Your house is burning, Mr. President


LONG BEFORE it began, and before I ever wrote about it, I spoke to Vice President Jejomar C. Binay, on the basis of what I had learned from the best possible sources, of what Malacañang and the Liberal Party were planning to do to prevent him from running for president in 2016. The ultimate objective was to remove him from office, put him in jail, if need be, to keep him from running. What I had learned at the time was precisely what they have done to Binay, step by step, up to the last detail, till now.

The case vs. Binay
A subcommittee of the Senate blue ribbon committee has just come out with a report recommending the filing of plunder charges against Binay and his son, the mayor of Makati, Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. This has not happened before. How many senators will sign the report, and how the Ombudsman will react to it, if signed by a sufficient number, remain to be seen. But even if Binay escapes the planned destruction by his adversaries, the rule of law and our society’s sense of justice have already been despoiled by our politicians in their naked pursuit of political power.

PNoy is the central player
As in the impeachment and removal of Chief Justice Renato Corona, the forced enactment of the patently offensive Reproductive Health Law, and the current effort to bulldoze the passage of the unconstitutional and treasonous Bangsamoro Basic Law Bill, PNoy is the central player here. He personally presided over the small-group meetings that planned the whole thing. So the questions to ask are both political and personal.

How could it ever happen? Binay had been “elected” with PNoy on a split ticket in the first automated election; had become his housing czar and adviser on Overseas Filipino Workers Concerns, among others; performed many international missions for him; and remained close to PNoy’s siblings, who were said to favor him over the other presidential pretenders. Despite the humiliations and provocations, Binay had never threatened to leave the Cabinet despite the humiliations and lead the opposition. How then could PNoy organize the campaign to destroy Binay?

Where Binay erred
It appears that as far as PNoy was concerned, Binay committed a number of errors. His first error was that he failed to recognize what was at stake in the ballgame. It was power—state power—dark and mystic power—more intoxicating than the strongest opium. PNoy is not ready to let it go, except if it becomes absolutely necessary, but only to his chosen successor. He would be the only one, rather than a political party or any group of men and women, to anoint the one who would rule after him. But Binay made the mistake of announcing so early in the day that he would like to become the successor.

Then he compounded his mistake by investing so much in the paid propaganda surveys to make himself the “most trusted official” while PNoy’s trust rating plunged underwater.

Then he decided to run his daughter Nancy for the Senate without any compelling reason for it. This made his political dynasty a source of grave concern to everybody else.

Were he to become the president, he would be the first (and so far only one) to sit in Malacañang, while one daughter sits in the Senate, another sits in the House, and a son sits as mayor of Makati, the country’s premier financial district, with all its vast resources. This PNoy could not permit.

For these reasons, Binay must be stopped. The attack dogs at the Senate had to dig up every possible dirt, launch into a wild fishing expedition by going after every agency under Binay’s chairmanship, until they came face to face with Pag-IBIG president Atty. Darlene Marie Berberabe, a no-nonsense lawyer, who compelled the usually caustic and unparliamentary Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV to back off.

Their next act was to bring in the Anti-Money Laundering Council to look into the bank accounts of the Binays and their alleged associates without need of a court order or the existence of a predicate crime, such as money laundering, drug trafficking, other syndicated crimes, etc. to justify AMLAC’s entry into the whole mess.

The Corona operation repeated
This was a repeat of what Aquino and his minions did to Corona during his impeachment trial, even though Corona was not even accused of graft and corruption, but only of failing to file an accurate Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth, which the law allows the individual filer to amend or correct. But where Corona was tried after having been impeached by the House, Binay was “investigated” by a subcommittee of the Blue Ribbon Committee, in violation of the Constitution and the Rules of the Senate.

The Senate is not a fiscal’s office or a police precinct
From the very beginning, I have denounced these proceedings as unconstitutional and beyond the jurisdiction of the Senate. For nearly nine years I was chairman of the Senate committee on rules and Majority Leader to five Senate presidents. My understanding of the right and duty of the members of Congress to conduct inquiries in aid of legislation is based on Section 21, Article VI of the Constitution, which provides: “The Senate or the House of Representatives or any of its respective committees may conduct inquiries in aid of legislation in accordance with its duly published rules of procedure. The rights of persons appearing in or affected by such inquiries shall be respected.”

This establishes a clear distinction between a Senate committee and the fiscal’s or prosecutor’s office or a police precinct. It is not the duty of the Congress to prosecute any accused individual, nor to establish probable cause in any alleged offense, and no inquiry in aid of legislation is tasked to establish the innocence or guilt of any person appearing before it.

