Why the Yellows and Reds are deliriously livid over Marcos’ burial



THERE is one hidden yet indubitable reason why the Aquinos’ Yellow Cult and the Communist Party with its fronts are apoplepctic over the burial of the strongman Ferdinand Marcos’ remains at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

With Marcos’ remains now buried where three other presidents of the Republic lie, he becomes just one of the presidents, and this shatters their narrative of an evil, ruthless dictator that ruled the country with an iron fist. And with that fiction unraveled, the legitimacy of the Yellow Cult, the mythology of Cory Aquino as Philippine democracy’s saint collapses.

The Cory Aquino regime’s incompetence, its total reliance for its rise and survival in the 1980s on the US imperial power, and its restoration of elite rule become so transparent. People realize how much more incompetent and petty Benigno 3rd was, so much so that Filipinos are even suspecting that he did coddle drug lords which has made it such a colossal problem today.

The Communist Party and its New People’s Army wouldn’t have grown into such a powerful force in the 1980s without the narrative of Marcos as a ruthless fascist dictator. After all, after its nearly 50 years of existence and propaganda work, who knows what it is fighting for, what the “national democracy” that it says is its vision for the Philippines is?

The wily communist chief Jose Ma. Sison during his sojourn in 1964-1965 in Indonesia witnessed the US-backed General Suharto seize power and order the massacre of 500,000 Indonesians to ensure that the Indonesian Communist Party was totally wiped out. The rest of the population acquiesced to the pogrom, with Suharto ruling Indonesia for 33 years.

Of course they’re very angry: Ateneo president Villarin told them they’re following God’s orders and are just like the Israelites fighting the Pharaoh.

Of course they’re very angry: Ateneo president Villarin told them they’re following God’s orders and are just like the Israelites fighting the Pharaoh.

The realization was etched in Sison’s mind that with the Americans’ Cold-War propaganda against communism, and without an outright US aggression, as in Vietnam, that would arouse nationalist fervor, Filipinos will never rally around his party that wanted to install its own dictatorship.

Only if the Communist Party was portrayed as the vanguard of a democratic movement against a fascist, cruel dictator could it recruit members, get the masses’ sympathy, and use a so-called National Democratic Front as its political shield—or mask.

Sison therefore engineered in August 1971 the Plaza Miranda bombing of a Liberal Party miting de avance both to provoke Marcos into declaring martial law and to portray him as a ruthless fascist who even attacks the legitimate opposition.

In 1971, Sison convinced the Chinese Communist leaders to ship in July 1972, 5,000 M-14 rifles (made by the Chinese themselves) in such a way—the shipment was landed in a busy fishing village in Digoyo Point, Isabela—that the authorities easily discovered it and sent two Army platoons to intercept it, to become front-page news.

Arms landing
The arms landing convinced Marcos and the Armed Forces of the Philippines that China was aiding the New People’s Army in a major way. Just two months after the July landing of arms, Marcos with his generals imposed martial law, with no opposition at all from the Philippine ruling class, except for the few oligarchs behind the Liberal Party such as the Lopezes and the Osmenas.

With the opposition’s leader Benigno Aquino, Jr. coddling the fledgling guerillas (even making his wife’s Hacienda Luisita their refuge), Marcos and the AFP top brass were convinced that the only way to stop a communist take-over was to declare martial law. Marcos and his generals felt they were just being patriots who would save the country: Aquino and the opposition Liberal Party had committed treason when they exposed to the Malaysians their plan to infiltrate and claim Sabah, indubitably a part of the Philippines.

For the first several years of martial law, however, Sison’s plan didn’t work out. Because of Marcos’ economic programs such as land reform (even if flawed), his massive infrastructure projects (such as the South and North Expressways), and especially the ruling class’ support for the dictator, there was broad support for martial law. GDP grew at a record average annual rate of 7 percent from 1972 to 1976, a pace that drew the support of the massses and the ruling class for Marcos and his dictatorship. The opposition proved to be so weak and spineless to fight Marcos. The communist leaders were captured one by one, including Sison and his top military man Kumander Dante in 1976.

In all countries and at any point in their history though, even up to this day (even in America with the police brutality against blacks), and because of human nature, human rights abuses are always committed by sadist, sociopath elements of the police and military, especially when there is no other institutional check on the men in uniform, whether it be the press, a functioning legal system, and a parliament.

For instance, because of Cory’s immense popularity, her image as a saint of democracy, and a subservient press and Congress, human rights abuses—according to one count by a writer very critical of Marcos—even quadrupled in 1987 to 7,444 cases from just 1,712 in 1986. (See table.) It was even during the Cory regime that the worst-ever police killings of demonstrators occurred, the Mendiola Massacre in January 1987.

Source: Kessler, Richard J. (1989), Rebellion and Repression in the Philippines

Source: Kessler, Richard J. (1989), Rebellion and Repression in the Philippines

Even just in the past several months, at least half, or 2,000, of the 4,000 drug pushers killed by the police in fire-fights (or when they were trying to grab policemen’s pistols while in custody) were human rights violations—extra-judicial killings.

I don’t think that Cory had—nor has President Duterte—a state policy of executing those who opposed her regime or those involved in the illegal drug trade. In a similar vein, there hasn’t been an iota of proof that Marcos had undertaken a policy of human rights abuses against the opposition, in the same manner as Indonesian strongman Suharto or Chilean dictator Pinochet.

What has hardly been mentioned in anti-Marcos accounts is that the two martial-law administrators, Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile and Philippine Constabulary Chief Fidel Ramos, had reported to Marcos in 1975 that some 6,000 men in uniform were dismissed after an investigation of their alleged participation in human rights violations.

Nevertheless, it was the human rights violations during martial law that the Communist Party and its organizations used as its main propaganda thrust against the dictatorship.

