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    “Dong” Ronquillo is set to drive the growth of the company‘s Platinum and Roaming businesses with his passion and sense of commitment in everything he does. PHOTO BY MELYN ACOSTA

    “Dong” Ronquillo is set to drive the growth of the company‘s Platinum and Roaming businesses with his passion and sense of commitment in everything he does. PHOTO BY MELYN ACOSTA

    Only in his 30s, Dong Ronquillo knows how business is done

    “Build something bigger than yourself.”

    This has always been the mantra of Globe Telecom’s Domingo Ronquillo; the very words that have turned his life into an exciting journey of leadership and excellence.

    Thirty-five year old Dong, as he is famously known to his friends and colleagues and @FierceDong to his social media followers, led the company’s nomadic broadband group Tattoo and steered its consistent growth, tripling nomadic broadband revenues and more than doubling cumulative subscriber base over the last three (3) years, making the business segment one of the telco’s key growth drivers and the second largest contributor in incremental revenues for Globe.

    He was also instrumental in turning Tattoo into a lifestyle brand on the back of high-profile events, parties, and concerts the brand supported and partnered with. Ronquillo successfully launched revolutionary campaigns, a roster of brand ambassadors and innovative product portfolio that drove the brand to market leadership.

    With his stellar performance in Tattoo, Ronquillo was given the opportunity to further grow the company’s Platinum and Roaming businesses as he takes on a new role as Vice President and Head of Platinum and Roaming.

    Set to succeed
    Even early in life, Ronquillo showed great potential as an achiever.  He was a Dean’s Lister at the De La Salle University where he worked hard for a double degree in Economics and Advertising Management.

    Soon after graduation, Ronquillo kicked off a promising career with Unilever Philippines as category management officer for Visayas and Mindanao.

    He then assumed the position of trade category manager for the multi-national consumer goods company’s personal care division before he was promoted to a middle-management post.

    Within four years of working in Unilever, he successfully grew the group’s deodorant and skin care business by 17 percent, with a consolidated growth of 10 percent.

    Truly a standout among his peers, Ronquillo was then given the opportunity to gain more experience in the international market, and was assigned to Japan and Thailand as an expatriate in Unilever where he assumed the post of senior regional skin cleansing brand manager for Dove, Lux and Axe.

    Responsible for what is touted as the biggest skin care and cleansing brand in the world, Ronquillo exceeded his business targets, enabling Unilever to penetrate the highly competitive Japanese market, as well as increase the company’s businesses in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Korea.

    New challenges, new success drivers
    With his goals for Unilever achieved in a short amount of time, Ronquillo felt it was time to move on to another industry and take on new challenges that will mold him into a well-balanced young executive.  It was then that he brought his invaluable experiences from the beauty industry to the more fast-paced world of telecommunications.

    With such a solid and sterling reputation as a driven professional, he was assigned to head Tattoo and since then has worked the same magic for the company.  The nomadic broadband brand saw a surge in sales, revenues and subscribers over the last thirty-six months.

    With his go-getter attitude, Ronquillo attributes his successful brand management career to his “Mystique-like” attitude, comparing himself to the X-Men character known for her power to transform into whoever she wishes to become. According to Ronquillo, wearing the “customer hat” allows him to better understand the customer’s needs, which in turn empowers him and his team to design products, services, and promos that fit their needs and lifestyle.

    Asked what his keys to success are, Ronquillo shares, “Basically, I start with my own vision. Before anything else, I have to create my own vision and where I want to bring the business. This is a key rule in leading my team and achieving the mandate. I’m also very passionate in everything I do.”

    With his long list of achievements, Ronquillo revealed he still hopes to make an impact in the lives of people over and beyond the products he markets. “I hope I can still make a difference by influencing other people to do good for themselves, for others, and for the country,” Ronquillo expressed.

    On to greater heights
    With his new role, Ronquillo is now busy gearing up to re-introduce the Platinum and Roaming businesses. His team just finished preliminary planning sessions, reading up literature and researches on customer segments, and brainstorming for fresh ideas.

    “Platinum and roaming subscribers are some of the most discerning customers so they put a premium on superior service and a delightful experience. Taking this insight, Globe Platinum and Roaming will take customer engagement to the next level with world-class and easy-to-avail offers that best fit the needs and lifestyles of our customers,” shares Ronquillo.

    Adds Ronquillo, “Moreover, the brand offerings will be more focused on the different segments of both the Platinum and Roaming markets. We can no longer look at one type of customer, we have to see their needs differently and match them with services that fit those needs.”

    For instance, roaming customers can avail of the new P599 flat rate for unlimited surfing abroad to simplify the roaming experience and protect customers from bill shock. For only P599 a day, subscribers travelling outside the country for work or leisure can avail of unlimited data roaming services without the need for promo registration.

    With the new default P599 per day unlimited data roaming rate, customers no longer have to take note of various roaming rates with a standard rate that covers 20 countries. They also need not wait until midnight to register and keep track of time zones since the new default rate covers a full 24-hour cycle.

    Zooming into the Platinum market, Ronquillo sees a lot of opportunities and potential in the high-end market but believes growth in this area is “quite tricky” to achieve. “I don’t want the Platinum market to be associated as one segment only. It should be based on a customer’s life stages and their psychographics, beyond the usual demographics. This way, we break down the broad Platinum market and serve them more efficiently,” Ronquillo shared.

    Globe Platinum, the country’s premium postpaid brand which offers the most advanced devices, best line-up of postpaid plans, topnotch service, and a world of exclusive privileges to customers, will be geared towards providing the ultimate customer experience ecosystem.

    With so many things under his belt, we can only look forward to bigger and brighter things for Ronquillo as he continues to outdo himself and soar higher in his personal and professional life.


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