The Yellows have missed the bus indeed, but with some qualifiers

Marlen V. Ronquillo

Marlen V. Ronquillo

A FRIEND recently e-mailed a solidly grounded analysis headlined “The Yellows have missed the bus”. It was about the failure of the anti-Duterte groups, which he lumped into the category of “Yellows” to rattle, then end, the Duterte administration. He cited five reasons why:
• Mr. Duterte’s foreign policy is gaining traction

• People are now beginning to see an administration that walks the talk

• The protest has fizzled

• The efforts to involve international human rights organizations in indicting alleged human rights violations “ are slowly falling on deaf ears and losing steam”

• Mr. Trump would be more receptive of Mr. Duterte’s war on drugs than a Democratic president

The sense of the man on the street, the sense of the Filipino Everyman agrees with the general thesis of the e-mail. The popular support for Mr. Duterte is beyond dispute. The polling work says Mr. Duterte has both excellent approval ratings and popular support.

The point of dispute I have with the e-mail was the opening statement, which described the “ beast mode” fury of the Yellows in carrying out the opposition to Mr. Duterte. I cannot imagine Mr. Aquino, the leader of the “Yellows,” assuming a state of purple rage, waging, like Andres Bonifacio, the symbolic bolo of resistance. Inspiring the troops and plotting the victorious end game. That is giving too much credit to the clueless Mr. Aquino.

Mr. Aquino truly leading with deep conviction and unwavering courage. Are you kidding? My assessment is this: This guy can’t even tie his shoelaces properly without help.

I think it is time for the nation to bury the fiction that Mr. Aquino is a leader-–or was once a true leader. Try to review, try to take a look back, into contemporary history.

Mr. Aquino was a legacy politician
Mr. Aquino entered politics with nothing in terms of tangible assets except for two famous surnames. If you were looking for a resume that read like that of his father, a war correspondent at the age of 17 and a mayor at 21 years, you will be frustrated. Unlike his father, Mr. Aquino was not a self-made man but a man made by his surnames.

At the House, very few remember what he did. That was because he did very little. Or probably did nothing at all.

Those who were expecting a late-bloomer in Mr. Aquino—a higher ambition could really lead to that—were also frustrated. The late Joker Arroyo had offered a vivid description of Mr. Aquino as senator and it was not favorable. Coming from one who defended Ninoy and served Cory Aquino, Joker’s comments spoke volumes about Mr. Aquino’s non-existent leadership potential.

A death made Mr. Aquino president
It was the emotional outpouring after the death of Cory Aquino that triggered the events that led to the victory of Mr. Aquino in the presidential elections of 2010. He would not have been viewed as a viable candidate—even with his surnames—had not death intervened. Mar Roxas was all set to run for president and Mr. Aquino was supposed to be a lightweight spectator in 2010. Mrs. Aquino’s death changed all that.

Overnight perceptions could change. From a slacker at the two chambers of Congress, Mr. Aquino was suddenly vested with unbelievable gravitas. He ran and won on what seemed to be a great promise to usher in an era of unprecedented greatness.

I was suckered into believing that. And I started expressing that voter’s remorse very early in his term as president.

A government of the 1 percent, for the 1 percent and by the 1 percent

President Aquino’s term as president was a classic cacique rule. He just checked in the box what the 21stcentury hacenderos needed and designed his administration to meet their policy requirements. His administration was about the following:

• The rise of dollar billionaires that the wealth-tracking magazines have described as “those-who-can-buy-a-small-country” rich

• Sixty percent or more of the income/GDP gains went to the top 1 percent and Mr. Aquino basked in that singular achievement of social darwinism

• Many communities in the Vis-Min area languished in the 80 or 70 percent poverty rates and Mr. Aquino just shrugged it off and said his version of “ traffic is progress “

• Mr. Aquino vetoed each and every token legislation for the vulnerable and the underclass, reveling in that singular act of brutality against us, the vulnerable

My friend, Mr. Aquino and his spoiled “ Yellows” cannot adopt a “ beast mode” fighting stance. They are just pampered, legacy brats who have fought for nothing in their lives. Ms Robredo has to be fully aware of that as she takes over the leadership of the pile of rubble. Mr. Aquino and his clique should stand down and let Ms Robredo lead.


