• You can no longer threaten us, Sir


    Still reeling from the deafening calls for his resignation following the January 25 Mamasapano, Maguindanao massacre, which took the lives of 44 elite policemen, after he denied them reinforcement, President B. S. Aquino 3rd took a swipe at his critics (“detractors,” said one newspaper) in his speech to the Philippine Military Academy graduates Sunday, saying he would not hesitate to “run them over” (the original Filipino word is “sasagasaan kayo”), if they continued to “put the people at risk.”

    No more pathetic words have been spoken since Aquino last spoke to the nation about the ill-starred Operation Exodus. Once again Aquino was beside himself. Between him and the PMA class valedictorian, who also addressed the graduates, the latter was decidedly more presidential. Not only did Aquino show a manifestly inverted sense of reality, he also showed he did not know his audience at all, or the people he was threatening to run over.

    None of Aquino’s critics have put the nation at risk. Their task has been to expose those who have done so or continue to do, wherever and whoever they are. Aquino happens to lead the pack. Just by being himself, Aquino has single-handedly disabled the Constitution and the rule of law, and sunk the nation’s international prestige and good name. Although he likes to claim credit for the economy, the economy has grown and continues to grow, almost entirely because of our 10 million-plus Overseas Filipino Workers and our call centers, not because of anything Aquino is doing or has done. At the same time, poverty and inequality have exponentially grown, largely because of the abysmal failure of government.

    While claiming to wage war against corruption, Aquino has totally corrupted Congress and the political system with actual bribes, and cast a blind eye on the pillage and plunder by his relatives, cronies and sycophants. He has refused to comply with the directive of the Supreme Court to prosecute all those involved in the manipulation and misuse of the Priority Development Assistance Fund and the Disbursement Acceleration Program, both of which the High Court has declared unconstitutional.

    His mere lack of presidential manners has embarrassed and hurt the nation. From his stubborn refusal to apologize to Hong Kong for the killing of eight Hong Kong tourists in a Manila bus hijacking incident in 2010, (which he reportedly watched on television from inside a nearby Chinese restaurant), to his equally stubborn and heartless refusal to respond immediately to the victims of super-typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan, which flattened Tacloban on November 9, 2013, to his even more stubborn and heartless refusal to authorize reinforcement to the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force commandos who had run out of ammunition in Mamasapano while pinned down by the combined forces of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, Aquino has been one continuing reproach to us all.

    Third World version of King George 3rd
    In many places in the world today, the question is no longer whether or not Aquino is mad, but just exactly how mad he is. What kind of madness afflicts this Third World version of King George 3rd? Is it pure autism, Asperger’s, schizophrenia, some bipolar, delusional, anxiety, mood, impulse-control, or sexual disorder, etc.? Suppose it could be medically established that Aquino is, in fact, afflicted with a specific mental disease, what exactly could we do about it? Would Congress have the courage of the National Congress of Ecuador, which ousted President Abdala Bucaram, “El Loco Ladron” (The Crazy Thief), in 1997 for being mentally unfit? Or would there be enough Filipinos to say, “let’s keep him there until the next elections.”

    Under the Constitution, a majority of the Cabinet could certify to the leaders of Congress that the President is unable to perform his duties, and immediately the Vice President takes over. But the so-called “Hyatt 10,” which is believed to lead this Cabinet majority, is said to have been running the government for the laidback Aquino since 2010, and could never want to lose their invisible hold on non-accountable power. Besides, they also want Vice President Jejomar Binay out, and that seems to be their first priority right now. We shall talk about this later.

    In his speech, Aquino tried to show the PMA graduates some respect by not talking about Mamasapano or the Philippine National Police Board of Inquiry report which faults him for breaking the PNP chain of command and putting the ill-fated operation in the hands of his shooting buddy and former bodyguard, the suspended PNP chief Alan Purisima, who had no legal authority whatsoever to have been there. But it was insulting enough to have Aquino standing there as guest of honor. There is no honor left in his presidency, and he has nothing more to say to the nation or to the honored cadets, except, “I RESIGN!”

