Yoga in the city



NOELLE RODRIGUEZ is calm, cool, and collected. She has a specific balance within her that allows her to go through life in one swift motion despite hectic days.

Introduced to me by my good friend, Kaye Pernia, it didn’t come as a surprise to know that Noelle is one of the proprietors of Life Yoga in Forbestown Road at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Discovering yoga in 2007, she has dedicated herself to it since then. It became the foundation of her life, a homebase she says, something she could “turn to no matter what was going on in my life.”

Noelle, who carried a passion to help people in holistic wellness, was inspired to create a place where people develop an inner self that goes beyond the mind and the spirit.
“I realized yoga is a practice that brings all these together and I wanted to share this experience to others,” she says.

And she does so through Life, which is a holistic center that “integrates food, yoga, music, and art into everything that they do.” Aside from yoga classes, they also provide workshops and events that just embrace life.

But how does yoga really help in improving one’s lifestyle? She replies, “Yoga helps you in being more in tune with yourself and your body, naturally bringing balance into your life. It also helps you to be calmer and less reactive to outside stimuli.”

Unfortunately, Noelle thinks that people are intimidated to try yoga because of its misconception. While many think that it is only for flexible people, she clarifies that the very practice of yoga aims to “loosening out the body, bringing fresh energy into stiff places and is a complete workout.”

Noelle further elaborates, “Yoga has the capability to make you feel good right now. It has the ability to penetrate the mind and spirit through the body. It also brings new energy into the body. I’ve noticed that I’ve become less reactive and more in tune with myself.”

Through Life and together with her partner Neil Paras, Noelle wishes to create a community that promotes happiness, health, and doing what they love.

Life for her is also a safe haven where everyone who comes in is able to find balance in their daily lives. The balance, she says, is what makes one steady and stable no matter what happens externally because this truly is the secret to life.



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