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  1. The biggest political mistake the late Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr. did was to pay Rolando Galman to shoot him. He should have taken over the Presidency and see for himself if his political programs will move our country forward. Marcos was willing to give him a chance to be his successor and even support him in politics. Instead, he relied on his incompetent wife and equally incompetent son to carry out the reforms he had in mind to move the country forward. Abnoy thought in his foolishness that he could easily remove Duterte as his mother removed Marcos and Estrada as President. Abnoy has no sense of realities when it comes to politics. He is living in his world of self-delusion. And he even boasted that he will be President for life!

  2. Did Leni Robredo ever wish to find out who killed her husband? Did Cory ever tried to find out who was behind the assassination of Ninoy Aquino. Both of them did not.. There so much similiraties on how these two personalities evolve in politics, and how they ascended in politics , purporting their cause is interest for the poor and the aggrieved, when in fact is to promote their self-interest to attain power. Leni took the bait of BSAquino III to run for VP , a position that Grace Poe rejected . And to the point of participating in stealing the VP position thru padding of votes during the last May 9 election and she violated the election laws by accepting foreign donations from Lewis and FIL-AM organization from US How can many Filipinos trust her when she lacks the moral principle to protect the interest of his own countrymen but er own. Isn’t this a red flag or a bad sign, that every Filipino must not forget.

  3. I was once a veteran of the 1986 people power revolution and also at one time a die hard yellow. With others we marched in protest until we came to Mendiola bridge facing a machine gun pillbox, at the height of EDSA One we gathered the courage to strip the barbed wire barricades with our bare hands piece by piece until it was no longer an obstacle blocking our path to Malacanang. I held vigil at radio Veritas and also saw the bloody sniper battles at RPN tower, QC Ave, between Marcos loyalist and RAM soldiers. It may be revisionist sacrilege to say but in truth EDSA – I was not a completely bloodless revolution, I saw for myself.

    We tell ourselves we did it for the country, but in truth I was just like the many spoiled teenage brats at the time who hated Marcos because he banned our favorite TV cartoon show Voltes 5, so up went our cry “Dekada Otsenta di na papayag na Marcos pa rin!” But now I regret being part of it after seeing how evil and deceitful these yellows are, they are parasites feeding off of our people and selling off our country piece by piece. After what the yellow leadership showed us their misrule, Marcos is definitely the best president the RP ever had.

    Today the yellows are again using the youth as cannon fodder, that’s what infantry are infants, sacrificed at the battle front, the same way they lied to us and used us during our youth. I think it is better if Du30 returns ROTC to keep these millennials from being used and turned into yellow subversives.

  4. Sadly I don’t agree that the “Yellow (Liberal Party) missed the bus. I believe that Filipino People is starting to see what Yellow-Liberal Party platform really is, distortion of the truth, create confusion, fault finder and serving only themselves and not the people.
    Proof? Just look at the LP in Senate and House of Representatives.

  5. The article is very modest….when there is a litany of other incompetent actions, selective justice and rampant corruption….and still…. till today there are still many suckers of the Aquino BS Politics!(…BullShit)…

  6. Its a good thing having a sharp and and hi-tech BS detector is not a requirement for professional pundits, otherwise, many of them will not rise above the rank of proofreader or copy boy. Ayoko sana mag alsa ng sariling bangko pero, I have never regretted any of my political choices, mainly because my BS detector is made of alien technology, thats why the likes of Boy Sayad will never fool me. For that matter, neither will the clerico-fascist puppet Mrs. Robredo. I suggest you fine tune your BS detector so you can see through the jesuitry behind every move of this absolutely untalented widow if you don’t want to be fooled again. What readers need from professional pundits are critical thinking skills, not unquestioning belief in propaganda. Leave the latter to that armchair rebel of the Martial Law period, Rene Saguisag.

  7. robredo to lead the yellow’s? hasn’t she ROBbed her votes and a REDO counting is in the offing? what’s keeping the Supreme Court long in recounting the same?