Conveniently not mentioned by anti-Marcos critics is the fact that as much as 80 percent of those detained and human rights victims during martial law were Communist Party or New People’s Army members, and those killed were mostly in fire-fights not only with the military or police, but with village militias, who were rabidly anti-communist or who thought they were fighting bandits. For example, I was imprisoned during martial law for two years. But I was a ranking communist party cadre at that time, and I was even organizing urban guerillas. The state didn’t have the right to defend itself by imprisoning me?

It has been the success of the Communist Party’s propaganda to portray Marcos as a ruthless violator of human rights, responsible for extra-judicial killings that explains why most of the demonstrators last Friday when the strongman was buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani were from the Catholic schools of the rich, who don’t care a hoot about class exploitation but are livid because of their Christian dogma over human rights violations.

It is however sickening how these students’ superiors used such biblical imagery and invoked God in order to rouse gullible young people to join the anti-Marcos rallies.

For instance, in a way that reminds me of movie scenes of medieval monks exhorting teenage Crusaders to go to Jerusalem and kill Muslims, Ateneo University President Jose Ramon Villarin in his exhortation to Ateneans to join the demonstrations against Marcos’ burial wrote:

“Patuloy natin kilatisin kung saan tayo inaakay ng Diyos sa panahong ito ng kasaysayan. Ang Diyos ang siyang nagpalaya sa atin noong tayo’y mga alipin ng Ehipto. (“Let us continue to discern where God is leading us to at this stage of history. It was God after all who freed us when we were slaves in Egypt.”)

One follows God’s will as Israelites did in fighting the pharaoh of Egypt 3,000 years ago if he or she joins the demonstrations against Marcos burial? Something is terribly wrong with this cleric’s mind.

What kind of religious leaders, and more importantly leaders of the academe, has this country produced?

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  1. So it seems Martial Law was orchestrated by the communists who had links to Ninoy. Marcos had his faults but he was largely a victim of effective propaganda. Interesting.

  2. George F Guillermo on

    Sobrang arrogante at judgmental mga Yellowtards at mga leftists. They are sowing a culture of hate kasi di nila matanggap na hanggang sa level ng kamatayan ay tinalo sila ni Marcos..na matupad ang kanyang (FM) “death wish” na mailibing siya sa LNMB bilang pagkilala sa kanya bilang isang sundalo, Presidente, Senador, at iba pang katungkulan (and not necessarily as a Hero).

    Nagsimula ang plano ng mga Yellowtards at mga leftist na pabagsakin si Marcos ng binomba nila ang Plaza Miranda upang magalit ang taong bayan kay Marcos. Maraming propaganda against Marcos ang ginawa nila. Sa mga articles na isinulat nina Mauro Samonte at Ambassador Tiglao (both holding Top positions in the CPP-NPA in 1970’s), kung hindi nagdeklara si Marcos ng Martial Law, siguradong naging Communist Country ang Pilipinas kasi maraming mga kabataan at Student leaders, mga professionals, Union leaders/workers na magagaling at matatalino (katulad nina Mr. Samonte at Amb Tiglao) na mga Kadre, membro at sympathizers ng CPP-NPA. Accordingly, by that time, malawakan na ang organization at impluwensya ng CPP-NPA sa bansa. Accordingly, isa si Ninoy Aquino sa mga leaders at nagplano ng pagbomba sa Plaza Miranda.

    Naging Diktador si Marcos kasi yon ang sinasabi ng Batas-Phil Constitution. Matial law is legal and authorized by the Constitution, thus all actions of Marcos were legal. Tungkulin nya na sugpuin ang posibleng Communists take-over. In the process of defending the country from Communists, arrests, imprisonment/detention and death among those against the government were the common result.

    Also, almost zero criminality was attained and for the first time, it was the most peaceful period in the history of the country (I knew this as I was then in my early 20’s & am now 65 years old). Marcos succesfully implemented Martial Law but there were some abuses and these were committed by the Phil Constabulary (PC) headed by ex Pres Ramos as the Commanding General (CG). As CG, Ramos was in direct control of the PC, Yet, among the armed forces, the PC was the most abusive & worst “pinaka mabagsik” sa pag “torture” ng mga bilanggo o mga suspects. This was a public knowledge during the Martial Law.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, those who fight (sympathizers, Cadres and Communists) (but no IDs as such) against the government and overthrew it were able to present and established themeselves as victims of human rights and thus, be compensated. Can you imagined, they were actual enemies of the State, yet they appeared and able to portray themeselves as heroes, and yet Marcos who legally took the hard decision to impose Martial Law as mandated by the Phil Constitution end up as the “Villain”. Ito ang gusto na mangyari ng mga Yellow tards at mga Leftist sa loob ng 30 years (1986-2016) at sila ay nagtagumpay na siraan at palabasin na Evil si Marcos sa tulong ng mga Yellow tards media (Main stream media). Manipulations and brainwashing ang ginagawa nila sa mga tao at mga kabataan lalo na sa mga mga estudyante enrolled in Catholic Schools. Students are being brainwashed by them (Priest, Academe Heads) with lies, hate & vindictiveness against FM Marcos who died 30 years ago. Can you imagined a group of Christians “kuno” taking advantage by exploiting and manipulating the minds of our future leaders by spreading lies, hatred and vindictiveness for the past 30 years. They are not real Christians but Satanic by what they do and the way they exploit and manipulate the minds of the people as they promote divisions, hate, vindictiveness among the people. They are unknowingly acting as agents of Satan (great/father of deceiver & deception-even priest can be deceived-“kawawa naman”) As Lord Jesus said in John 10:10 “The thief’s (Satan) purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life”. The Yellow tards, anti Marcos and Communists want to destroy the Marcos family and their supporters and the generations of this country by instituting a “Culture of Hate, lies & vindictiveness”

