• ‘You are a Romualdez, and the President is an Aquino’


    That, according to Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez, was what Interior and Local Government secretary Mar Roxas told him two days after super typhoon devastated his city and he was asking the national government for troops to keep order and undertake rescue and relief operations.

    Those were chilling words made in the midst of a crisis when thousands of bodies were all over the city and thousands of the living were needing rescue, food and water.

    Romualdez the other day at the joint congressional meeting of the Oversight Committee on the 2010 National Disaster and Risk Reduction law said Roxas made that statement after he asked why the official was asking from him a formal, documented turnover of the city government’s authority right after Yolanda struck.

    Roxas’s first response was that Romualdez’ narrative was “preposterous and full of lies.” But he also told media that his statement “was taken out of context”. “What I told him was that we have to go by the book,” Roxas claimed.

    Yesterday though, Roxas back-pedaled. When asked by broadcaster Arnold Clavio if he did make that statement, he replied: “Is it not true he is a Romualdez? Is it not true the president is an Aquino? Secondly is it not true he said the local government cannot handle it on their own so he sought for our help?”

    Malacañang photo of a meeting among Romualdez, Aquino and Roxas in Tacloban, three days after Yolanda. Is Roxas scowling?

    Malacañang photo of a meeting among Romualdez, Aquino and Roxas in Tacloban, three days after Yolanda. Is Roxas scowling?

    Roxas replies does make it certain that he really told Romualdez: “You have to be careful because you are a Romualdez, and the President is an Aquino.”

    But what exactly could Roxas have meant by that? I can think of only two explanations.

    One would be that Roxas was asking Romualdez to turn over complete control of the city, even to formally resign his post, since the national government agencies would be undertaking all the relief and rehabilitation efforts and there might be legal complications involving the authorities of local and national governments.

    Roxas was merely saying that the turnover should be formalized and documented, as President Aquino could be charged of going over the head of or even removing a mayor just because his family had been an archenemy of Romualdez clan since it was a pillar of the Marcos dictatorship.

    But Romualdez had debunked Roxas argument by pointing out that the President is anyway of the whole country, which includes Tacloban.

    Kinder interpretation
    A second interpretation would be kinder to Roxas.

    With his knowledge of Aquino’s character and mentality, Roxas was actually telling Romualdez: “Be careful, since the the President is an Aquino, and all of them hate your Romualdez clan. He’d hesitate helping you and your city, unless you formally turn over all authority to him.”

    But if Roxas were just being helpful to Romualdez, giving him a tip on how to get Aquino’s help, why would the mayor later on criticize the secretary over that statement, to be even so emotional that he shed tears in public about it, and in effect denounced Roxas for his politicking in the midst of the most horrific tragedy in our generation?

    Choose either explanation though, revealed is a high government official in a crucial post whose mindset is filled with politics and politicking. And Roxas does have an image of somebody who’s mind is so dead-set in becoming president in 2016, a desire that has so much consumed him.

    Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th, chair of the oversight committee couldn’t be more right when he remarked: “Recalling what Mayor Romualdez mentioned, if politics got in the way of disaster response, this is the worst thing we could ever do.”

    I had thought this administration’s bungling in handling the Yolanda crisis is due to incompetence: What would you expect of an amateurish, “student-council” government? It turns out that it is not only because of ineptitude but stupid partisanship.

    * * *

    And while all this politicking going on, international and local media continue to report on the hellish life of Warays in the wake of Yolanda’s devastation, a month after the typhoon hit.

    International television news Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reported from Tacloban just the other day: “If you look around there’s been some cosmetic development,” she said. “But if you start talking to survivors, and you get into their homes and their tents, you get the sense that recovery for them is far from over.”

    “And as emergency help starts to dwindle, people have become even more desperate—facing uncertainty and even exploitation.”

    Alindogan featured an interview with one “Mylene”, a 16-year old girl whose parents were killed in the typhoon and the eldest of a family of 11. She has turned to prostitution, paid $6 for her services, amidst the ruins of Tacloban. “I don’t have any other way to feed my small siblings,” she says in the interview.

