Young strokes of the Philippines’ heritage

The artist shows some of his paintings from the ‘Intramuros’ series PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

The artist shows some of his paintings from the ‘Intramuros’ series PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

Artist Christian Regis debuts into mainstream art world

Christian Regis, a young contemporary artist of humble beginnings, is set to hold his first solo exhibit. To be mounted by art enthusiast and collector, Karl McLean, Regis’ one-man show will be unveiled  at the Ayala Museum in Makati City come March.

In an interview with The Manila Times, Regis shared his feelings toward this important milestone in his artistic career.

He said, “Though I had exhibited with other artists before, this is my first solo show so I am very excited but also very nervous.

“For now, I am gathering enough resources for the exhibit, like the paint and canvass, because Sir Karl wanted big ones. And then, I wait for the specific date of the exhibit and that’s when I start painting,” the artist added.

Though quick with his hands, Regis’ works are quite grand and meticulous what with the Philippines’ heritage sites as his subject.

One such example is the artist’s “Intramuros” series, wherein he interpreted  the walled city in abstract strokes and vibrant colors.

According to the artist, it is his mission to help in the preservation of the country’s heritage that inspired his chosen subject.

“I want to share the heritage of our country through my work. I want Filipinos, especially the children, to be aware that certain places exist and that this is what happened there. When I picture it and put it on canvass, I hope the audience will see the site’s cultural relevance.”

Nevertheless, every piece reflects his particular artistic style.

“As an abstractionist, I put a twist into these paintings. Because for me, it’s not enough to just paint what I see. If I paint Fort Santiago and people see it as it is, then what? So what I do is compare current photos with old prints and create a different story.”

With such an interesting body of work that draws even everyday folk closer to his canvasses, McLean revealed what convinced him to spotlight Regis among many other budding artists out there today.

“Christian Regis’ art struck me because of his good use of colors that truly brightens up any room. His larger canvasses are ideal for the Philippine boardrooms of important companies,” he said.

Another intriguing aspect that also caught the collector’s eye were the “hidden aspects” in Regis’ pieces.

He explained, “I found one with many hidden faces, and I when I asked him about them, he admitted he didn’t expect that people would study his art really closely. But this is what I always do, and why I was drawn all the more to his works.”

Convinced he spotted a true talent, Mclean noted, “Most artists lack one major thing to become successful: marketing skills—because they often lack confidence.

“I know I can make Christian well known not just in the Philippines but also in the art world.”

Positioning Regis works as “boardroom art,” McLean revealed that large corporations like Filinvest and Megaworld have already taken a close interest in the artist’s current collection.

“Most recently, Megaworld bought a big painting from me which will be displayed in the lobby of its newest condominium in Makati City,” Regis confirmed.

The painter has also been steadily gaining following from individuals, among them staffers of the United States.

McLean especially hopes that Regis’ exhibit at the Ayala Museum will be a success for not only will it signal the painter’s official official debut into the local, mainstream art scene, but also because artists like him need such a boost.

“It is important to encourage young artists to keep on going so that they can express their passions and feelings onto canvass and come out with something significant,” he ended.
Indeed, even in the world of art, the future lies in the youth.


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  1. Wonderful to see such a talented artist getting the attention he deserves. I absolutely love his work!

  2. Rose Longhurst on

    I am the happy owner of a piece of Regis’ work, which I display with pride in my apartment in the UK. The colours and images he evokes are stunning. He is truly a talent, and I wish him all the best. Thank you for highlighting his work!