• Yes, there is a God

    Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

    Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

    Yes, there is a God!
    And He works in mysterious ways. He is a just God and I just feel it and know that something good will come out of this Napoles affair.

    It cannot and will not be business as usual. COA’s reports on the (mis)use of the PDAF has opened a Pandora’s box and who knows what else is in it. If there’s one thing for sure, people are angry for being robbed of their taxpayers money which otherwise should have gone to basic services. Who will get his comeuppance in the end? I don’t know who exactly but definitely, someone will have to answer for it in the end. On September 11, another march is being planned. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball! Don’t get distracted by side issues.

    From ripples to waves
    The country’s premier organization for public relations professionals PRSP is once again organizing the 20th National PR Congress as it takes an inspiring new turn at Paradise Garden Resort Hotel & Convention Center in Boracay Island. This is the first time that the PR Congress will be held out of Manila and it promises participants a most engaging and stimulating experience while in one of the world’s best island destinations.

    Topics to be discussed include Rediscovering the strategic role of public relations, creating long-term value, effective story-telling using today’s innovative tools and solutions, program monitoring and evaluation, forget about linear thinking and beyond CSR.

    Among the confirmed speakers are Gary Chin of Cbs Interactive, Weena Mendoza of Waterhope Foundation, Gail Tan of Google Philippines, and Jonathan Yabut, winner of the 1st Apprentice Asia search. Last year, the PR Congress had a record-breaking attendance of close to 300 participants. This year will hopefully top that figure.

    Register now for the National PR Congress which will be held on September 27 and 28, 2013. For particulars, log on to www.prcongress.ph or call the PRSP secretariat at 632-9479 or 0917.5990572.

    * * *

    Birthday greetings to my sister-in-law Maricris (Aug.31), my ever dearest mom Aida (Sept.20) and to my lovey-dovey Roland (Sept.9). Their birthdays usher the entry of the ‘ber’ months, the happiest time of the year. Can Christmas be far behind?

    God is Great!


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    1. Napansin niyo ba, si Pnoy ay walang masabi sa usaping ito. Dapat gumawa sila ng dedicated court dahil sa dami ng dapat kasuhan.

    2. Dencio Pascual on

      Amen to you.

      In a lot of instances in the history of mankind, God’s ways are no longer mysterious. It is man who never learns. We all know that God hates arrogance and greed so much He will just simply slain anyone who thinks he or she is beyond anybody else. For somebody like Napoles who says “we own the government” and who can order that the “Blessed Nazarene” be brought to her home so she could pray in privacy, this is just arrogance beyond belief. Like so many others, God in a split second has taken her life support and she is now falling from 50 thousand feet to the ground without a parachute. This is divine justice and we all know that God in a lot of times resort to this to remind us that He is always there watching.