    * * *

    What was deeply troubling for me was the reportage of a local TV network just the other night. The report started by panning a crude sign on a card board on a Tacloban street: “Please pick up. Dead body of a boy.” The sign had a red arrow pointing downwards to a body bag. “

    The report interviewed a distressed woman who lived in a tent located near the boy’s corpse. “I hope somebody picks the body up. It’s been stinking for days, and flies are swarming over it, and flying by us.”

    Somehow, the image of a small boy—his name unknown and who knows if his parents also drowned in the flood or if they were looking for him—whose rotting corpse people around were complaining about was a testament to the horrific tragedy caused by typhoon Yolanda, and the depravation resulting from an incompetent government.

    How can Aquino and Roxas claim that it deployed enough policemen and soldiers in Tacloban when rotting corpses are still by the city’s streets and under its debris to this day?

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    1. Jm Lorenzo, ang Dali mong magsalita ng don’t be to sensitive! Iho, pag buhay ng Tao any pinaguusapan dapat sensitive tayo dahil buhay ang mawawala. Sige tumalon ka ngayon din sa building at sabihin mo sa Mahal mo sa buhay ” don’t be too sensitive”. Kalokring, jm Lorenzo. Palibhasa sarap ka matulog dyan sa karma mo. Hoy subukan mo matulog sa kalsada katabi ang patay!

    2. Eto si andrew lim halatang troll ni aguino at mar! Out of topic pero isiningit. Dahil isiningit mo, matanong kita, nasaan ang mga documents mo para patunayan ang mga paratang mo? Puro ka accusations, eh ang tagal na nyan, walang napatunayan kahit saang korte, gumiv-up na nga ang government dahil walang ebidensya mapakita na ngnakaw ang mga marcos, eh ang mga marcos lahat ng binibintang meron silang documents to disprove what they are being accused of, kaya nga lahat ng kaso naipanalo nila. Tapos yung iba, dpa mka get over sa kakabintang.. Hmmmm

    3. Bakit ba may mga taong sadyang walang mga puso?may kasabihan nga na “kung ang panginoon nga marunong magpa tawad,tayo pa kaya”? Move on for the sake of those poor victims of typhoon haiyan.anong nangyari sa “TUWID NA DAAN” hmmmmm…opposite na opposite ang nangyayari.and for you ROXAS ano ka ba naman..!!!huling huli kana pero pilit mo parin ginigiit yang kasinungalingan mo? Tsk tsk tsk..

    4. I hate how filipino politicians are! Embarrassing! All the lies, denies and such are in them. God bless Philippines

    5. edwin macatangay on

      sina bi ni roxas sa bigbig nya na nagmula ,kasinungalin daw daw lahat,paano lumabas un kung di mo sinabi ………….

    6. With all said and done. There is still work to do. Our country is run by the Elite for the Elite. And if this thing does not register in all your minds then we still have a long way to go.

    7. sobra and pagdidiliryo ni mar roxas na tumira sa malacanyang di na niya alam ang common sense, kung ano-ano ang dahilan niya para makalusot sa resulta ng pamumulitika kahit na a matter of life and death uunahin pa ang pagsipsip kay pnoy..

    8. Have you noticed that Coloma has become the more frequent spokesman for pnoy these days and Lacierda, Valte and Carandang are rarely if ever allowed to speak on media Carandang was even sacked. These three were supposed to counter any negative media against pnoy but they failed miserably in the face of a deluge of expressions of disgust from netizens and even some media people themselves. Poor fellows, Carandang most likely got much dressing downs from his boss he finally quit but I guess he deserves to be fired it might perhaps bring him back to his reality that he never could hack it really.

    9. Gloria M. Kuizon on

      The technique of making a lie sound like the truth by massive repetition is again being used by the Yellow Army to support Mar Roxas. Their latest disinformation is to claim that the video showing Mar Roxas lying about what he said really took place in Tacloban was spliced,

      Gloria M. Kuizon
      Novalches, QC

    10. “Spliced or doctored” daw yong video footage sabi ni Roxas. Who’s fooling who?