    He threatens to crush patriots, devoted Christians living in the service of God, country and people
    Nor did Aquino have any business threatening anyone with anything at all. He was threatening people who are not normally cowed by threats of any kind. And he was threatening them “like a dockside bully,” rather than like a president, “with justice,” to quote Thomas More in Robert Bolt’s “A Man for All Seasons.” These are not mere “detractors,” as the Bulletin banner headlines put it. (Detractors are those who expose somebody else’s private faults without any just public motive whatsoever.) These are serious critics, patriots, devoted Christians even, who are trying to live their Christians lives in the service of God, country and people. Some of them may in fact be seeking their own sanctity (martyrdom) through their calling. So how could Aquino or anybody else possibly threaten them with anything?

    Because of his unusual mental condition, Aquino seems to believe that power is everything. He is blind to his own excesses and failures, but unforgiving when he sees them in others. In Baguio, he once again railed against martial law, which Marcos declared in 1972 to turn back the communist insurgency, which his late senator-father Ninoy Aquino had failed to oppose, without any thought that he himself had virtually taken over the three branches of government and become a law unto himself, without the benefit of a martial law proclamation, simply by intimidating the Judiciary and physically corrupting the members of Congress to submit to his one-man rule.

    This power madness, which has infected his entire Cabinet, was on full display in Makati on Monday when close to a thousand policemen were deployed by DILG Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd to serve a “suspension order” on Mayor Jejomar Binay Jr. This was thrice the number of SAF commandos sent to “neutralize” three international terrorists near the MILF camp in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. Since this was a simple legal process, two or three process servers would have sufficed to serve the order on Binay. There was no need for the overkill. And certainly no need to tarnish the luminous image of the SAF, by involving them in this cheap partisan operation.

    Eventually the Ombudsman’s suspension order was stayed by a Temporary Restraining Order issued by the Court of Appeals. But Roxas managed to swear in the Liberal Party vice mayor to a non-vacant mayoralty position, resulting in another unnecessary legal quagmire for the administration.

    Despite all these unconstitutional excesses, Aquino has consistently rejected calls for him to step down, raising pious objections against “extra constitutional solutions.” But there is nothing extra-constitutional about the call for the Aquino regime’s resignation or stepping down. Nor is there anything extra-constitutional in the National Transformation Council’s proposal that a caretaker council preside over the reforms after the Aquino regime steps down. This is because the illegitimate and fraudulent Smartmatic elections of 2010 and 2013 have replaced a de jure government with a de facto government, which has completely disabled the Constitution. There is no longer any working Constitution to violate; the NTC proposal is the one that seeks to restore and reinvigorate the Constitution.

    For all their just grievances against their worthless President and Commander-in-Chief, the AFP and the PNP must be commended for reaffirming their allegiance to the values and principles that animate the Constitution by renewing their oath to “protect” Aquino from any possible move against him. But what if upon deeper reflection, the two organizations should come to realize that Aquino has in fact wrecked the Constitution, that the thoroughly corrupted electoral system could only guarantee another machine-made de facto regime by 2016, and that the chances of a total breakdown of the socio-political order needs definitive intervention? Will Aquino accept his fate, or will he expect these two institutions to save him against the pronounced interests of the Filipino people?



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    1. PNoy has cross the red line of insanity. He is a confuse President who is fond of playing video games, wherein replay is allowed. He carried his fantasy to his duty as President. Now, he is in big trouble. The enemies are feasting on his mistake. Binay need not say anything for his raise in popularity. All Binay needs is for PNoy to commit untold blunders one after another. He he he. Tapos na ang election for 2016. But, beware, we the citizen has to fight to abolish political dynasty, otherwise, no 2016 election.

    2. Oh no !!! It seems our country is run by idiots and lamebrains. Beware of what they champion – BBL. Also our country is a country of liars. WE WANT PEACE WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT TO THE REPUBLIC.

    3. How do I address this nincompoop, abnoy, penoy, or auti.

      How do I address this nincompoop, abnoy, penoy or auti? I did not note vote for this president, knowing fully well that he doesn’t have the capability to govern. Those that put him in the position knew that abnoy is uto-uto and can easily be manipulated.
      What has he done except to claim that; “the economy is growing in unprecedented ways”. Well this, still, is a highly debatable claim. Look at the state of our nation, our problems are on Power (impending shortages), Transportation (MRT operations), Peace and Order (NPA and Mindanao insurgency, riding-in-tandem killings, proliferation of drugs) Foreign Policy (China has encroached on our islands) Corruption
      (Purisima and Binay as well as legislators with connection to Janet Lim Napoles), Unemployment, High prices of commodities, Very poor gov’t service ex; car registration stickers/ plates. What else, there are a lot of other problems which this administration of incompetent officials failed to address. Pray that this nightmare will soon be over.

