soul-searching in Liberal and yellow ranks. I say so for the following reasons:
    First, the long–awaited indictment and incarceration of Liberal stalwarts has begun.

    Senator Leila de Lima, one-time justice secretary and human rights commission chairman, has been arrested and detained on drug-related charges. If convicted, she could face the death penalty, if Congress succeeds in reversing the constitutional ban. DE5 must hope that the issue is not too complicated for befuddled LP president Francis Pangilinan.

    The Ombudsman Conchita Carpi-Morales has ordered the filing of charges against former Aquino budget secretary Florencio Abad for his role in creating and implementing the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). It was Abad’s inventive and corrupt mind that enabled Liberal Party leaders to get rich at public expense. Creativity may now move him to squeal on his Liberal colleagues in order to beat the rap.

    When the impeachment of the Ombudsman is filed, and moved in Congress, BS Aquino will himself be indicted.
    Other Liberals will join the retinue of detainees.

    Second, the removal of Liberal legislators from their committee chairmanships in the Senate and the House represents a sweeping demotion and a decline of power, influence and income.
    Liberal legislators will be reduced to spectators in the Congress.

    Third, the administration will also move to remove or retire known yellow and Liberal loyalists in the bureaucracy. It’s only the constitutionally protected appointees who will escape the axe.

    Mantle of the opposition

    Given the unfolding situation, the Liberal Party and the yellow cult have no choice but to regroup as a serious political party, and take on the challenge of becoming the principal political opposition in the country.

    Before DU30 unfurled his metaphorical jab, the Liberals already started to play down its entrapment in the yellow brand. When Noynoy Aquino met with Liberal leaders, they mostly wore black shirts. PNoy will doggedly hang on to his yellow pin, but the others will shun it and wear the flag pin instead.

    Strategic and wise course

    The strategic course is for the Liberals and yellows to constitute themselves as a full-fledged political party, and then to wrest the mantle of the opposition in Congress. It is a prevailing charge against the Liberals that after winning the most number of seats in both houses of Congress in the May 2016 elections, the LP failed not only to become the majority in both houses, they failed even to stand as the minority. This is a reflection of its lack of leadership and courage.

    The road forward lies in work as the leading opposition party, not in concealment within the super-majority coalition. This way, the party can be cause-oriented, and not bamboozled by the administration.
    Strategic acceptance of its work as an opposition party will enable the Liberals and yellows to regain some of their prestige and influence, and rebuild its ties to the people. They will be able to speak again of causes with which people can identify.

    It was a mistake for the Liberals to initiate or identify themselves with a plot to topple President Duterte. That only gave the President a powerful weapon to whip up public support behind him. The agenda of destabilization is a foolhardy enterprise without popular support.

    The better alternative is fight on and for issues, principles and values. This way, the party can win little victories that will be strengthening and win allies.

    This is the area where DU30 is most vulnerable, because his tunnelvision in the drug war has led him astray and compromised his larger agenda.

    The LP should consider embracing the cause of defeating the reimposition of the death penalty, by stopping the measure in the Senate. This is attainable if the Liberals regroup and make common cause with other senators who are opposed to capital punishment.

    If this fight is won, it will be an achievement of a revitalized Liberal Party. There will be other battles to fight, which will be just as winnable.



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    1. Philippines follows the rule of “Law” copied from USA. Even knowingly that a person (Gov’t. Officials) are corrupt they are innocent until proven guilty. In the Philippines this rule of Law is practice only for the Rich and Government Officials while for the poor the person is already convicted, sadly it is reality. Is there “Justice”?
      Recently the Legislative Branch is restoring the “Death Penalty” however, they excluded “Plunder (corruption)” for the simple reason they (most elected government officials) will face death penalty. These is how the “Legislative Branch” works, first “protect ourselves (Gov’t. Officials)” second forget “others (the filipino citizen)”.

    2. Regroup our melt, you asked. How can the Liberal Yellow Party ever hope to regroup when: 1) they have Trillanes and Delima as their most visible and prolific examples, both of whom make most people squirm with distaste; 2) unbelievable amount (billions) of money were misappropriated or stolen (DAP, Malampaya, Yolanda funds, etc.) which should have been used to better the lot of the Filipino people; 3) during their term they allowed the proliferation of drugs to such a point that it has corrupted even the lowliest barangay, now making it such a difficult fight, and all they harp on is EJKs and human rights; 4) there’s still the sad story of the SAF 44, which if ever re-investigated could bring a lot of emotions to the fore against the past president. For these and other sins of the past administration, the yellow Liberal Party will plod on and continue to fight vigorously to undermine Duterte. They have a lot of money and the liberal Philippine press to help them. However, it seems the eyes of majority of Filipinos have been opened and they are showing a keen interest in the goings on in the government, and actively lending their voice in unheard of numbers. Unless the Liberal Party continues to delude itself and discount the sentiments of most Filipinos, I’d say the answer for now them is. . . MELT.

      • However, it seems the eyes of majority of Filipinos have been opened and they are showing a keen interest in the goings on in the government

        All of that does not matter as long as the masses sell their votes. Comelec can steal elections and the government does not do a proper investigation.

        There were 120 pork barrel thieves on the Napoles list and only 3 opposition senators arrested. The Ombudsman still serves to protect the liberal party and the Justice Dept does what they are told to by the President who apparently runs everything.

        The court system is dysfunctional taking 9 years to bring cases to trial.

        Nothing ever changes in the Philippines except the players the system remains corrupt to the core. Can’t trust the police, the justice system or the government to do the right thing.

