Young heartthrobs display acting skills in ‘The Good Son’


Joshua Garcia

In recent years, teleseryes—a local portmanteau of the English words television and series—have evolved from merely love stories to social reflections of Filipino life. And today, with major networks releasing one family drama after another, the audience has grown a deeper affinity for the genre.

Taking off from the audience’s clamor for this kind of entertainment, ABS-CBN is offering the family drama “The Good Son” which will begin airing tonight on primetime block.

Members of the entertainment press witnessed an unusual case that resulted from a deep love for family after watching the show’s first three episodes through a special screening at Dolphy Theater on September 18.

The Good Son follows Joseph (Joshua Garcia) Racquel’s (Mylene Dizon) kind and responsible son, who does everything to give his family a good life. Inspiring him even more is his younger brother and partner-in-crime Obet who brings laughter to the family.

They live a simple and happy life even without their father Victor (Albert Martinez), who keeps their identity a secret, even to his legitimate sons Enzo (Jerome Ponce) and Calvin (Nash Aguas). He does this with the blessing of his legal wife Olivia (Eula Valdez) just so they can maintain a reputable standing in the society.

Jerome Ponce

However, just as they think their lives will go on without them knowing each other’s existence, their paths cross as they receive the worst news of their lives — Victor dies after being poisoned, and his four sons are the primary suspects for the crime.

This marks the start of Joseph, Obet, Enzo and Calvin’s battle to prove their innocence and testify their undying love for their father against people’s judgment and accusations.

No competition
Although the show has four main characters, the boys—Garcia, De Leon, Ponce and Aguas—do not see the project as a battle for acting skills. It may be a heavy drama but the brothers have different characters. As such, each character requires a different take from the young actors.

“It is a great experience to be working with my three brothers here. We all have different ways of attacking each scene. I got to learn things from them, which I can use in the future. I am so happy to work with them, it seems that we’re already brothers in real life. It’s balanced and fair, walang sapawan, walang lamangan,” Garcia, who is still earning praises for his role in the movie “Love You to the Stars and Back,” pointed out.

Director Manny Palo agreed and noted how different their roles are.

Nash Aguas

“First is their personalities, then they have different working styles, each one having strengths and weaknesses but what’s good about it is that they are all dedicated,” he added.

“So far they have met our expectations. Of course there were days that it became hard for me because the scenes were very heavy. The experiences of their characters are beyond their personal experiences so it is difficult for them where to pull the inspiration from,” Palo continued.

“It’s our job, the directors, to guide them on how to achieve the scenes we’re asking. But I’ve been telling them no matter how busy they are, they should always read the script and come prepared when they come to the set,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, Palo’s co-director Andoy Ranay praised the four leads as despite their relatively young careers, they have proven that they are worthy of starring in the special family drama.

“All of them are promising actors because they are all hardworking and they are willing to learn new things beyond their knowledge. It is inspiring to work with them because they show how passionate they are when it comes to the craft,” Ranay said.

McCoy De Leon

The Good Son will be the first primetime show lead for the four young actors. As such, they have been making conscious effort to put discipline to their work.

“They always tell us to be hungry with the knowledge needed in our craft. We are willing to embrace all the things they ask, so I hope we can pull it off and that the viewers will be happy with what we are about to offer,” Garcia finally promised.

Also part of the stellar cast are seasoned stars John Estrada, Ronnie Lazaro, Jeric Raval, Alex Medina and Kathleen Hermosa and this generation’s top teen actresses Loisa Andalio, Elisse Joson and Alexa Ilacad.

The Good Son airs after “La Luna Sangre.”


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