      • EXCUSE ME General Ramos???
        We are both ex-military men. The only difference is you studied in the U.S. and went back to the Philippines and served the dictator Marcos. While I served the united states military as a Filipino-american, just like12,,000 Fil-Am servicemen and women who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Sir, can you name me one American or Filipino President who has seen or GONE THROUGH this POLITICAL and CULTURAL CIRCUS that President Aquino is experiencing for the DEATHS in BATTLE of 44 Police officers???? Men KILLED in the line of duty, legally, and part of their sworn duty to serve their country !

        UNBELIEVABLE COUNTRY ! Thousands of Fil-Am military officers and enlisted, both veterans and current who follow these events are almost in Disbelief and Shock at how the Philippines, in particular,Filipinos and families of the Dead SAF officers have BEHAVED in their Uncalled, Unjustified attacks on Aquino.

        Anak ng Tupa ! A President, especially a Straight, Honest, Strong, Effective President that this pitiful poor, corrupt nation has NEVER SEEN BEFORE, is being Attacked and Forced to resign over 44 policemen who died in enemy lines ??????!!!!!!

        Sir, over 50 proud American soldiers DIED EVERY SINGLE MONTH for 13 LONG YEARS serving their country in Irag and Afghanistan !!! More young americans DIED in one freekin month than the SAF 44 ! Close to 1,500 american military have DIED in Friendly Fire from fellow US soldiers in that SAME PERIOD because of MAJOR MISTAKES, MISHAPS, ERROR in JUDGEMENTS by officers and high ranking officials……DID YOU EVER HEAR AMERICANS WHINE, CRY, SCREAM, INSULT, and ATTACK their Commander in Chief ??? NO !!!!!

        Buwan Buwan PATAY for close to 14 years ! including over 120 Fil-Ams dead over 13 years !
        NOT ONCE, NOT ONCE did you see Americans Go Nuts and ASK President Bush or Obama to resign or be impeached !!!
        Thousands of Vietnamese soldiers and police were sent blindly to FIGHT the GIANT China 25 years ago. For 3 weeks, hundreds of Vietnamese DIED and l hundred Chinese killed.

        Do they CRY and GO NUTS over that ???

        Finally, after all these years, naka produce din ang mga bobontante ng isang matinong Presidente na wala sa katawan, sa utak, sa buto na Magnakaw or Mang abuso na mga kababayan.. Tapos binabanatan at sinisira ang lahat ng magagandang nangyayari.

        Sabi nga ng isang high ranking american Naval officer who has been to the Philippines many times and is married to a Filipina-Americans…

        ” Many Filipinos Do Not Seem to Comprehend or Understand the Damage that they KEEP REPEATING over and over again to their very own country. They Cannot seem to Decipher between what’s more important vs. what’s not. They cannot seem to SEE BEYOND TODAY, they never seem to WEIGH the Long Term effects and the dramatic damage their actions today will do for tomorrow. To even MAKE a NATIONAL MOCKERY of their President and even attempt to Remove him from office OVER the DEATH of 44 men in uniform who are killed in a gun battle in enemy lines is UNHEARD of in ANY MODERN country or even a poor nation for that matter.

        To have the Habit of wanting to Forceably REMOVE every single President from office AFTER making a decision to elect him or her is a SICKNESS of a society that has been battered, victimized, and repeatedly hoodwinked and Bamboozled by so many Corrupt Politicans than THEY CANNOT SEE or RECOGNIZE an Honest, Straight, Good for the country President anymore.

        Its no different than a repeatedly Abused woman by many men. She truly believes that ALL MEN are abusive and if she ever finds a good man, she will find a WAY, ANY WHICH WAY, find Fault in that good man and once again Play Victim and REINFORCE her belief that All men are abusive.

