‘You want to be President, act like one’


    FORMER President Fidel V. Ramos on Wednesday said candidates running for the highest position in the land should start acting like one.

    Speaking in a media forum, the 87-year-old Ramos added that candidates vying for the presidency should be focusing their discussion and debate on more pressing issues such as thinking of ways on how they can provide a better future for all Filipinos.

    He was reacting to an ongoing public spat between Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and administration standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd that stemmed from Duterte’s statement that Roxas’ claim to being a graduate of Wharton School of Economics is “a myth.”

    Roxas dared the Davao City mayor to slap him if he could prove that he lied and their word war went on with challenges to a fistfight and a duel.

    Ramos said the President of the Philippines must be world class and one who would unite and uplift the condition of the country.

    “We are in the 21st century. We are no longer in the period of Antonio Luna, Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio. We don’t kill our allies,” he added.

    According to the former president, slapping, fighting and killing each other will not solve problems of the country and those who want to be President should be looking at several generations from now so that younger people will be given a better picture.

    Ramos said educational background is not really important when running for public office.

    “Academic degrees really should not count because the conventional wisdom is like this, ‘You should make sure your education goes to your mind, not to your head,’” he added.

    “The most important component of leadership is pakikisama sa mamamayan [working with the people]or common people so that you can get them all together, you can organize them, you can mobilize them to move as one team,” Ramos said.

    According to the former leader, the Philippines should move as one team and the nation’s leader must be caring, sharing and daring.

    “Care and share because we are naturally generous and compassionate. Daring, however means something else, it means give more than to take. It also means to sacrifice for the common good. Daring also means you stand up for the younger people for their future,” he said.


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    1. So, nobody is qualified to be the president of the phils., except Merriam Defensor Santiago….Well, MDS is far better than those who are fighting each other.
      Feed your beautiful minds, kung filipino ka dapat may pakialam ka…
      Let us unite for better philippines and for better of the new generation…
      with prosperity, peace and order…

    2. Vic Penetrante on

      Why stop the Duterte-Roxas spat? We are having a glimpse of their disposition and character.

    3. Crisostomo Ibarra on

      Seriously, wala na ba tayong ibang choice for president? Eto na ba talaga ang best and brightest ng Pilipinas?

    4. Samuel Abiertos on

      “Ramos said the President of the Philippines must be world-class”: With such a tall order, Mr. Ramos, every single wannabe in the 2016 presidential elections will be definitely disqualified. Ang lupit mo naman! Can we bring down the standard a little bit so the elections can push through?

    5. It is very Clear that this two candidates( Duterte and Roxas ) does not have the Character and Temper to become a President and leader of our country .
      With all the problems of this country we do not need Hot heads and Personal gratification of themselves being flaunted around, most especially Mar Roxas who has so much Air in his head than substance. He thinks he is entitled to high position in government because of his education and family name.
      We have a lot of Bright Leaders product of our Local Schools who are Patriots and real Public servants who respects our Constitution . We don’t need to look further .

    6. Blame the media for giving too much publicity on the arrogance of Duterte. So the Filipino electorate know; Did you ever hear from Davao if ever Duterte liquidated any Chinese drug dealers/pushers? The answer is NO or NEVER. Why? Because Duterte can only deal with the ordinary people and not the real criminals. FACT: Duterte is a PAWN of China with the Chinese financing his ambition since he was a mayor of Davao for decades..

      • Yes, it is scary for a leader of the modern society, ie: The Republic of the Philippines without educational background. May I add, the application of the knowledge of the leader is the key to the solution of the present circumstances and it is measure the leader is being judged.