      Here are the facts:

      When the first issue was revealed by Romualdez, Mar Roxas immediately denied the statement viz a viz Aquino vs. Romualdez brouhaha and a letter which he wanted Romualdez to write. Then, when Roxas was interviewed by Arnold Clavio, he was forced to admit it saying “Is it not that PNoy is an Aquino and the mayor is a Romualdez? Now, he is again denying the same thing alleging that the video is “spliced.”

      This charlatan cannot even make up his mind. If doctored, kaninong boses ginamit, kay Willie Nepomuceno? Patawa. Remember that the video footage was taken discreetly. So, how can Roxas compare the alleged spliced video to an authorized or original one? The dork simply does not even understand what he is saying. On the contrary, without any shadow of doubt, it was Roxas who is twisting the truth and misleading the people when he read on tv his own doctored or manufactured transcripts of the meeting between him and Romualdez.

      One thing is clear and that is, Roxas not only committed political suicide in his Yolanda booboo but more importantly, he is digging his own grave. The more he denies, the more he is digging deeper. Zip it Roxas. You are already a political goner and it’s hopeless.

    11. Ang mahirap kay Pinoy ay no forgiveness. May pagka-mayabang. He is different from his Mom. His MOM respects the church but Aquino has no God. He hates his enemy rather forgiving. HE IS NOT PERFECT. But why it’s too hard for him to forgive. From GMA, Corona, Romualdez. That’s why his alter ego Henares and De Lima are also the same. Now, the want Pacquiao-wasnt-tested-marquez destroyed because he announce his ambition to become president. They just want the Aquino clan to control Phil. Or his Tuta like Roxas. I THIN WE WON ‘T BE SURPRISED SINCE EVEN THE LAND REFORM THE MANAGED TO EXEMPT THEORY HACIENDA. The are not pro-people. They proprietary wants to control everything.

      • This is far from the topic, since I read CJ Corona in your comment let me add this..” In my own understanding (fr. the previous n diferrent articles I have read) CJ Corona was impeached simply because he wants to pushed thru the pending case of the distribution of land to the farmers of hacienda luisita, which is against to the cojuangco-aquino clan. So the DAP or the PDAF was given to the PUPPY SENATORS to oust CJ Corona!” Correct me if I’m wrong!

      • Manuel C. Diaz,

        why are you asking Romualdez to resign ? I understand why you are asking Aquino and Roxas to resign, but why Romualdez ?

    12. Ganyan talaga ang ugali ni Noy2. Kunting utak at kunting pagiiisip. Wala nang inatupag at iniisip kundi ang pagtatagumpay nang kanyang paghihiganti. He is worse than a moronic child, obsessed with nothing but revenge against all his enemies, political or otherwise. He is a very dangerous person in power. And you have a blind follower in the person of Roxas, who can’t even use his own brains (maybe he has none) to have a sense of what is right and wrong. 2016 is just around the corner and Mar will pay for his transgression spearheaded by the Central Visayan people, who are in all probability would still be suffering from Yolanda because of Noy2, and Roxas creation of a disaster from the Yolanda disaster.

    13. “You are still alive, aren”t you” and “You are a Romualdez and the president is
      Aquino” comes 2016, these quotes will ring in the minds of all Filipinos. According
      the hotel employees, Roxas & Gazmin were holed up inside a room in the hotel
      but did nothing, say nothing to help. Even in the hotel where the guest in the first
      floor did not get any help from these two officials. It was according to reports the
      bikers from Manila who gave help. The point is, who are lying? Romualdez or
      Roxas, Anderson Cooper, Christianne Amampour, Andrew Stevens and even
      the Al Jazeera News were one in saying that the situation on the ground then
      was miserable and that there was no government handling the situation. So, where
      was Roxas and Gazmin? The hotel people said these two were holed up inside their
      room with the bodyguards. What a good life for these two? Therefore it is very very
      clear to determine who is lying. The is administration is packed with liars, like
      abnoy who has the penchant of lying and so, with this Roxas also a liar like her
      wife Korina Sanchez who had the guts to criticize Anderson Cooper who reporting
      direct from the ground while Sanchez was miles away. Romualdez is not a known
      liar while abnoy, roxas and sanchez are know for their lying notoriety. Because of
      this it comes to mind people in the likes of bernardita inocencio, paul Aquino,
      Frederick jimenez.

