‘Yellows’ want to install Leni as president – Duterte


President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday said the “yellows” are behind efforts to remove him from office to install Vice President Leni Robredo as chief executive.
In his speech during the 4th State Conference of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in Malacañang, Duterte accused the yellow group of being behind protests against him.
“‘Yung mga yellow diyan, nagde-demonstrate kayo dyan [The yellows, you keep on demonstrating]. You want me out because you cannot accept defeat,” he said.

“Eto pulitika to eh [It’s all about politics]. They wanted me out; syempre yung Vice President [of course, it’s for the Vice President],” he added.

Duterte was referring to supporters of former president Benigno Aquino 3rd.
Yellow symbolized the color of the opposition during the martial law regime.

Duterte said he will not be cowed by attacks over his campaign against illegal drugs.
He said a people power movement against him will not succeed because even the New People’s Army (NPA) is supporting him.
“The Left? They won’t even allow me to step down… The NPAs are pro-Duterte,” the President said. CATHERINE S. VALENTE



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  1. Lisa L, your mind must be awake to fully understand what Duterte meant about funeral parlors. He is talking about his fight with drug trade and those who are into drug business and would fight him in disallowing it would allow themselves to be killed if they resist arrest.

    If Duterte would like to kill and kill, why would he bother building rehabilitation centres for the drug addicts. Isn’t it a lot easier just to send them all together in a big dug up grave and be buried alive? Will save the government billions of dollars as well. Do you live in the country to really know the problems the country is facing now? Do you follow the news closely? Do you know anything about these yellow oligarch who hate him because they are losing billions since Duterte became the president. To these billionaires, money and power are more important than integrity. And to some true Filipinos, with blood and heart that beat like true Filipinos, their love of this country is more important than anything else, the reason they fight like hell beside Duterte. That’s why they care deeply who will truly serve the country and the people.

  2. Dear PH Digong,

    I don’ t like Leni| Hence, if it is between you and her-then I will choose Duterte. But i did vote BBM as VP| so if people wants to oust you, then I will place BBM as PH President :P

    Mabuhay si BongBong Marcos!!

  3. There are 80 million silent majority that opposes and do not want a President who encourages killings. Ano ka Diyos! Ipakulong mo muna ang mga pulis na pumatay kay Mayor Espinosa.

    • 80 million kayo? O my God! For all you know you are only good for 1 vote and opinion. And your estimate is only good as far as you can see. Your 80 milion is only in your imagination.

  4. Mahihirapan talaga ang mga dilawan, ngayon wala na si obama na kakampi ng dilawan pati ambassador bago na wala na goldberg. Nganga ang mga dilawan, nakatapat kayo!

    • Bro siguro pag napatay ang kamag-anak mo magbabago na ang pananaw mo. DU30 ako dati ngayon hindi na!!! Pwede na kahit sino wag lang yang matandang yan mahilig pa sa babae. mainitin ang ulo,nahihilo kuno at hindi nakaattend ng gala night sa APEC. Gusto mo ba talaga ng president na yan?? magsama kayo sa Davao. Patiyong anak nanampal!!

  5. I agree Mr. President and including us the 16 million solid supportes who voted
    You in the office will all be in the streets if only to stop their greed on power – all the way the DDS world wide will be on your side.

  6. I am not yellow and I don’t care who replaces DU30.. I just hope he is replaced soon. Someone who says the following should have no right to run the Philippines:

    “Are there many funeral parlors here? Go put them up now. I’ll supply the bodies to you.”
    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in a campaign speech

    • Agreee! Please replace DU30 ora mismo ask ko lang. Marami ng patayan. By the way I am OFW. I only want the best for our country.

    • Lisa L., you are so obviously a yellow and yours is not a shared sentiment among those who are not yellow. He is exactly what this country needs.

    • Agreed.

      In all probability Duterte ordered the police to murder Espinosa. There is no other reason why he would protect them from jail after the NBI charged them with murder.

      All the evidence says murder and Duterte says in the same sentence that he will not interfere but he will not allow them to go to jail.

      What kind of president protects murderers ?

    • Yet he won the Presidency by 16 Million votes minus the deleted votes for him courtesy by HOCOS PCOS which will be 32 Million votes. Are the Yellows not ashamed of themselves manipulating the last election and the casualty is BBM. If all votes will be re-counted for every position … LP is nowhere to be found even in the Senate. I’m sure of that.

    • You anti-dutertes are so shallow, you never know how to read beyond this man’s words… he is beyond your wisdom nor any of your yellowtards idols, and u never know what he is capable of and u always judge him by his words, judge him by his actions and compare the difference between his accomplishments in a few months and the other presidents ahead of him..
      you wanna replace him with leninglugaw? ur like replacing a ferrarri with a kuliglig, maawa naman kayo sa bansang pilipinas, napaka selfish ninyo thinking only of urself and not seeing what majority of us want.. #befullyinformed @lisa L, and not be mangmang! geeze