        He ends by saying, the Philippines will never be a Singapore, a South Korea, a Taiwan, and definitely not a Japan, because Filipinos as a whole have ABSOLUTELY No Discipline, No Long Term outlook, No TRUE LOVE for their country, and Allow themselves to be manipulated by the few but powerful forces in their society. And MOST IMPORTANT of ALL, Filipinos have a MUCH LARGER POOR, UNEDUCATED and IGNORANT population compared to its Wealthy Asian neighbors. And that is FATAL in a Free Democratic society when the MAJORITY CLASS who votes for people into power are POOR, UNEDUCATED, and IGNORANT. They are repeatedly manipulated and distracted by Non-Relevant issues to TAKE THE FOCUS away from the REAL KEY ISSUES !

        He also rightly observes that of all the Asian countries he has been to in tour, Filipinos have the LEAST appreciation or even Pride of their ancestors and heritage. While the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Korean proudly and HOLD SACRED their ancestors as part of their Identity, Filipinos have a serious indentity crisis ! Millions even make fun of their Native AETA tribes who are their real true ancestors. The 300 years of being brainwashed that European and Non-Filipino culture is superior and better, and seeing these primitive, dark ancestors is nothing to be proud of..

        While the Japanese and Chinese celebrate their ancestors with so much pride.
        In other words, WHAT A NATION !!!!

        They will elect Binay in 2016 and spend 2018-2022 trying to REMOVE him after they FINALLY discover that they are the 2nd coming of the Marcos family !
        The 3 MAJOR AREAS that hurts PNOY BECAUSE he is different, according to US State Dept. insiders among the ” Corrupt Filipino politicians and the Bobotante voters of the Philippines.

        PNOY is disliked by the corrupt businessmen, corrupt politicians, and ignorant Bobotantes who are mostly the uneducated BECAUSE according the Inside reports from Foreign observers and 100% in agreement from many Fil-Am military who still keep in touch with happenings in Manila.

        ONE, Pnoy is hated by 99% of all corrupt politicians and corrupt businessmen BECAUSE PNOY is the ONLY Filipino President ( other than his very own mother Cory) in modern times who Does NOT Play ball when it comes to Corruption regardless if its Big or Small. Hindi mo siya ma susulsulan when it comes to wealth, riches, and more power. PNOy is a different breed than 95% of all Filipino politicians who are corrupt.

        TWO, PNOY is called Privately by US State Dept. observers as a ” NO DRAMA PHILIPPINE President”. Pnoy has never seen, believed, or practiced the Need to Engaged in a Public Display of putting a SHOW and DRAMA like Jojo Binay, Imelda Marcos, Erap Estrada, Jinggoy Estrada, Miriam Santiago, Bong Revilla, GMA , Nancy and 95% of ALL Filipino Politicians who LIKE to PLAY the role of PA-IYAK IYAK, PABAIT-BAIT, PA-AWA AWA, PA MACHO MACHO, etc etc. Pnoy is NOT your typical PLASTIC politician, many of them HYPOCRITES!

        This personality was in full display during SAF visiting with families of victims.
        If Imelda was still first lady, we would have all seen Gallons of tears from Imelda. If Erap was President, he would have been HUGGING all these families in front of the camera and would then make statement on national TV and do an MACHO speech calling for REVENGE and All Out War.

        THREE, PNOY is simply a good person who does NOT abuse, initimidate , threatenhis enemies, If we were under Marcos, Erap, Ramos or GMA, HINDI puwede yung ibang personal attacks at banat ng mga politiko at kritiko ng Presidente.
        Or the behavior of the family members of the SAF would have NEVER been tolerated under Marcos or even Erap.
        They would have been immediately threatened PRIVATELY and that’s the end of their drama!

        Si Erap nga, Nakunan lang ng Video sa Casino, the man who took the photo would NEVER EVER BE SEEN EVER AGAIN in this earth !!!!!

        Si PNOY ay matinong tao, TALAGANG pinalaki ng maayo at anak talaga ni Ninoy and Cory!!!
        There is ONLY ONE Filipino politician who is IDENTICAL to PNOY in THOSE TRAITS…. That’s his very close Friend Secretary Mar Roxas. MATINO, HINDI MAGNANAKAW, MAY RESPETO sa KAPWA, at HINDI Nasisilaw sa pera at yaman at pagnanakaw!