    14. The Aquino Admin has to find a way to deflect the impact of the Blame on their side for the GLARING incompetence of the Boy Sisi’s inutile approach and lackadaisical
      efforts to alleviate the sufferings of Taclobanons – and what a more appropriate SHOCK absorber to receive all these negative blame on the Mayor himself, a Romualdez. THE AQUINO ADMIN is Blame-less, fault-less,and with clean hands as they are always on top of things for the welfare of the poor, hapless, helpless victims.
      Ask AC 360 of CNN who’s lying in their teeth?

    15. Mar Roxas is full of crap!!!! Anong kailangan i-legalize??? Do we have to state the obvious??!!! Even the local gov’t of Leyte are victims. The National Government should’ve taken over the day after the typhoon. Nasan ang common sense mo Mar at abnoy? If you really want to help, you will!!!! There’s no need for the local government to ask you! What kind of heart does the two of you have?! No matter how you put it and defend yourself, the statement “Bahala kayo sa buhay nyo!” is just so HEARTLESS!! Grabe kayo! One word can either make you or break you. You just got a headshot Mar!

      • spliced? even then, only a halfwit could not discern the truth from the lies. roxas was caught with his foot on his mouth

      • Your video was in fact too long. All it needs to show is that Mar indeed said the You’re-a-Romualdez-and-the-President-is-an-Aquino line.

        You’d however underscore the deliberate withholding of disaster relief by the national government by mentioning how many days after the storm was this meeting. Because that gives the number of hours that the victims have remained hungry and thirsty, and the sick and dying still forsaken, and the dead still decaying.

        To the victims, no disaster relief from from Day 1 is already another disaster. None after Day 2 is unforgivable. And yet days after continued neglect, here comes the DILG Secretary saying those words. Halang ang kaluluwa nito.

    16. With YOLANDA, again it showed that he is incompetent in emergencies. Remember, he was not in control of the Hong Kong Tourist Hostage Situation in Manila. We know what happened in that botched operation.
      Aquino would be a Republican in the U.S. He is heartless.
      Roxas is an idiot! He said to hand control of the city of Tacloban to him. In the DILG.gov.ph, he is saying Mayor Romualdez is distorting facts. This is a late attempt to cover his backside. Has the Dragon Lady (Korina Sanchez-Roxas) made a trip to see the suffering? I want her to smell the dead bodies, then it may clear the s**t out of her head.

    17. Disturbing news! “A 16-year old girl has turned to prostitution… to feed her small siblings.” This is horrible! She is not only a victim of natural calamity, but worse, she is a victim of man-made calamity. I can’t help but ask: “Where are the truckloads of donations intended for the victims?” Amidst the generosity and goodness shown by local and international communities, it is disheartening to know that there those who continue to take advantage of the victims and of the poor… there are still those who tried to manipulate the truth! The power of darkness is just around the corner. But “God came to overcome the darkness, to be the Light in darkness and to give us Life, amidst seeming death…” For those who believe, this is the good news of Christmas!

    18. Wake Up Mga Pinoy on

      Cguro kug talagang may pahalaga cla sa bayan natin. Di na nila iintindihain kung katalo or may atraso sa kanila ang ibang panig. Mga pilipino ang nangangailangan ng tulong at di lang isang pamilya na kinasusuklaman nila. If I could be an angel to have the power to bring the same calamity right there in there court, I would have make them suffer and feel the same pain among them. Pero di tayo mga anghel,mula sa poder hanggang sa dulo ng buntot, wala na talagang pag-asa na makahanap pa tayo ng matinong leader. Parang isang sumpa na nakabaon na sa ating mga pilipino ang patuloy na paghihirap at nakawan sa bansa natin. Masarap bang makakita at makaramdan ng kahirapan? Cguro ganon na nga, cguro naman pag me time kayo, try to visit those places (tacloban) para masabi nyo kung ano talaga ang nangyari. Make it a personal experience not just by watching videos. Aminado akong kayang bangunin ang pilipinas sa kumpal kumpal na salapi ang pumasok sa bansa natin. Kung kayo ay may kaalaman sa ekonomiya, alam nyo ang halagang maiidulot nyon sa bansa. Kumusta na kaya tayo sa darating na panahon? Patuloy pa rin tayong maghihirap? “bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo”….my point is “those people are Mafia”..a highly organized syndicate…beware of them.

