Young actor, a father-to-be at 15


    “Nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse anyos?” So goes that controversial tagline from a liquor brand, which, as we all know, aims to tease the imagination beyond drinking brandy. Thank goodness it was banned for it does nothing but corrupt minds whether young or old.

    The tagline came to mind, however, albeit in reverse, what with news that a 15-year-old boy has gotten an older girl pregnant. Who’s to blame for this alarming situation? Could it be the older woman who probably had that tagline stuck in her head? Or is it the 15-year-old boy himself who seems to be in a hurry to prove his manliness.

    Believe that we say this without condescension, but had the boy lived among a disadvantaged community where stories like this are sadly a dime a dozen, his impending fatherhood would not come as a shock. Thing is, the very, very young father-to-be is an up-and-coming actor whose future looked so bright in showbiz. Fearful of what his management team may do or not do for him any longer, as the case may be, what future awaits this 15-year-old boy now? Just because of a moment’s mistake.


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