        These TWO MEN are VERY RARE among Filipino politicians ESPECIALLY at the HIGHEST LEVELS of Government !
        Iyan ang hindi makuha at maintindihan ng maraming Pilipino na kulang sa isip, kulang sa utak.
        Ang GUSTO nila PANAY SHOW, DRAMA… tuwang tuwa sila sa paawa-awa ni Jojo Binay, sa pasigaw sigaw ni Miriam Santiago, sa mga MACHO style ni Duterte, Erap. Sa pa papogi effect ni Bong Revilla ! sa PAIYAK-IYAK ng balde balde ng LUHA ni Imelda Marcos at Gloria Arroyo. TIGNAN naman ninyo ang napala ng bayan natin sa mga DRAMATISTANG ITO!!!
        It is simply a big number of BOBOTANTES and even educated enggots who look at life based on a teleserye!!!

        Do you know what I find AMAZING as an Ex-military man???
        You see the VERY SAME CRITICS in this Inquirer who CALLED President Aquino a COWARD for not fighting China, to be the VERY SAME PEOPLE who are NOW CRYING, SCREAMING, GOING NUTS over 44 dead Filipino policemen who perished in battle.

        Kung 44 pa lang, IYAK na KAYO ng IYAK, ano pa kaya kung yung DUWAG kamong Presidente ay lumaban sa China as you said he should !!!

        Alam ninyo ba that LITERALLY in the THOUSANDS of FILIPINOS would DIE within 72 HOURS if China ever decided to Attack the Philippines !!!! And Manila and the Philippine Government would FALL to CHINA in days, not even one week !!!

        Tapos tatawagin ninyong duwag ang Presidente ninyo, tapos sa 44 pa lang, HUMAHAGULGOL na kayo !!!!
        Mayroon pa kayong pa ” he should say sorry” !!! Sorry to who?? To you???

        SHEEETTTT !!!
        What a group of people !
        Kayo ang sumisira sa Pilipinas ! You cannot even SEE, RECOGNIZE a GOOD PRESIDENT when you see one. Hindi bale, you deserve what’s coming in 2016 !
        To Filipinos who still believe and support your President, NOW is the time to Speak up before it’s too late !
        The entire Economic Progress and Fight against Corruption and Powerful Plunderers that started in 2010 , has now been OVERSHADOWED, DISTRACTED by ABSOLUTE NONESENSE, IRRELEVANT POLITICAL MANEUVERING by a powerful COMBINATION of the UNEDUCATED and IGNORANT combined with the EDUCATED yet ENGGOT group. Mga walang kahit na anong pakialam for what will happen to this country 2,3, 5, 10 years from now !

        They would RATHER continue to LIVE and DIE in a poor, corrupt nation DAHIL they are having fun right now attacking their President because of 44 Police officers as their EXCUSE !
        Hindi si Pnoy ang kawawa dito !!!! KAYO ang kawawa !

        PNOY is PNOY! He will be okay no matter what!
        It’s the Millions upon Millions of poor, lower income, middle class and millions of OFW families who will NEVER SEE DAYLIGHT in their lifetime BECAUSE they ALLOWED themselves to WASTE PRECIOUS TIME being DISTRACTED by ISSUES that will NEVER do anything for them today or tomorrow


    5. lleuxquiocho on

      he has already managed to run 44 SAF patriots over… millions of civilian patriots would just be a piece of cake for this despot!

    6. they ask for resignation but do they have a “good” replacement bet ya in ten years they cant find anybody who is not corrupt. hahaha style nyo bulok.

    7. Bert O. Romero on

      But, Sir, how do we reconcile our professed adherence to constitutional/ electoral process in the selection of our president to what NTC is advocating if Pinoy does not voluntarily resign or majority of the cabinet tender their collective resignation or he is not impeached? Another factor of course militating against the removal of Pinoy is the specter of a thieving ( as the church has termed the launch of a t-shirt movement) or corrupt vice- president taking over. As one commentator said Binay taking over is like jumping from the frying pan to the fire. Just as in the immediate past, the Filipinos opposed the alternative of an unqualified Vice-President to succeed a widely perceived corrupt President , it is more than likely Filipinos will once more wait for the 2016 presidential elections than replace a widely perceived mentally challenged president than replace him with a widely perceived corrupt vice- president . This seems to be the tragedy of our beloved Philippines: the choice is always between two evils and never between two angels.