      How are you going to support the Presidential ambition of this crab-mentality aspirant when he don’t even know how to react positively that in the midst of devastation, and absolute urgency to comply with protocol is unnecessary, the least this stupid man can do is to politicised the whole situation saying: “I have to be very careful not to be graciously friendly to you and Tacloban, because you are a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino who is a proven jealous Noid”. Unless you submitted a letter of intent stating that you could no longer perform your duty, then that is the proper time Mar Roxas /PNOY tandem could come in and legalize the action, otherwise, if not legalize, well okay, you are in charge. We can’t help you. Bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo”. A sarcastic statement like this is as cynical and distrustful like the tenant in Malacanang.

    20. The yellow shirts. Therein lie the problem. It is a clear sign that this government is for the yellow horde and no other. This is not a government for all Filipinos. Unless and until, Mr. Aquino and company in government stop wearing the yellow shirt or donning a yellow ribbon on their shirts, there will be no unity in this country. They need to rise above party politics, which is dividing the nation even more.
      Whatever the cause of his father and mother, this should not get in the way of serving the country. I am sure even his father will disapprove. He must turn in his grave too often of late, everytime his son makes one fatal mistake after another.

    21. It looks like this student government is suffering from deficiency syndromes and one can trace its myriad problems from that. The president is empathy deficient. Cabinet members who hold crucial positions are technically deficient. The only thing it has plenty of is cash simply because in this administration nothing moves and funds intended for projects are instead reinvented into savings then plowed to DAP.

    22. ThunderousCloud on

      very insensitive statement coming from a public official, in the midst of the sufferings of the people of tacloban. shame on you, mar! you were supposed to be there for help, and not to make things worse.

    23. Pinoy Makabayan on

      I have yet to hear words of compassion from those boys who live in rahrah land! Neither have i seen a single tear for the victims of the worst typhoon in world history! Like the showbiz sister of one of them, all they care about are ratings!

    24. Kayo ang boss Ko! on

      Alpha…wake up, you are sleeping sa pansitan!
      Are you an Aquino fan? If you are, then you do not care on what’s happening in our country huh?

    25. Kayo ang boss Ko! on

      And do you have to remind the mayor that he is a Romualdez, and the Panggulo is an Aquino? Why? Naliutan na ba nila na sila ay may apelyidong ganon? Come on Mrs. Mar Roxas Sanchez! Nagpapalusot ka pa eh – yun din ba ang sinabi mo sa Bohol when you were helping them in the relief? Eh sa Cebu, tinanong mo ba ang mayro kung ano ang apelyido niya at sinabi mo rin bang remember, na si Abnoy ay Aquino? Mahirap sa iyo, di ka mapapaniwalaan! Hayop kayo talaga diyan sa malacanang at makapal na talaga ang apog nyo! Wala na kayo sa katinuan.


      Here’s a point of view:

      God allowed the destruction of Tacloban as a way of reminding the people of the sins of the Marcos/Romualdez families against the Filipino people. They have not made amends or returned the ill gotten wealth (est $10B) they accumulated during the reign of Ferdinand.

      Imelda is near the end of her life, and she cannot take the wealth with her. Yolanda is a reminder to the kin of Imelda to do what is right and use their ill gotten wealth to rehabilitate Tacloban.

      Mayor Romualdez keeps crying instead of opening their personal wallets and return the wealth of the people back! Stop blaming the national government – return the ill gotten wealth!