The Senate attack dogs have dirty hands
Yet it is not the Constitution or the Rules of Parliamentary Procedure alone that should have prevented the Senate attack dogs from going after the Binays; their simplest understanding of the most basic rule of morality should have held them back. For these senators had been bribed by PNoy to convict and remove Corona on an unimpeachable offense; they are in no position to investigate, much less judge, anyone. Their hands are dirty, they have lost their right to their office, if ever they had ever deserved it. Whether or not they quit, as they should, they should be investigated, not just by their peers who may be guilty of the same offense, but in a criminal court of justice.

Personal disclosure
Lest I be accused of being partisan, as Trillanes once made the mistake of suggesting in one news forum, let me make a personal disclosure. I campaigned with Binay in 2010 as a senatorial candidate. Despite my reservations about the validity of the elections, at the request of a friend, I agreed to help Binay, pro-bono, for the next two years. I disengaged in December 2012, after I decided to become a serious presidential critic.

I want to talk of regime and system change, not rigged elections
I have a warm heart for Binay, but I am not part of his “early bird” presidential campaign. I traveled with him abroad, but was never asked to join any of his local sorties. The Grand Alliance for Democracy, which I chair, is not part of his UNA coalition. Neither do I accept the propaganda surveys which seem to shape his view of things. And while he sincerely wants to become president, I am more interested, together with the National Transformation Council, in regime and system change, and in making sure that we first clean up the electoral system before we talk of the next elections.

But even if I happened to be a sworn enemy, which I am not, nothing would stop me from denouncing what Aquino has done and is doing to Binay. It is completely rotten and should not go unpunished.

Will the Ombudsman follow blindly the Senate attack dogs?

Now, assuming the other senators sign the report which Pimentel, Trillanes, Cayetano and Grace Poe Llamanzares have already signed, will the Ombudsman charge the Binays father and son with plunder on the bases of the report? Not likely. The Ombudsman will still have to conduct its own investigation before taking action, if ever. So it may be too early for Malacañang and the LP to celebrate. In its effort to destroy Binay, the Senate has destroyed itself. But this is not the only bad news for PNoy.

Your house is burning, Mr. President.

Treason and the peace negotiators
Last week, two serious cases were filed against PNoy and his people on major issues.

The first is a case of inciting to sedition and treason filed by Manila Rep. Jose (Lito) Atienza, Abakada partylist Rep. Jonathan de la Cruz, former Ambassador Jose Romero and international law specialist Jeremy Gatdula from the University of Asia and the Pacific School of Law and Governance against 23 respondents, including Justice Marvic Leonen, presidential peace adviser Teresita Quintos Deles, Miriam Coronel Ferrer from the government, and Mohagher Iqbal, chairman of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front negotiating panel and the Transition Commission, and former congressman Datu Michael Mastura.

The case arose from the conduct of the parties in connection with the negotiation of the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB) and the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro, which are the mother documents of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law Bill (Babala), but whose constitutionality is assailed in the complaint and everywhere else. The case was filed before the Manila Regional Trial Court.

Robbing the coconut farmers of their billions
The second is a petition filed before the Supreme Court by the Confederation of Coconut Farmers Organizations of the Philippines (CCFOP) against PNoy, acting PCGG chairman Richard Amurao, Chairman Cesar Villanueva of the Governance Commission for GOCCs, and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima seeking to nullify Executive Orders 179 and 180, series of 2015, which seek to “reconvey and privatize” the coco levy funds worth about P80 billion and assets worth about P200 billion, which should be used for the benefit of all coconut farmers and for the development of the coconut industry.

CCFOP spokesman Charles Avila said Aquino “cannot arrogate unto himself, without legislative authority, the power to allocate, use and administer the billions of pesos of coconut funds and assets. Nor can he arrogate unto himself he exclusive authority of the judiciary to execute its final and executory decisions, in violation of the separation of powers, essential to a democracy.” The farmers are confident the High Court would uphold the rights of the coconut industry, said Avila.

When it rains, it pours
More cases are expected to be filed against the FAB and the CAB, as well as on the “murder” of the 44 Special Action Force police commandos who were massacred on Jan. 25, 2015 at Mamasapano, Maguindanao, by the combined forces of the MILF and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, after they were denied military reinforcement by their commander-in-chief. Whoever said PNoy’s worries are at an end?


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  1. Aurelio Agcaoili on

    At day’s end, it is the masses, the masses, the masses. Come on, Mr Tatad. And come on too, Mr PNoy! Have a heart!