      • The constitution mandates the VP to succeed a President. Hence, let the Military bodily throw simyon into the streets of Mendiola and let Jojo prove his worth as head of state. Why can’t all the armed services form a council with each representative marching along Mendiola to Malacanang and arrest that usurper of public office? With the first iota of corruption or excess, let the impeachment process proceed to oust Jojo and that can be completed in a month’s time. That’s the only legal and constitutional way. There is no room for a transformation council because that animal does not exist in our constitution. Ditto with Frank (he drafted the document of sale of SMC from Andres to Andy). Sonny may be a better alternative.

    8. BS Cojuangco Aquino III, cannot instill fear among patriots, who are critical of his mis-rule of the country, he is only the frontman in this whole charade of mis-governance Rather, the one who tries to put fear among us are those who are behind him who prod him to speak on their behalf.

      This president is a half-wit, who can easily be fooled by people who for the love of power and hunger for humongous wealth, can create a marionette out of him. All he need is a little impression of grandioseness, and for him to be duped into believing that he is most powerful and infallible.

      Taking cue from history, none of those so-called powerful men, had lasted long in their reign of terror, his and their time will come if only good men, who for the love of country and with clear conscience would rise and free the nation of these tyrants among us.

    9. Vicente Penetrante on

      We are no longer his “bosses,” whom he never listens nor obeys. We are now his children, whom the “father of the nation” can berate or scold.

    10. I like the way former Senator Kit Tatad writes the name of our country’s Chief Executive: President “B.S”. Aquino 3rd. Considering the views written in this article against the President, “B.S.” sounds quite an appropriate set of initials. Whether intentional, subliminal, or purely coincidental, Tatad correctly writes it. B.S. it really is.

    11. Leodegardo Pruna on

      P-Noy hasn’t been in his unusual self for he has been his usual self from the beginning of his term formalized by the counting of the hocus-PCOS machine manipulated by the Hyatt 10 for their own sake which of course they are now reaping from the unconstitutional PDAP and DAP. Kit could also be wrong when he said that 1 of 4 dislikes P-Noy rather 1 of 4 likes P-Noy based on the trust rating on P-Noy recently posted. With all these happenings, God please bless the Philippines.

    12. Eddie de Leon on

      But if it is true that only 1 out of 4 Filipinos dislikeS this crazy president then he can stay until 2016 and make sure that his Smartmatic-PCOS machines elect his clone successor!

    13. Pls publish the names of congressmen who are in favor of continuing the probe in mamasapano massacre and those who are not

    14. Jose A. Oliveros on

      The majority of the Cabinet will not certify to Congress that PeNoy has become unfit to perform his duties as President of the Philippines. The reason is simple and evident – once PeNoy is out of office so will they. Imagine the power, privileges and other prerogatives (monetary and otherwise) that they will lose!

    15. Kung maipakulong sya pagkatapos ng termino, baka marealize na nya na mali pala sya. Pero kung hindi sya makulong, mali ang mga kritiko nya.

    16. Aquino has all the traits of a failed leader. INCOMPETENCE: Slow response over Yolanda disaster, MRT mess and mismanagement and other DOTC problems, DA cannot control pests attacking our local coconut and other plants, smuggling of rice, onions, garlics, etc, port congestion, power generation inadequacies, cannot control high prices of basic commodities especially rice, onions and garlic and under-spending for infra-infrastructures. LACKING SENSE OF FAIRNESS OR JUSTICE : Jailed political rivals but spared those allies over the pork barrel scams, Preferred to save the peace process for his legacy and hence did not want to engage in a war with his friends the MILF over the lives of his fallen 44 soldiers, he bloated his latest budget with lump sums for his money to bribe congress to pass the BBL and to fund the Bangsamoro sub-state thereafter. he prefer to give more money to the legislators but no to the increase in salary for teachers, local workers and soldiers and no incentives for farmings and local manufacturing. Please resign now Mr. President, nagiging salot ka na sa ating bayan!

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        P-Noy will end up a Total Failure if he continues to blame others for his failures and so goes his alter egos and cohorts. God bless the Philippines.