      • mr Andrew Lim, huwag ka naman sanang managinip, ilang taon nang wala sa kapangyarihan ang mga Marcos pero hanggang ngayon wala pa ring kaso na nagtagumpay laban sa kanila. Malamang, dahil walang sapat na ibedinsya, puro paninira lang

        dalawang aquino na ang naging presidente pero hindi nila nagawang mapakulong ang mga Marcos

        ano ka ba naman… mag isip ka nga…

      • Denzel Edward V. Cariaga on

        Hi Mr. Andrew Lim,

        I respect your point of view. You acted like Mar Roxas. Do you know what destroyed our country? It’s the endless politicking of all ambitious politician like Mar Roxas and bitterness of PNoy.

        In the issue of P10-B ill-gotten wealth, does the government proved it? It is very easy to make an accusations but it is very hard to prove it.

        Now, tell us, who do you are to make such accusations? can you prove it?

    27. No matter how Mar Roxas tries to spin it, he said what he said. In ANY context, the Romualdez vs Aquino statement is just dead WRONG, STUPId.Completely uncalled for. President 2016?? Dream on sucka.

      • this news was also featured in the daily inquirer. of course nobody knows the real truth, not you nor me, because politicians are liars and they will try to cover up everything to protect their own skin. However, if your eyes are open and look at the history of pnoy, how can one not see the bias in his governance and the pursuit of all the people he dislikes? Lacson ran away and was welcome back by pnoy, all was forgotten. de lima didn’t say a word. I am not supporting prev pres arroyo, but not to allow her to leave for medical purposes was inhuman. pinoy wants to inflict the most pain to people he hates or people who will block his ways to pursue what he wants.Yes, maybe she had plans to escape, but it is easy to trace her outside of the phil than inside. did the nbi know where lacson hid when he ran away? maybe, maybe not. in short, if you are hiding in plain view with the blessings of the higher ups, nobody sees you, everybody is blind. mar roxas doesn’t strike me at all as a presidentiable. His mentality is almost the same as pinoy. Find someone who is open minded, not an extremist, big on global warming, and will faithfully pursue what is just and right, that would be our next president. he doesn’t even have to be a lawyer or an actor (ha ha!).among the wannabes? ho hummmmm, better go to sleep!

    28. In time of a calamity – forget all about politics and just extend help. If this is the kind of politicians you are – you are not worth to govern or run for President.

      If you are mad at the Romualdez (the Mayor and his clan), do not include the poor people who are victims of this calamity.

      That is why, you lost in the last election in Tacloban, despite of the full support of the President and his sister, “Kris” to the Romualdez opponent. Your true color is showing up.

      The people will remember you this coming elections of 2016 – My unsolicited advice, “Do not run”.

    29. Hindi mo isinali diyan yung huling winika ni Roxas sa what is now a very viral video: If you don’t want to make it legal, bahala ka na sa buhay nyo.
      I think that will be the quote for 2016, bahala kayo sa buhay nyo.
      This explains it all, this yellow govt is not only incompetent,they just don’t care for Filipinos, and they better not sent this.

    30. politics are part of our daily lives, so Mar is positioning himself for 2016. Remember if your not with us, you’re against us.

    31. The DILG Secretary should ‘remember’ that he is a Roxas (who has an ambition to be the President and related to one (who had an issue with her maid and a denier of Cooper Anderson).

    32. why is Roxas answering the allegations through media? he was invited in the meeting but did not attend… a clear iwas pusoy move since he can be put to a corner during interpellation.

    33. Wala talagang pinag-iba itong Roxas sa kanyang liar boss abnoy at yong asawa
      niyang korina sanchez. Puro sinungaling at makakapal ang mukha. Kong mayroon
      pa kayong natitirang hiya, dapat mahiya naman kayo. Maybe it is worth remembering
      some people in the likes of paul Aquino or frederick jimenez.

      • I am glad there is someone like me who dislikes korina. wow, that age old mentality of hers? man will soon be in mars, she is still into inaswang, ngeeeee!!! no wonder mar is so backwards, it starts in his bedroom!

    34. Ang problema talaga kung bakit pagkalipas ng isang buwan ay hindi pa nakokolecta ang mga namatay at hindi pa maayos ang pagbibigay ng mga donasyon ay dahil si Noynoy ay isang Aquino at hindi siya ang presidente ng 100
      Million Pilipino

    35. After Roxas publicly accused Mayor Romualdez of “twisting the truth” netizens immediately posted the actual video footage of the meeting between Roxas and Romualdez.

