• Yolanda housing program finished by March – Duterte


    Disappointed at the sluggish rebuilding efforts in Yolanda-hit communities in Tacloban City, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered all government agencies involved in the construction of houses for victims of typhoon Yolanda to finish the project by March.

    In his speech during the inauguration of the New Hope Village for the Yolanda victims in Tacloban City, Duterte said he was upset because only a few families were accommodated in the new bunkhouses three years after the super typhoon hit the city.

    “I am pissed because in three years, this is the only thing finished by the government. The first time I came here I was not really very pleased and as a matter of fact, I really showed that I am pissed. Do not excuse anyone,” the President said.

    “There are only 28 (families) that were moved here. I was here in November and I said I will be back in December but I was not able to reurn because I was so busy. By March, everyone should have been transferred,” he added.

    The construction of the houses for families who lost their homes is being undertaken by the National Housing Authority (NHA).

    The NHA was tasked to construct 14,433 houses at 11 resettlement sites in the city.

    Bad weather and processing of required documents were among the reasons cited by the NHA for the delay in the construction of the houses.

    Duterte warned government agencies involved in the resettlement plan to cut red tape to hasten the construction of the houses.

    “ Follow my orders or we will get in a fight. Some are saying that I am a dictator, so be it. I was chosen by the people to lead. So I expect everybody to work,” he said. Catherine Valente


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