    17. Since the military is the Protector of the people, are all the military guys just plain eunuch that no one dared march along Mendiola and proceed to Malacañang and arrest simyon for dereliction of duty? Try Jojo to be the President to fulfill the constitution but impeach him immediately if there is any iota of corruption. Personally, I feel that talks of a transformation council will only be good for “pogi” points but there is no such political animal in our constitution. Second, any attempt to introduce changes by the transformation council can not be possible for lack of funding and our constitution does not provide a mechanism of funding from Congress for such a council. The remedy is just to allow the succession mechanism as mandated by our constitution but impeach all the successors until Ms. Sereno is the head of state. I guess, Ms. Sereno is more trusted to make changes to our COMELEC to insure a clean and honest election come May 2016.

      • mc, akala ko rin kasama sa order of succession ang chief justice of the sc, pero may nabasa akong article, you can check if further sa constitution itself if true or not, that the 1997 constitution did not include the sc chief justice in the succession order unlike the 1935 constitution

    18. Why are those who hate ABnoy to the bones not going to the street and inviting others to join the mass action and tell Aquino to step down? No amount of rhetoric can force ABnoy out of the Palace knowing pretty well that he is the most stubborn animal on the planet.

    19. For all the threats that Aquino has made, for all the wrong decisions that caused people and country to suffer, for the many times he refused to accept and apologize for his mistakes, for thoughtlessly putting the country in harms way with his BBL, for having destroyed the credibility of our congress and making a mockery of our system of government, for having refused to honor the fallen 44, and on, and on, and on. By now, I seriously think he no longer deserves to be addressed as Sir.
      I am a grandmother and with my last remaining strength, I would like to haul him out of Malacanang, preferably screaming and arms a-flailing, and throw him into some empty, dirty and poorly maintained tiny cell, just to wake him up from his stupor.

    20. What’s happening in the country is in keeping with the NCAA March madness in the U.S. The only difference is, while the march madness in the U.S. is very exciting, the madness in the Philippines is very sad and depressing.

    21. vagoneto rieles on

      “Sasagasaan ko kayo” is right up there with the threat of a misencounter if the DILG insists in serving the suspension order on Junjun Binay. But here’s the kicker. We’ve got to take a dim view of the chances for the country’s recovery any time soon. The era of ‘actors-turned-politicians’, the mindset of ‘instant gratification’ and the scourge of patronage and mendicancy have taken hold. It may be hard to point a finger at the culprit of this malaise and incremental depravity, but the time and circumstance are not. Throughout the 1970s, we lost a lot of potential leaders..idealistic and reform-minded young men all. Consequently, well connected individuals of dull to middling calibre took over as leaders..in government, in business, and in schools, (of all places)..and so did actors and actresses, and the ‘robot-military’. “Maski papa’ano”, “puede na Iyan” and “pagobrahin natin ito” became the buzz words. ‘Mediocrity-creep’ had set in. What’s more..lies and half truths; and, smoke and mirrors..became the standard in political campaigns, press releases…even in testimonies under oath.
      Today, unless ‘honest media’, our civic organizations, (Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs); the Clergy, and, the more enlightened citizenry take strong and effective action now, we will be seeing more Estradas, Revillas, Lapids Sottos and Honasasns in high office. We will then, at best, be consigned to mediocrity permanently or, at worst, become a satellite state of our stronger, more serious neighbors. The aphorism that, “..a stream can not rise higher than its source..” is just too bleak to accept. Seriously.

      • But, Sir, you are forgetting the curse of the Smartmatic-PCOS machines that has erased Philippine electoral democracy since 2010 and will do so again in 2016!

    22. sonny dela cruz on

      Now that the Senate findings came out. I would say, help the widows of the 44SAF to file murder chargers to Chairman Murad & Iqbal because they are the head of the MILF. Since the Malaysian government and the Malacanan declared that the two are not Malaysian citizen, then they are both Filipino citizen and they are bound to Philippine laws to face murder charges. All conern Filipinos, citizen, lawyers and politiucian to help these 44SAF widows to file murder charges against Murad, Iqbal and all the members of the MILF. If no one will help them, then, the 44SAF police had died in vain. The case against Murad & Iqbal are very strong because it was a massacre in the jurisdiction of the Republic of the Philippines.