      Roxas just buried himself further. The video speaks for itself and show that Roxas is the one twisting the truth. This joker is a goner.

    36. People of the Philippines please wake up. Take a look at these politicians like
      abnoy, roxas, gazmin, abad, drilon, umali, etc. Remember the result of the
      mental examination conducted for abnoy? Remember what Fr, Bulatao and
      Carmen Pedrosa said about the mental behavior of abnoy? What is happening
      in the country today is mostly the fault of filipinos who voted for abnoy not on
      the basis of his competence but mainly for sympathy. The result? Nakakahiya
      dahil nagkaroon ng pangulo na sinto sinto. And this, umali is waging a threat
      of impeachment against the supreme court? This is an insult to injury. For what?
      Para maipagpatuloy nila ang pangungurakot? Now it is very clear na ang mga
      ito ay talagang mga buwaya at linta (crocodiles and leeches). Kaya tayong
      mga Pilipino dapat gumising na tayong lahat at huwag na huwag na tayong
      magpagamit pa.

      • remember when pnoy had to go to a sort of retreat to think over whether he would run for president at that time? well, ito sigurado ang nangyari. nagretreat sia kasama mag classmates at sidekick nia. . they planned on what to do when he becomes president. kaya si pnoy kahit nakikitang mali ang friend, no, it is not true! dahil me blood compact yata mga hinayups na yon. ngeee, sorry! so they are on the best years of their life, forget about catastrophes, proceed with raping the country and enrich every friend for tomorrow might end it all, di ba? oh, for sure it will end, kahit gamitin mo lahat ng pera na ninakaw mo!

      • Tanungin mo kung kaya ni ” ‘Mylene’, a 16-year old girl whose parents were killed in the typhoon and the eldest of a family of 11. She has turned to prostitution, paid $6 for her services, amidst the ruins of Tacloban. “I don’t have any other way to feed my small siblings,” she says in the interview”. Magpapagamit pa rin. Di ba sabi nila; “Walang mahirap kung walang kurap”. Ngunit, twisting the truth: Kailangan ang maraming mahirap, upang pa tuloy ang pagkurap. ‘Di ba ito ang ibig sabihin ng patronage politics. Kunyari tinutulong ka, eh, ginagamit ka lang. :(

    37. you tiglao is an agent provocateur! you slashed the statement of mar roxas and made it out of context. how come you are so bitter with the administration? what have you contributed for the welfare of the Filipinos, huh? get a life, please.

      • Tama ang sabi ng matatanda: “Mahirap gisingin ang gising.. kasi nagtutulog-tulugan lang ‘yan.”

        Sayang ka, alpha.. ganda pa naman ng alias mo.. dapat buhusan ka ng super lamig o super init na tubig at baka sakali matauhan ka na!

      • did you watch the video? you must be a supporter of pnoy. what a shame, most people who cannot see white from blue have a defect in their brains. Like the republicans and democrats in the US, a brain study concluded that republicans have more fear and democrats have more sympathy, meaning they are using that part of the brain. so republicans create laws to protect their assets for fear of losing them, while democrats sympathize with the people who have nothing. this study was released just recently. if you are blind enough not to see the negatives of the administration, ay nakupo ina ng awa, wala ng pag asa ang pinas sa yo! you will be blind again in selecting the next candidate for president, goodbye pinas labas natin nito.

      • ThunderousCloud on

        tama ka alpha, if i may borrow the president’s words, “buhay ka pa naman, di ba?”, so ano pa inaangal ni romuladez?

    38. Roxas even read from a transcript daw to prove Mayor Romuakdez wrong…kaso meron palang video nakaupload sa youtube…

      Sapul! Nabuking na binago pa ang transcript…Mayor Romualdez was telling the truth alright…

      Mga kawatan na, ,ga sinungaling pa…

      Roxas will NEVER become president, unless dayain na naman tayo sa mga PCOS..