    But in the end, God is good as He is a God of Truth, Mercy, Love & compassion, Marcos was vindicated for being allowed both by the President (Executive Branch) and the Supreme Court (Judicial Branch) to be buried at the LNMB. (Parang Cine/Movie, na sa simula pa lang binubogbog at grabeng paninira o panisisi ang tinanggap ng Bida- from 1986 to 2016 (na pinalalabas na kontrabida sa mata ng mga tao) pero sa ENDING ng Movie, doon lumabas ang tunay na katotohanan, siya ang tunay na Bida…- At ito ang di matanggap na katotohanan ng mga Yellow tards, mga Pari at mga leftist na naging Bida si Marcos. They are still sowing hatred, lie and vindictiveness against the Marcoses as they have been doing such unGODLY acts for the last 30 years together with the CBCP (mga Pari). Pero hindi ang mga Marcoses ang kawawa kundi sila sa ngayon at sa darating na huling araw ng kanilang mga buhay-next life in HELL. As the Bible says: “You reap what you sow” (Gal 6:7 >”Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”) If the Yellow tards and CBCP sow hatred, they will surely reap hatred in return and in effect destroy the country thru divisions and hatred among the people.. GOD Bless our Country..

  3. Would it be possible Mr. Bobby Tiglao if you could write your opinion and analysis on a daily basis bcoz your facts are very educational indeed and awakening. More pa.

  4. Why the Yellows and Reds are not accusing Enrile and Ramos???? because, once these Y&R touch them, their lies will be exposed. So, it is win-win solution don’t touch my past and I will not touch your future.

  5. I hope Mr Tiglao would find time to write a book to correct the prevaling misconceptions on Marcos rule, the martial law, Marcos downfall, etc.

  6. Sec Tiglao your column is enlightening. Like you, I also fought the dictatorship. Unlike you I was not imprisoned. I organized rallies and spoke to people about the evils of authoritarianism. I did not join the communists or any rebel group although I knew some people who had joined the communists. To their credit they did not ask me to join. Some of them were apprehended and later pardoned. Some of them took up arms against the state and perished. My biggest disappointment was after Marcos left malacanang the yellow oligarchs looted the place and took for themselves what belonged to the people. What is even worse was many government corporations ended up privatized in the hands of Aquino and Cojuangco relatives and friends for a mere fraction of their value. There should be a way to make these crooks pay for the plunder of many government assets during Cory’s time.

  7. Filipinos love underdogs. If the yellowtards and communists continue what they are doing against the former president and his family, we are sure to see another Marcos as president in 2022

  8. edgardo rivera on

    Here is a question for the anti-marcos leaders:did Cory and/or Noynoy when they were the presidents of the country ever find any evidence to prove that ferdinand marcos personally ordered the torture and murder of the so called martial law victims? If the only answer is the theory of command responsibility, then shouldn’t jp enrile and fv ramos as the direct “implementors” (being respectively the chiefs of the military and the police force) of martial law equally share the responsibility for these atrocities? why not?


    My take for now is that the yellows and their co conspirators will shift their target from the issue of the Marcos burial to an oust Duterte movement. The pattern is very clear. Its a no brainer. Preparations are underway.

  10. Thank you Mr. Tiglao for writing columns about what really happened during Marcos regime. Catholic schools in Manila like Ateneo, UST, St. Scholastica and others are teaching the youths and even encouraged their students including elementary students to join the protest against the late President for the interest of the Yellows and the Communist. These young students especially elementary and high school should have been in their classrooms and be taught with values by these schools and not for hatred against Marcos or Duterte or anybody else.

  11. A very credible article from the Martial Law victim himself, to qoute;
    “For example, I was imprisoned during martial law for two years. But I was a ranking communist party cadre at that time, and I was even organizing urban guerillas. The state didn’t have the right to defend itself by imprisoning me?”
    Let’s put closure and move-on for the country’s sake!!!

  12. Interesting article sir. I, too, was taught about Marcos and what happened under the Martial Law during my primary education. I wasn’t born during those days so I really don’t have anything to say/comment on the issue about Marcos being buried at LNMB. Some articles/interviews said that he imposed Martial Law only because he was seeking another term and bringing order to the country was not really his agenda. What’s your say about that? What about the Marcos debt that we have been paying and will last until 2025? Is he really deserving to be buried there?

    PS. If my questions were already answered in other articles of Mr. Tiglao, feel free to give me the links :D

    • what debt are you talking about? Is this country paying a debt of Marcos? meaning his personal debt or is there a debt arising a from a loan by the Philippine government then under Marcos? This loan surely was used for infrastructure projects that benefited the people.
      Surely, marcos deserve to be buried in the LNMB not as a hero but as a former President of the Philippinesand WW2 soldier and veteran.

  13. Gerardo Payumo on

    Great article Mr. Tiglao. There is subject that needs to be written by a writer of your caliber. This is the greater picture on why Marcos was ousted from power. I have posted this response to an FB post that blames Danding as the one who had Ninoy killed: “I think it is the CIA (Google Confessions of an Economic Hitman for covert US diplomacy). The triad (Globalists (Rothschilds), Vatican and the US) hated Marcos for his plan to issue a currency backed with Maharlika’s gold and part of his recovered Yamashita and Nazi gold treasures. This last one, is the one that really pissed off the Globalists who felt that gold belongs to them and Marcos pulled a fast one on them. The Marcos plans for a gold-backed currency pissed-off the US as it challenges the hegemony of the US dollar which is not longer backed by gold. So how to bring down Marcos? And who should replace Marcos? VP Tolentino who is a logical one as per RP constitution, is not acceptable because he is a nationalist, a Marcos supporter and hard to control. So why not support Ninoy to replace Marcos being a rapacious critic of Marcos? Ninoy with his multiple heart by-pass operations is a “dead man walking” and is of not much use alive but he represents all forces against Marcos. Why not take Ninoy out and blame it on Marcos and propel the grieving clueless widow into power via a revolution to undermine the 1935 Constitution? Danding, a first cousin who is an astute nationalistic businessman, who earned the ire of US business moguls trying to exploit the Philippines, at Cory’s side and giving her advices is a potential problem. So why not put the blame of Ninoy’s death on Danding, and with his closeness to Marcos, implicate Marcos? So one stone, many birds. Marcos is out, Tolentino is out, Cory is in, Danding is outside the kulambo, and the triad is free to manipulate the policies of the clueless widow.”

