• Young feisty lawyer lives out showbiz dreams



    Despite having her own law firm in hometown Bulacan, this petite young lady of justice (who refuses to disclose her age) still wants to pursue a childhood dream.

    With nary Chinese features, she goes by her real name—Jemina Sy [no relation to tycoon Henry Sy]—and is using the same name as she embarks into the glitzy world of show business.

    Caveat honestly thinks this Bedan alumna can make it with the way she handles her Q&As, as she displayed at the press conference of “ Bubog,“ an indie film on drug war and her baptism of fire.

    A cross between the beautiful faces of Bernadette Allyson and Isabel Oli, she was personally handpicked by director Arlyn Dela Cruz to essay a rather longish introductory role.

    In a recent meet-and-greet close encounter with the press and with the veteran cast of Janice Jurado, Elizabeth Oropesa, Juan Rodrigo, Archie Adamos, and Karl Medina, Jemina became an instant darling of the press.

    While she unabashedly admits to being a Duterte fan, she is more than willing to defend jailed Senator Leila de Lima, saying that in her book there is no strong and “direct” evidence showing that the latter coddled drug lords.

    Moreover, the early warning of director Arlene Dela Cruz not to bring up the name of Baron Geisler did not prevent the loquacious Jemina from talking about the actor’s controversial act of pissing on the face of the hogtied body of Ping Medina on the set.

    She recalled she did shoot an earlier scene together with Geisler, which called for her to slap him hard on the face. The actor confronted her for slapping him a bit too much, and she told him she merely used method acting. Geisler quieted down since he is a brilliant method actor himself.

    All the same, Direk Arlene said it was pointless to keep on talking about Baron any longer. But the petite lawyer argued that more gossip will get the public talking about their movie. Makes me want to keep an eye on this feisty one.


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