  2. with all the dirt thrown at binay….if i were binay the moment i won the presidency Pnoy, trillanes, de Lima et al… better be ready with their wheelchairs…… :)


    If this Binay is clean, why don’t he answer the charges against him? Why continue
    hiding behind flimsy technicalities (like his allegation that these are being poiiticaly motiviated)only to muddle the issues and confuse the minds of the people. Hearings
    has been going on for so long but he does not cooperate. If he is clean and nothing
    to hide, why he refuse to submit himself for scrutiny? Does he not know that “A
    PUBLIC OFFCE IS A PUBLIC TRUST” where every public servant should be open
    for scrutiny. As a lawyer, he should undersand the CEAN HANDS DOCTRINEwhich
    says that if you go to court, you do it with clean hands. And by continuesly refusing
    to submit himself to the probe only shows that he is hiding something. It’s that simple.
    For is it not true that this Binay wants to control and place he country under his
    family’s palm? Currently himself as the Vice President, Nancy a senator, Abigail a
    congresswoman and Jun Jun the Makati Mayor,If this Binay becomes president, then
    the Philippines will under their familys control.

    • madam,san b nararapat si binay sasagot sa mga bentang sa kanya?kng sasagutin yan ni binay jan sa senado,makapagsalita b sya ng maayos…???eh alam mo nmn ung tatlong boguk nasiraan na ng bait….kng ekaw b,imbitahin ng tatlo mong mortal na kaaway sa kanilang bahay,ekaw po bai pupunta sa loob ng bahay nila..?sa tingen ko hindi…so ,wait nlng tayo kng ano man ang maging desisiyon ng korte..guilty man or not guilty tanggapin natin ng maluwag…be fair lng tayo,wag tayong mapanghusga sa kapwa natin,kasi po etoy masama…

  4. Helen Ramos on

    I can only lament what is happening in the country. So much dirty politics going on and the dirtiest politician of them all, Benigno, continues to wreak havoc on my Philippines. He is still not in jail, still lording it over with dirty money, still uncaring about the country and its people. So what do the sheeples want to do about it? Nothing? Are the sheeples going to swallow anything Benigno puts in their mouths, no matter how putrid and bitter? Is that how little the sheeples care for this country, that they are not willing to take any moment of their precious time to make a stand and throw him out. If so, the sheeples only have themselves to blame.

  5. emmanuel mallari on

    as i’ve mentioned in another broadsheet site, we’ve elected all kinds, types or what have we na president of the philippines. from sobra talino to matalino hanggang sa walang alam all the way to isang wangb0….ay walang nangyari. isa lang ang hindi pa natin nasusubukan na ihalal bilang president. the type who is involved in corruption sa umpisa pa lang at baka sakaling tumino ang takbo ng politika sa atin. imagine, if we elect a president who is perceived to be corrupt…the trapos, the old politicians, yung mga buwaya ay hindi nila ito maloloko, hindi nila ito maiisahan, hindi nila ito mapapaikot sa palad nila, kasi alam na alam na nito ang kalokohan nila kaya hindi uubra kung magpapalusot sila. ito ay kung wala rin lang tayong mapagpipilian. bakit ko iboboto yung honest nga kung wala or kulang naman sa experience. you’ve voted someone who’s mother died yesterday. ngayon naman are we going to vote someone because her father died yesterday or because her last name is Poe?

  6. Oh come on Mr. Tatad! Your partisan stand is always on the wrong side of the fence. You defended GMA during the Hello Garci scandal and most of her corrupt ways, now you jump on the other ship and been defending Binay with such hollow defense as being politically motivated. Clearly the documentary evidence and testimonies are mounting, shouldnt Mr. Binay speak and defend himself in the media and face the allegations squarely point by point? Politically motivated or not, its time for Binay to come clean before the Filipino people and stop fooling those illterate and uninformed voters.

  7. Teddy Sevilla on

    Mr. Tatad, I understand the propaganda value that filing cases against Pres. Aquino brings. Having said that, of course we know that legally it is meaningless at the present time since he has immunity. Why not settle the Binay issue first? You will have all the time in the world after May 2016 if you really think Aquino is an AH.

    If VP Binay is clean, then let him prove it in a convincing way. I will vote for him and condemn all those who brought heaps of lies on his character. If Binay is dirty, then it is only proper that we send him to jail. If he really plundered, let him suffer the embarassment of being incarcerated BEFORE he becomes president. Saves our country a lot of time – from people power protests, boycotts and coup-de-etats – if the Binay question is unresolved before, and assuming, he wins the presidency. Don’t you think so?