    This is my analysis. It may be flawed or perhaps wanting in documentation and perhaps a more thorough treatment by you with the resources you have at your finger tips can scholarly validate or correct or dismiss it altogether.

  14. In 2013, Noynoy signed Republic Act No. 10368 where a 10 Billion fund is appropriated for human rights victims under the Marcos regime. Sa awa ng Diyos, hanggang ngayon head count pa rin sila at walang fund na nire-release.

  15. Sayang ang ganda pa naman ng paliwanag ni Mr. Tiglao.. pero hindi ito maiintindihan ng mga Yellow Cult kc sarado utak nila at maraming itinatagong baho.. kung tutuusin sila lang namn talaga ang nagngungulo sa Piipinas..Mabuhay ka Mr. Tiglao!! isiwalat mo pa mga nakatagong kotohanan!!

  16. Bobby Tiglao is correct. With Apo Macoy buried in the hole, there is no more to sell or hard sell the” holiness” of the communist and yellow causes. Now it’s PDigong being packaged for their sales pitch.

  17. First, this post is myopic and dismissive of the real problems on the ground. Regardless of the political machinations of the Liberal Party and the intentions of the Left, it does not erase the fact that burying Marcos’ remains in LNMB serves as a whitewashing mechanism to absolve the former dictator of the atrocities and human rights violations committed under his regime. You have the statistics, but the people have a compelling and resounding narrative of what really happened during those years. The SC approval only served to create a dangerous precedent that can potentially be used by future dictators as justification for the atrocities that they will commit.

    Second, this post is presumptive and politicizing in nature. The implicit analysis is that the dissent is fueled by the agenda of the LP and the Left, with people jumping in on the bandwagon. Your words are just a more civilized way of saying, “Kung anti-Marcos ka, siguro dilawan o komunista ka.” I do not think it is just as simple as that. It does away with legitimate grievances of the people. I believe the people rallying in the streets have the mental calculus to act based on their own grievances about Martial Law and at the same time call out the LP and the Left for their faults (in response to your post, the Left has admitted to their mistakes and have commenced rectification mechanisms).

    In response to your question at the end, what kind of statesmen are leading this country, when they are so fond of using the Biblical rhetoric of “Forgive and forget” to justify the former dictator’s burial at LNMB?

    • First the real problem on the ground is people like you who allowed corrupt elitists to hold power and plunder philippines. The burial just erases the fact that it was only under marcos that there have ever been a great violation of human rights you hypocrite. And this is a very weak reason for any ‘ruthless’ dictator to rise cos none existed in the first place. It is only your wild delusion formed by the media, dramtization, and the legacy of cory. Human rights violations and atrocities by our govt has always been the same if not worse all throughout as the records suggests.

      Second you took a mental shortcut and described the whole thing with your personal impression. Thats a sign of poor comprehension. You yourself is very simple minded. At best this article suggest the political reason behind those who are against marcos as opposed to the old ‘ruthless evil dictator’ reason they usually show all over the place

    • Again, an idiot who is trapped in a false dichotomy and you probably don’t understand this seeing as how you see everyone against Marcos as “dilawan”. You do not even understand that the previous administrations under the LP is constantly attacked by the members of the Left (meaning you cannot just generalize and homogenize intentions, even if the front is the same). The point is that you are right in saying it was not only under Marcos that there were human rights violations, BUT the burial is a form of showcasing that what happened under his regime is acceptable. This should not stop us from being assertive and holding the past administrations accountable for what happened under their regimes (case in point, we should hold PNoy accountable for the extensive militarization that displaced indigenous communities). Yours is a sad view, wherein to destroy one you must uphold the other (you get to choose the lesser evil) when you can have the potential to choose an altogether different stand that protects the interest of the people and eliminate all that is evil. Never in my comment did I engender the idea of supporting the denizens of the LP.

      I only extrapolated on what the author was talking about. Again, I do not like the intentions of the anti-Marcos groups being homogenized as having ulterior motives and political agenda (case in point, Gabriela groups showing strong dissent regarding the burial as it is a sacrilege to the women victims of human rights violations during the Marcos era). If my comment counts as “simple-minded”, I don’t know about yours when you bank on ad hominem arguments.

      I implied a lot of things in my comment such as historical revisionism and double standards. True enough, the LP may have ulterior political agenda, but don’t you think the Marcoses have motives of their own? Do you want another rise on foreign debt (which by the way was aggravated during the Marcos era) before you realize those?

  18. Sir Tiglao, as one of your avid readers, pls publish into one book all your articles concerning the Marcos Admin and the Yellow Dynasty. Thank you for objectively teaching us that part of Ph History, sir.

  19. Dean Serafin Cuevas on

    My fellow countrymen, if Marcos was truly a ruthless dictator when he imposed land reform during his reign, then how come Hacienda Lusita withstood land reform during the martial law years? something to think about ‘no?

  20. I salute you as a writer with accompanied facts.. we need like you Sir. Keep up the good works!

  21. The Great Defiant on

    So much for Aquino and Marcos family and vested interest of politicians and oligarchs and the communist red. Go to heck you all….
    I want a brighter future for my children…nothing more…nothing less right now…PERIOD!!!!

  22. This is the same motivation used by some radical Muslim clerics to instigate suicide bombers. They cite Koran verses as if they are real agents of Allah. Beware of these religious leaders (any religion) who preaches PEACE but their action is motivated by Hate.

  23. human rights?panahon ni cory,massacr.mga kaliwa,ang daming pinatay!sparrow unit,kangaroo court. panahon ni noynoy,massacre din.parepareho lang.ang pinakamalupit,pinatay ang tunay na kasaysayan ng ating bansa.pati turo ni kristo,binaluktot na.

