• Yolanda survivors dream of new homes


    TACLOBAN CITY: For the survivors of Super Typhoon Yolanda, the second anniversary of the disaster that changed the people of this city and its landscape may be a good chance to present a request to the successor of President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    Liza Rubellos, a survivor living in a bunkhouse, voiced hope that the next president will continue the conditional cash transfer programs so that she can send her children to school.

    With the government’s financial assistance, she also hopes to transfer to a permanent house.

    Fish vendor Marivis Villarmino, who sells her wares at the Tacloban Public Market, also hopes for a permanent shelter for her family.

    Villarmino said it is not easy eking out a living from a makeshift shelter for two years.

    She adds that she hopes the next leader who will occupy the highest post in the country would also provide humanitarian assistance. That is, giving prompt and appropriate assistance to disaster victims.

    “What is due for Juan must be delivered to Juan,” Villarmino said, adding that in doing so there would be no questions raised as to the distribution of assistance.

    Villarmino noted that the Commission on Audit is questioning government organizations on the failure to deliver support for Yolanda victims.

    Aside from a decent home, Hyacinth Abuda is also asking for a sustainable source of livelihood.

    Abuda, who lost seven family members, said that the two requests are what she pines for as she has already accepted her family’s fate.

    Yolanda almost wiped out the houses and business establishments in Tacloban City two years ago.

    She said her husband’s meager income as a barber is not enough to meet their daily needs. She said that with their situation, she will not be able to send their child to school and finish college.

    Hyacinth lost a child, her parents-in-law and sisters-in-law during Yolanda. Today, she has a nine-month-old child and is among the families that are reconstructing their house at the No Build Zone Area in Barangay Anibong.


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    1. its seem that the people who are in charge of the cash donation came from outside world were screen like as red tape because of legality and yet this legality has nothing to do with. these people in charge are so professionally and god loving people of what mind they had and concern. as far I know the Yolanda victims have a lot of donations and after 2 years these donations are not expended to the maximum. what a heck the people who control are so care full to expend these donation for what they are worried about it to expend these money for the victims of Yolanda these I am sure they have reservation on these money and are in mind and sure of are in negative purposes.