    3. I think the biggest threat against Duterte is Duterte himself and his brodmates specially Aguirre the godfather of the drug convicts.

    4. Daniel B. Laurente on

      Mr. Makabenta..you got it wrong. The melting is due to excessive heat exposure. Out of touch and the constants violation of existing laws and malpractice disseminated by the social media country wide. The populace is already a learned group.

    5. Trillanes and dillema have no credibility at all. They carry with them tons of garbage and most of the Filipino People believe that they have no moral ascendancy to launch a crusade against President Duterte.

    6. They planned for People Power during EDSA, Few People No Power happened, in Luneta 200k strong came of course hakot aided.

      Delima in jail, Trillanes left to do the damage. Be careful sundalong kanin, baka mahulog ka sa patibong.

      Maybe use Magdalo to mount a coup, make it bloody this time. Corny naman yong tear gas pa lang hands up na ang coward naval spec warfare group officer. Ano na lang kaya pag foreign enemy kaharap nito. Dito sa amin B A Y O T tawag nyan. Bloody coup and civil war para free for all, to weed out mga bayot and chinese businessmen cheats in this God forsaken land. Lastly that would be an opportune time to execute these yellow as&h@les in public.

      Bloody Revolution!!!

    7. Again, this will allbe about politics and greed. What about nationalism? These political bickerings and posturings ate among the reasons why the country is barely moving forward.

    8. The Liberal Party is kaput. It is too identified with the failed governance of the disastrous Yellow Administration of Aquino and it has the stain of drugs and plunder over its leadership. If there is to be a genuine and principled Opposition, as a true democratic system fundamentally requires, then one cannot imagine the LP as part of it. It is grossly inconceivable given its sordid track record and the sullied reputation of its leadership.

      • Kind of strange then that so many liberal party senators and house rep’s got reelected even tho most of them changed their political party to the majority once they got elected.

        No matter what party they changed to they were still the same yellow pork barrel thieves and still got reelected.

        The people get the government they deserve and since the masses sell their votes cheap


    9. If there is anything the yellow syndicate is good at it is necropolitics. Remember Ninoy Aquino and the NPA bombed the Liberal Party miting de avance and Ninoy became very popular after he blamed Marcos for the bombing. Ninoy was killed by his own family and Cory Aquino became president. The yellows had the support of the international media during that time. Cory Aquino died and Noynoy Aquino became president. The yellows killed Jesse Robredo and Leni is now Vice President. I am positive that among their alternatives being considered at this time is the assassination of some people that have become a liability to them like Noynoy Aquino, Leila DeLima and/or Antonio Trillanes. They will then blame Duterte and enlist the sympathy of the international community.

    10. Driggs Matabaran on

      If all the effort, money and power of the liberal, being the administration party before during the election did not win them a president, how can they succeed in taking out a president in power now?

    11. Luzy Canilao on

      What the yellows know is solely to be self-serving. They live for and only in a yellow world. The people or common tao are just tools for their power grabbing strategies. Yellows never and have no desire nor the ability to listen to the true voice of the masses.How can you then expect normal people to accept them even as reborn oppositions when they’d just oppose for themselves, for their own self interests, and never ever for the majority of the people? Yellows are done and have doomed themselves. Yellows are a lost cause. Their value to the society has been negative and destructive. I wish they really melt away and fast, literally.

      • Are you sure about that ?

        How did a liberal party yellow win the vice president position if Yellows are so despised ?

        A whole bunch of liberal party senators and house reps got elected and reelected during the last election, How do you explain that ?

        Most of these anti yellow fanatics used to be part of the Aquino fan club and just like the liberal party politicians they switch to whoever wins.

    12. The Ombudsman Conchita Carpi-Morales has ordered the filing of charges against former Aquino budget secretary Florencio Abad
      Creativity may now move him to squeal on his Liberal colleagues in order to beat the rap.

      Abad is not trying to beat the rap because the Ombudsman charged him with petty charges that carry a 3 months salary fine.

      Ombudsman Morales has to be removed from office before any real investigation and charges can be filed since she has been stalling and protecting the liberal party for years.

      As long as Morales is the Ombudsman forget about bringing Aquino to justice for the SAF 44 massacre, the DAP fund or the 117 politicians on the Napoles Pork barrel list that were not charged

    13. Leodegardo M. Pruna on

      Presdent Duterte is well grounded that not even a nuclear bomb would shake him down. What makes him stand his ground is his sincerity in doing his work and his way of treating his people with fairness. Never minding if one is a fraternity brother, he would sadly dismiss such a brother if he has done wrong and against the principles that the administration advocate. The yellows of course are melting and P-Noy sooner or latter will find himself out in the woods once A BAD (Florence) man squeals and points out that he was merely following orders from his inept BOSS. On the other hand, the LP is leaderless with only ambitious and self serving men behind it notably, NOTED Francis, REBEL Sonny, BOT Frank, etc. Gods bless the Philippines.

    14. tulfotumbong on

      Mr makabenta how can you say that you are non-partisan when bentang-benta ka na sa pagtuligsa ng LP and its leaders. You are an absolute dutard.

    15. Yen, Your yellow gang is beyond hope. Let’s just watch the LP fade away. No one needs them.

    16. your advice would have been feasible; but the LP members, including their past president, were the most corrupt and stole much more than marcos did. they no longer have the credibility and should simply die.

    17. Death Penalty is Duterte’s death wish. The Yellows can make Duterte a living corpse by his own death wish. Once Duterte stumble and fall. He can not rise again as hero but a killer of poor Filipinos he wished to murder by Death penalty law. Everybody group together for Duterte to fall on his own sword.