  24. Mr Tiglao picks and chooses his “facts” as evidenced by presenting the GDP from 1972 to 1972 but not from 1977 ton the time Marcos had top be evacuated from Malacanang. After all, he is a columnist who writes opinions, niot facts supported by evidence.
    He may have suffered under Marcos but it is overridden by his hate for the Aquinos. How can he conclude that all the anti-Marcos people are pro-Aquino? Surely, not all the Marcos victims are pro-Aquino.

  25. As long as the YELLOWS are alive in connections with the redundancy of rallys ragardless how much $$P$P$ goes to their pocket the new administration will suffers from continuous & aggressive disobedience act.

  26. Sir RDT, thanks for this educational article again. Victor Corpuz’ Silent War confirms Sison’s slimy character. While Sison’s guerillas were clashing, blooding it out with the military, he was comfortably residing in an air-conditioned underground. Corpuz further wrote that Joma and his top men shot to death instantly anyone who gave suggestions on operations. After all, they were the guys on the forefront. Corpuz said that he was “kidnapped” by the military and that ended his sojourn with the Reds.
    Many writers have claimed that the Jesuits are the most intellectually bright of the orders of priesthood. I doubt. A grader from a Baptist school can recite the Biblical 10 Commandments than a Ph degree-d Jesuit priest. This Atenean authority, like all of Athena’s people, will skip the 2nd Commandment (making it 9 only), and split the 10th into two (to make it 10 again). Ateneans (you included, Sir RDT, sorry) and all of the other Roman gods’ adherents do not give a damn to the 2nd commandment. “Written by the finger of YHWH” as Moses declares are the 10 Commandments. All the rest are written by prophets through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. So, if goddess Athena’s wisest priests cannot understand the words of the Great Unseen, can’t they also not understand the truth, nothing but the truth which are the facts and realities of FM’s Martial Law? Actually, this is the first time I came upon the circumstances leading to Proclamation 1081. The Media must emulate your journalistic passion and acumen, Sir. Let’s pray for that.

  27. Mr. Tiglao can you do research on the legality of Corazon Aquino’s order to “return” the properties and holding of ABS-CBN. If Marcos had purchased, confiscated or took-over, Did not the original franchise expire during Marcos time thereby rendering its existence as terminated? what of the actual government assets and investments put in after martial law until C. Aquino gave it away to the Lopez clan? thank you

  28. Mr Tiglao your story is worth
    REading and waiting. Yours is very objective, followed with facts or data for smarties critical thinking. Marcos pa rin?

  29. Keep on writing truthful and factual articles, Sir Tiglao. We need awakening and enlightening articles. Good luck and God bless.

  30. Albert Martines on

    For the past decades, our government are run by either graduates of Ateneo or UP (most of Cabinet Ministers and other high government positions, then and still now) – but look, where are we right now? Go blame Marcos who is already dead, but I blame you for the country’s mess all these years.

  31. Nalulungkot ako sa taong galit ang nakatanim sa puso, mga batang nakita sa magulang ang galit, kaya galit din ang pinahahayag..pag may galit ka wala kang kapayapaan, pag wala kang kapayapaan, hindi ka magiging masaya…ang tangi kong naituro ko sa aking mga anak, pangunawa, kababaang loob, huwag mapaghiganti, pagpapatawad…
    May sasakit pa kya sa isang nilalang na inabandonado ng magulang, pero ang tiningnan ko ay kung ano ako, at hindi kung ano siya.
    Nagtataka ako sa madasalin, pakikita sa larawan ang pagrorosaryo, pero muhing muhi sa kapwa, mga makadiyos na d naman nakita ang nakaraan, pero ang mga dumi ng taong kitang kita na ay nagbubulagbulagan…Napakabilis sumagot na hindi kami MAGNANAKAW, pero kitang kita ang ebidensya na may anak sa mga lalaki g mayasawa …Di ba ang nagsabing huwag kang magnakaw at makiapid ay iisa….sya sya sya, magalit kyo anggang gusto nyo, katapat na sakit nyan Canser…try it..tnx

  32. Albert Martines on

    I have always believed that the Left is viciously against Marcos because he (Marcos) thwarted their rebellious plan to overthrow the government three decades ago – remember the First Quarter Storm????? Likewise, I have also believed that the Yellows and the Aquinos are also against Marcos, because the more you pull down Marcos, the higher they go (Two Aquinos became Presidents and the Yellows were all over).In the end, I think the Left and the Yellows should be happy that the Marcos issue is again alive – because then they become relevant again.

  33. Albert Martines on

    I used to wonder why Ateneo and UP graduates and students are always at the forefront of any anti-Marcos actions. Now, I realize that most of the Yellows are Ateneo graduates and most of the Left are UP graduates.

  34. The yellows are distorting history. They are polluting the minds of the young generation. I’ve witnessed the government run by presidents way back from magsaysay and I would say that marcos was the best president ever produced. Now, president duterte has the signs of a strong president. I hope the momentum will reach until his term so that the philippines will become a great nation.

  35. Clerico-fascist was the term Joma used to describe our society until he dumped it after going to bed with the clerics. It turned out these Joma-led Reds and clerics were in a menage-a-trois with the oligarchs of the Makati Business Club, and of course, behind these triumvirate of forces is the American-led West. In a nutshell, these are the enemies of the people. Perhaps we should revive that term, clerico-fascist, as it will surely hit a nerve that will send these hypocrites even more apoplectic. Lets start with the highest ranking yellow, Mrs. Robredo. From now on, we should refer to her as Mrs. Clerico-Fascist. After all, aren’t her not so secret handlers the Jesuits ?

  36. The Yellows have to keep the Marcos issue alive and burning otherwise they (the Yellows and the Communists, too) become irrelevant.

  37. Go Mr Ambasador, it’s time we Bring out the yellow dirty linen. No need to dig into the Catholic backyard, we already know what they are! Useless Priest pricks and bloody nuns cunts. Tell us about this senile SAGUISAG? Does he know what he is talking about? Somebody put the old faggot out of his misery.

