• Young actress pregnant with politician’s child



    GUESS WHO? The loudest whisper in showbiz circles right now is this young actress who is reportedly pregnant. The father is said to be a politician from the south.

    A major twist in the story, however, is how everyone knows this actress had already broken up with said politician, and how she has become the constant date of a famous architect.

    Now, even the people in the know have to ask who the real father of this actress’ child is.

    Showbuzz is just waiting for the young actress to make good her promise to give us a one-on-one interview.

    * * *

    Still on the subject of pregnancy, there have been questions whether Marian Rivera is expecting again following a vacation she had with husband Dingdong Dantes and eldest daughter Zia in Europe.

    The answer is no.

    Marian thinks it’s not the right time for her to get pregnant yet, since she has just gotten back to her career, close to enough to her daughter’s second birthday.

    Marian Rivera

    “I slowed down when I got pregnant with Zia. After she was born, I decided to devote my time to motherhood. Now that she is turning two, I guess I can give more time to work. I cannot say I’m going back full time because my daughter is still my priority. What I mean is I can now accept more projects without sacrificing the time that I have to give Zia,” Yan clarified.

    Their Europe vacation was something unforgettable for the Dantes family as they visited countries like Italy, Greece and Spain. In Italy, they attended a wedding, and it was also there where they had a chance to bond with fellow celebrity couple Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos.

    As The Manila Times Entertainment reported this week, the highlight of the Dantes family vacation was their trip to Spain where they visited Yan’s dad, so he could finally meet Zia.

    “When we arrived in my dad’s house, pinagkaguluhan talaga nila si Zia. Unahan sila sa pagyakap at sa pagkarga. Halos hindi na nga ako napansin. But we had a great time with my dad. He really enjoyed Zia’s being so malambing to him.”

    After their grand vacation, it’s back to reality for Yan, which means going back to work. She is not complaining though but very eager to do so.

    “I think it’s the right time for me to buckle down to work. I just feel so recharged after our vacation. I feel I have so much energy so gamitin ang energy na yan sa trabaho,” Yan enthused.

    Two projects were waiting for Yan upon her return. Her hosting chore in the weekly anthology “Tadhana,” which premiered on Saturday, and her new primetime series “The Good Teacher.” On top of this, she also has “Sunday Pinasaya” every weekend.

    * * *

    Hats off to “Meant To Be” boys Ken Chan, Jak Roberto, Addy Raj and Ivan Dorschner for being so cooperative and hard working in promoting their top-rating primetime series. The four GMA Network hunks have been going around the country doing shows to help promote their show.

    They were at the Magayon Festival in Legaspi, Albay over the weekend, besides the other fiestas they visited in the related story below [see "A star-studded fiesta roundup”].

    They were especially overwhelmed with their experience in Legaspi because fans flocked from far away places just to see them perform. “It was my first time in the Bicol region and I was so surprised to learn that there were people there who came from far flung areas to see us,” said Addy.

    ‘Mean To Be’ lead stars (from left) Ivan Dorschner, Ken Chan, Barbie Forteza, Jak Roberto and Addy Raj

    It was not only the show that the “Jeya” boys enjoyed since their Bicol trip also served as bonding time for them. They even had a chili ice cream challenge on dinnertime when Addy decided to order the delicacy for dessert. Being Indian, he prefers spicy food, so when he saw the super spicy chili ice cream, called “Volcano,” he ordered it right away.

    “I just scooped small amount but Ken started teasing me to get more and then the others joined Ken, so I got a bigger scoop. When I ate it, it was so maanghang that I coughed kaya tinawanan nila ako. Sobrang anghang kasi. In India, when you eat chili, it burns your tongue. Here, it’s different, you feel it inside your stomach, but it’s masarap,” said Addy.

    After Addy, the three other Jeya boys were challenged by their co-stars Mica Dela Cruz and Tess Bomb to try the spicy hot dessert. Ivan found it too spicy. “May konting buwelo before but when you taste it, you don’t feel it hot at first but after a few seconds, boom! You feel the bite.”

    Ken recalled of his dare, “I’ve already heard about the volcano ice cream and it made me really curious. Sobrang anghang nga! Mahapdi sa tiyan pero masarap.”

    Among the four, it was Jak who actually won the challenge because all he said was, “It’s good,” he quipped. “First time ko siya na-try and I liked it.”

    Of course, with all four of them surviving the chili ice cream challenge, they want Barbie to try it next. “We wanted to bring back some Volcano ice cream to Manila for Barbie. Hindi lang pwede kasi matutunaw,” chuckled Ivan.

    “But we still want her to try it! So Barbie, this is what I have to say to you: Kaya mo yung anghang Barang. Kung yung hotness naming apat kinaya mo, Volcano ice cream pa kaya?” Jak said with a naughty smile.

    * * *

    Kudos to the production team of “Mulawin Versus Ravena” for putting-up an amazing premier telecast of the show. From the audience feedback, the highly anticipated pilot episode exceeded their expectations what with the seamless execution of the special effects.

    The flying scenes were definitely flawless, and Dennis Trillo’s transformation from human to Ravena was spectacular. And yes, the acting of the entire cast was really impressive everyone’s bound to get hooked on the show.

    The big telefantasya does not only boast of awesome effects and good acting, though. It also tells an engrossing story. Praises go to Direk Don Michael Perez for a well thought of script and to Direk Dom Zapata for being able to execute the scenes to make the story’s flow very clear.

    “Ang galing nga ng combination ni Direk Dom and Direk Don. They really compliment each other. They are able to translate their ideas so well on the screen. They are also very good in motivating their actors. They have done that to me in many of my scenes where I have to act as a man who grew up in a place far from modern civilization. Feeling ko nga, na-transform nila ako as Almiro,” said Derrick Monasterio who portrays the role of the promised king to the Mulawins.

    Miguel Tanfelix and Bianca Umali, meanwhile, count as a big blessing the chance to work with big and more senior stars in the series.

    “As I worked with them, the more they gained my respect,” Miguel related to Showbuzz. “Besides very nice to us junior actors, they are very generous in sharing their knowledge in acting. Tinituruan nila kami.”

    Bianca agreed with Miguel. “We hope that we will have more opportunities to work with them because we really look up to them. I love their attitude toward work. They’re really very professional.”

    * * *

    SHORTS… It’s almost the end of May, meaning the Santacruzan season is almost over. Nevertheless, on June 30 to be exact, Filipina beauty queen, Mrs. Universe Southeast Asia Joyce Pilarsky has been invited to participate in St. Rita de Acacia Parish’s belated procession as Reyna Emperatriz.

    Joyce Pilarsky

    Joyce will of course wear her own creation, which boasts of a long train with her hand painted design. The upper body of her gown has real pearls and rhinestones to complements her shoulder piece of semi-precious stones.

    It took Joyce two months to finish her the gown and she plans to donate it to another future Emperatriz in the church’s community.


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