  38. “. . . give me your attention…” should read “. . .give me your ears.”
    To the crooks in and out of the government, ” . . . Give me your money.”

  39. Very good article. What bothers me the most is that our youth are being used as pawns in a political game.

  40. Hindi mo kami talaga binibigo na mabigyan kami ng scholastic ideas mo sa tuwina. Bravo, Mr. Secretary R. tiglao…

  41. Mr. Tiglao, I think we agree on the ff pts.: I am not pro Cory; she jeopardized genuine land reform because of Hacienda Luisita. I am not pro Noynoy; he was vindictive from day one to the last day of his administration. I am not pro religion; kapag may delubyo, ang mabuhay milagro, ang mamatay nasa plano.

    I also agree with you that President Duterte, minus his faults, could be our best president so far.

    But the Marcos burial has eroded my trust on President Duterte. His comments before and after the burial has led me to believe he is really bent on getting sick and handing over the keys of the presidential palace to Bongbong. What sickens me more is the probable sight of Imelda, again wearing her crown as the self-proclaimed “Queen of Love” smilingly reigning, with tears in her eyes, over her gullible servants.

    Will you still agree with me?

  42. evelina rondina on

    in 1971 i was a college student at u.e. i really hate those demonstrators throwing pillbox. and do vandalism. i was even hit by a pillbox while on my way to school. i could say that those demonstrators mostly students from the state universities had undergone communist training… my sister then was studying at PUP. she was once convinced me to attend a sit-in training. true enough…. marxism … a communist ideology … Had these students know that they are able to study in a state university funded by the government yet they are welcoming the idea of overthrowing the government ?… those demonstarators were very unruly… but the oppositions are backing them up… what about the policemen who were hurt just doing their duty to control them? at that time, these rioters can even come infront of the gate of Malacanan … no bulb wire…. but during cory? up to legarda there is already a barricade to prevent demonstrators…. this is the so called Democracy? perhaps its DE MORE CRAZY…

  43. Bonifacio Claudio on

    “Friends, Romans, countrymen, give me your attention. I have come here to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do is remembered after their deaths, but the good is often buried with them. It might as well be the same with Caesar. The noble Brutus told you that Caesar was ambitious… — for Brutus is an honorable man; they are all honorable men —…

    When the poor cried, Caesar cried too. Ambition shouldn’t be so soft.

    Yet Brutus says he was ambitious, and Brutus is an honorable man… And, no question, Brutus is an honorable man.

    I am not here to disprove what Brutus has said, but to say what I know.

    You all loved him once, and not without reason. Then what reason holds you back from mourning him now? Men have become brutish beasts and lost their reason!

    Bear with me. My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, and I must pause until it returns to me.” From Julius Caesar by W. Shakespeare

    • Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with Caesar. The noble Brutus hath told you Caesar was ambitious: If it were so, it was a grievous fault; And grievously hath Caesar answer’d it. _ _

  44. Leodegardo Pruna on

    The young minds are being polluted by wrong information to distort history. We can see how those in authority (ADMU president for one) and the oligarchs are undermining the realities during the Marcos regime making of Cory a saint when she is not. Her achievement, if ever, which one can see among the many is the skeleton frames of supposed buildings in her hometown in San Isidro, Tarlac City. While we have to admit that we are not perfect as Cory was not perfect, love and forgiveness and not hate should prevail. Good that the Marcoses’ are wise in following the wishes of the Grand man to be buried at the LNMB avoiding the inconveniences which the yellow could do as they have been doing. God bless the Philippines.

  45. For 30 years the yellow evil empire ruled this poor country, the remaining presidencies (ramos, erap & arroyo) acted only as OIC’s or acting managers appointed by the yellows and their oligarchs with the media as attack dogs on leash waiting and willing to kill at the behest of their masters. That is precisely the reason why the still like spoiled brats that whines if their wishes are not followed. How I wish that more Filipinos got to read Mr. Tiglao’s articles in order to enlighten them (if their sanity are still intact)

  46. Dennis Fernandez on

    More than anyone else, it’s the Aquinos who should be blamed for Marco’s burial at the LNMB. For twelve years that they were in power, they did not ask Congress to come out with legislation that would bar Marcos from being interred there. In the same manner that, with the vast resources and powers they had during the time they were presidents, they did not order the re-investigation of Ninoy ‘s death to find out the real mastermind.
    Also consider the following point:
    If the Filipinos were happy with Noynoy’s presidency, and without Grace getting into the race as she too was perceived to be pro Aquinos, his anointed Mar Roxas would have won last election. Please note that the man who beat him was so reluctant to run to the point of declaring that he didn’t care if he lost by alienating the Catholics when he cursed the Pope . It was Digong’s campaign promise,among others to allow the burial of Marcos at LNMB

    • Sir, if I may add, during their reign indeed spanning twelve (12) years in Malacanang, they never changed the law or the administrative order prescribing who may or who may not be buried at LNMB. In the same manner, they never honestly endeavored to expose and prosecute the real brain of Ninoy’s murder. There are talks that the real mastermind is no less than a blood relative from Tarlac and a certified member of the so-called Rolex 12 during Marcos time. During Ninoy’s murder, Mr. Marcos was bedridden and recuperating from a kidney transplant. Marcos was a genius and he would not have orchestrated the murder of Ninoy in such amateurish or crude manner, in contrast to Abnoy’s direction of the worst hearing had in Congress in the impeachment of Chief Justice Corona. Abnoy used pork barrels with such licentiousness to ensure the ouster of CJ Corona on a ground (SALN) not impeachable in the constitution and got what he wanted. With the same pork barrel available then, with the magic of the so-called BUB (Budget Upgrading Batanes), it would have been a walk in the park to have changed the order of who may of who may not be buried at the LMB. The bigger tragedy today is that people who are supposed to be educated enough are immersing themselves as participants in an extended yellow cult soap opera. Pres. Digong is right when he says that the burial of Marcos at the LNMB is in accordance with law and must execute it as the Chief Executive of the National Government. The majority of the SC Justices that favored the burial at the LNMB cannot ignore the basic and elementary wordings of the law in applying the same. Otherwise, the said SC Justices would have been guilty of judicial legislation if they disallowed the said burial on the basis of sentimental arguments. I was a part of the the so-called First Quarter Storm movement during martial law, [albeit insignificant cause I was not a leader] but still suffered from the martial law regime in so many ways, with many of my classmates and co-activists missing still and unaccounted for. But as a Christian, I do not opposed Marcos burial at the LNMB because his burial thereat do not make him a bayani. Under our criminal laws, when the accused dies pending trial, his criminal liability is absolutely extinguished, while his civil liability is also extinguished as a general rule. How can we, as a Christian nation and supposedly the only Christian nation in the Far East, show our Christianity if we do not allow the deceased to be buried in peace in accordance with his last will and testament. At any rate, all actions pending against the estate of Marcos for illegal wealth are still on-going which can be pursued with the vast resources of the State. I remember during the reign of Cory, that Cory used all the powers of her office to stop the return of Marcos. Marcos then wanted to return to the country and face all charges against him but was denied due process. Now that he is dead, he cannot answer anymore all the charges thrown at him. In any legal and judicial system, there is always a closure to all litigated issues. When the Supreme Court speaks, as the final arbiter, we must listen and respect its decision. That is the rule of law. The political system allows the oppossitors to the Marcos burial at the LNMB to lobby before Congress to pass the law that would transfer the burial of Marcos from the LNMB to another place if legally feasible. But for now, as a Christian nation, can we not find a place in our hearts to give the Marcoses some space to grieve. Have you considered placing your selves to the current situation of the Marcoses by way of “empathy”, a Christian virtue? Ecclesiastes says that there is a time for everything. Let us give them peace for now and regroup later to rationalize what is best for the country. As a poor country struggling continuously for change, why don’t we give Pres. Duterte a chance to make a significant change in our society.

  47. Marshall Laway on

    ” GDP grew at a record average annual rate of 7 percent from 1972 to 1976, a pace that drew the support of the massses and the ruling class for Marcos and his dictatorship.”

    Mr Tiglao, why did you stop at 1976? Please mention the GDP growth during the succeeding years until Marcos was kicked out. What was the average GDP during Marcos’ 20 years at the helm? I don’t blame you for becoming a Marcos loyalist but you are a journalist and you need to point out how the Philippine economy fared under Marcos, never mind the politics.

    • Please read the previous columns of Tiglao regarding martial law economy. If you know about his previous columns, you will know that he is not being biased. In this particular columns, he stopped there because he is trying to drive a point. Well, sadly, you didnt get the point.

    • Sec. Tiglao can only tell us the economic figures during the “normal” times, because the rest of our history were manipulated by the Western institutions, i.e. financial, media and political mafia, with full cooperation of 5th Columnists and Jesuit operators, working against the independent foreign policy of the late Marcos.

      The failure of Marcos is not in his government programs, but in communicating effectively his intentions for the people. This created the opportunity for the opportunists to exploit the divide for their own vested interests.

      I was a fierce anti-Marcos then, and I am a living victim of the Yellow-Jesuit false dogma.

  48. Multi comments on the writings:

    1. Yes, apologizing is not enough — Ramos should pay his sins to the people. Talking about corruption, he is the most corrupt and dishonest president the country ever had. Where did the proceeds from the sale of Fort Bonifacio, Pines Hotel, Manila Hotel among others go – Mr Tabaco?

    2. The ill gotten wealth of the Oligarchs should be confiscated by President Duterte and send them back where they come from – Spain, China , etc. They are still ripping off the people and the environment non-stop.

    3. The ill gotten wealth of those Pilipinos in connivance with the Oligarchs should also be confiscated and sentenced to a life term of imprisonment.

    4. See Items 2 & 3 above, on why the Yellows and Reds are livid over Marcos.

  49. Rizal must be cursing in his grave for what his alma mater faculty are doing and have done by producing a demented student who spent 6 years sowing hatred and giving away a part (Scarborough) of the country to another state without a fight.
    A US think tank revealed that two serious threats to security are: leaders without vision and the widening gap between the haves and the haves not. Let’s pray for the some religious leaders like Villarin that they lead their followers to the righteous way.

  50. alfredo magallon on

    Yes, you are right. Ordinary citizens like us lived peacefully during those Martial Law years.We have nothing to fear back then because we just obeyed the laws and the authorities which to my understanding were for the good of everybody.I think it was only those people who were opposing the government were the ones who were very angry back then and were always hiding and on the run. But for us ordinary citizens we just lead our lives just as it was and we walked the streets without fear. I think those people who are angry nowadays have axes to grind; except the young people who I think are just being manipulated and brainwashed.

    • what you think is right my mom and dad, would have sparkles on their eyes thinking of the martial law years. safety was one of their concerns (which they would recall in sampaloc and in tondo) . They hated those that destroyed the image of marcos. I was once the enthusiastic about the aquinos and always would argue with them until I saw what they were saying the laglag bala issue.
      It was incompetence they wanted to be in power but they could not get the support of the majority of the people they were incompetent. They played with peoples emotions and they only rode on the back of people by slingin mud to their opponent.

    • Tama po kayo, ako’y tubong sampaloc, manila. Sa lugar na yan eh madalas ang riot at kanya kanyang mga gang (i.e. sigue sigue sputnik, sigue sigue commando, BNG, OXO etc.). Nang ibagsak ang martial law, 12 years old na ako, kaya masasabi kong meron na akong muwang nuon. Pagbagsak ng martial law, nalinis ang kalsada ng mga siga siga, saksi ako dyan dahil hindi ka basta basta makakapasok duon sa “Gulod” (boundary ng manila at QC) ng hindi nakikikilan o nababatukan kapag wala kang gang. Pati ung mga siga siga sa lugar namin (Josefina/Blumentritt/Matimyas/Sto Tomas) parang mga bulang naglaho. Nag high school ako sa Ramon Magsaysay High School sa Espana, Manila. Bawal ang jaywalking, kapag nahuli ka eh me paglalagyan ka. Kaya ang mga tao matitino. Takot gumwa ng mga katarantaduhan. Ung mga pinagdadampot, yan ung mga na “brainwash” ng mga komunista. Hindi ka naman makakatikim ng kulata kung wala ka namang ginagawang masama. Hanggang mawala si Apo ay nasa maynila ako at unti-unti ng naging makukulit na naman ang mga pinoy.

      Ang bottom line ay ito, kapag ang pinoy binigyan mo ng sobrang laya, umaabuso. Patikimin mo naman ng kamay na bakal, sasabihin human rights violation. Bakit karamihan sa mga pinoy na nagta-trabaho sa abroad ay sumusunod sa batas ng host country? Kasi, kapag sumuway ka, either deported ka pagkatapos mong makulong o pugot ulo ka o kulong ka ng matagal.

      Sabi nga ni Lee Kuan Yew,

      “In November 1992, I visited [Ramos]. In a speech to the 18th Philippine Business Conference, I said, ‘I do not believe democracy necessarily leads to development. I believe what a country needs to develop is discipline more than democracy.’ In private, President Ramos said he agreed with me that British parliamentary-type constitutions worked better because the majority party in the legislature was also the government. Publicly, Ramos had to differ.”

  51. Keep on writing the history of Martial Law Sir Tiglao. May the Good Lord bless you with long life, so you can keep on telling your part as a living witness of the Martial Law Days. I was a teenager when Martial Law was declared, and I only had a glimpse of what the whole story was all about. I do not have a bad experience whatsoever. All I remember is there was law and order.

  52. An illuminating article specially as our perspectives are so confused and the analysts of today’s situation, sub par.

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      The fact that the author himself was a victim of the dictatorship lends credit to his writing.

  53. Maribel A. Calanda on

    I am happy that Marcos is now laid to rest at the LNMB. I am not an Ilocano but I consider FM as a hero. It is a subjective issue. I want him buried there because that is his rightful resting place under the sun. The petitioners are noynoying and that is why they were outsmarted by the Marcoses. The Marcoses waited so long and the petitioners were successful in the two status quo ante orders released by the SC. When the decision was already released they are like little children crying foul and unfair. Now who are the stupid ones and the devils incarnate but the petitioners themselves posturing that an MR should have been allowed to proceed. Another tactic to delay the burial. They should have filed the MR right away but they did not apparently trying to strategize and to devise a very devious plot. They were fuming mad because they thought they could block a corpse during the interment had it been announced.

    Speaking of Martial Law victims and whatever victims of the Marcos regime, the enemies of the state want to lie about, 70,000 human rights victims are more than tolerable than the 3,700.000 drug addicts or illegal drug victims the Yellow government has produced after 30 long years, those six-digit figures are really horrifying, The incompetence, corruption, arrogance and vindictiveness of the Yellows has turned the nation into a narco-state. There was none like this under the Marcos regime. Now who needs to apologize to the Filipino people?It should be the mother and son’s yellow cult and not Marcos. I would prefer anytime that the country is under Martial Law than it be a narco-state. The Yellows have turned the nation into a narco-state or a nation of drug lords and addicts.It is good that PDigong became the president to remove the curse of the Yellows behind our back. and upon the entire nation. Woe upon us Filipinos.

  54. I agree about you wrote. I’m really worried about our future’s generations hatred culture passed on by today’s ‘leaders’. Mr. Tiglon can you please write something on this topic – culture of hatred of our next generation – to awaken our youth today! That they are being used of our church, academic institutions supposedly harnessing their values, ethics, spirtuallity, and patriotism!
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    • the problem with the young is that they always think they are right, until they work their asses off and get 30 % of their money, until they search why do they pay high electricity bills. If edsa is correct wh am struck in traffic. Lo and Behold the dictator marcos was implementing solutions to your problem since 1965

  55. thanks for pointing out the no-so-obvious to a lot of people. yes, the catholic church uses the people to further their own power-grabs. yes, the oligarchs do the same.

  56. Natapos na ang Jubillee Year of Mercy yesterday with the closing of a symbolic door at St. Peter’s Basilica by the Pope, wala pa ring mercy ang yellowistang exclusive schoolistas. Nakalungkot at inis !

    • Sandigan Bayan on

      You obviously don’t know that the author also suffered under the Marcos regime during the time of Martial Law so shut your effing pie hole stupid.

    • Lamberto Pinaglabanan on

      Precisely my point. And he knows the opposition to Marcos is not about the Aquinos. So you’re the one who should shut his mouth you sorry excuse of a man.

    • “But I was a ranking communist party cadre at that time, and I was even organizing urban guerillas. The state didn’t have the right to defend itself by imprisoning me?” – funny you failed to read this line.

    • my father also suffered under Martial law by detention but Mr. Pinaglabanan pls take time to elaborate the particular atrocity that Ferdinand Marcos senior had DIRECT knowledge and participation. Every critic, street protester, even media has not been able to provide specifics and details on these atrocities. Yes there were thousands arrested, thousands tortured, thousands disappeared, hundreds raped but all the leaders, judges, lawyers, media, 2 AQUINO PRESIDENTS, PNP, AFP, etc have UTTERLY failed to even charge Marcos with a SINGLE CRIMINAL CASE when he was still ALIVE or dead. Even the PCGG decades ago ended up linning their pockets instead of getting the money back.

    • Hoy Lamberto nakalimutan mo ang gamot mo Malabanan ang apelyedo gago wag mong ideny ang mabuho mo pangalan Buang.

  57. I really love this writer, he always wrote something interesting with supporting facts that can vividly see the picture of what is right and what is wrong. Keep on writing Sir and more power.