    I began reading Manila Times in earnest just a few weeks ago. I was a fan before its journalistic integrity was debased during the Erap presidency. From PDI and Rappler (MB is a joke as far as serious reading is concerned), I wanted to know what guys on the other side of the Binay fence were saying. The Binay bashing there has become so idiotic and intense that the few pro-Binay and the much fewer unbiased readers have abandoned commenting. So it was a fresh gust of wind to start reading MT again.

    I do admit that the articles here at MT have been disappointing. Well-written, even passionate, articles simply cannot replace logical, deep, unbiased thinking. That sort of calm, non-inflammatory writing is the one I am looking for (Prof. Randy David is a favorite to give you an example but there are so very few of his like.). But MT readers, based on the comments I’ve read, are a huge leap above the thuggish commentators in the other papers regardless of their differing points of view and biases.

  8. joseluis hierbas on

    With the present situation in the country, people are indebted to banks & lending institutions, private lenders and engaged in selling anything just to survive due the very high prices not proportionate to salaries and wages. Most people with job or the jobless are making ways to find sources of income. The poorest poor is the mostly affected as they have children entering school but no money that they are trying by illegal means selling illegal drugs, engaged in robberies, hold-up & etc. Gov’t. workers to catch up the comfort is to charge extra fees to people transacting business in offices. Teachers are submitting their ATM cards to lenders. Almost all are indebted and hearing a barangay folks saying the best is to be a politician because if elected they become rich and can give monetary help to relatives and friends and always assured of a very comfortable life.

  9. pnoy abnoy briiebed the senate to oust CJ Corona again with BBL passing , Isn’t that Corruption ?

  10. rey quijada on

    Presuming these investigations and charges filed are being made for honest motives but let us make sure or perhaps better said hope that we do not destroy the rule of law in the process. Human as we are we are all capable of committing the worst crime whatever our tribe, religion or political party is. Focus must be on strengthening our institutions which can be gauged on how effectively our institutions are able to punish the culprit and in the case of the COMELEC make sure that the will of the people is properly determined during elections and prior to that help the people vote for the right candidates. Persons giving comment may differ in perceptions and opinions and this is how democracy works but all are looking forward to helping our country move forward and develop.

  11. Just because Binay is in the opposition does not make it right not to attack him. What if say let us presume someone who is very guilty with very glaring evidences, but because he is in the opposition he must not be charge because that would make it politically motivated. The fact that Binay being in the opposition is just a coincidence and the fact that evidences points to probable guilt just makes it right to charge him and answer the charges. Anyone who is guilty whatever his political inclination is, should be charged and made to answer accusations against him. Nobody is exempt from the law.

  12. The blatant abuse of power by this administration knows no bounds in recent history of our country.. Citizens have been silenced by perceived possible repercussions by different agencies as clearly shown in the Corona Enrile Binay cases.. This oppressive government exists because of our silence and apathy .. I do agree that Binay should stand on his own and quit the Cabunet and severe all ties from this sinking ship

  13. So much for the pretenders. Demonizing the Marcoses, lambasting Estrada and what did you instead get? Cory of the Yankees, CIAs and the the Yellows, the usurping done via GMA and now the good for nothing mata-pobre Abnoy.
    Will the Filipino populace buy again the lambasting ways of the Yellows and the oligarchs? Give the populist -type of politicians a chance to show what they can do for the Philippines! Many seem to be falling for such sweeping statements of corruption. Baloney crap for such hearsay and rumors: that is purely crab mentality! What we have to seize and concentrate on would be a brazen liar, a treasonous Abnoy along with Congress, Liberal Party honchos, manipulative Senators who stick along the lines of a nincompoop belonging to the Executive Branch. Let us not be taken for another ride, lest we’d be hoodwinked once again.

  14. Conrado Maramag on

    VP Binay is a strategy minded politician, he does not wsnt to appear as far from the bosom of Aquino, that will still trandlate to votes. ALL votes are important. THE OMBUDSMAN shoud just fast track its investigation on cases involving Binay’s himself and his family. LET THE PEOPLE BE EDUCATED ON THIS EVENTS CITED BY MR. TATAD AND MULL AND DIGEST IT FOR THE TRUTH.

  15. Why some people declaring Binay and Corona victims of the Pnoy administration? Both personalities have amassed wealth beyond their legal income which means they have used so much influenced in their power to be able to have what has been accused to them. In the case of Corona, He couldn’t answer the sources of his wealth. In the case of Binays, they will try to exhaust all the technicalities so the pressure for them to answer all the allegations of corruption will be stopped. If you have nothing to hide, answer all these allegations. Besides, these people that are testifying against the Binays are no ordinary people like street gangs that you have to pay to say some dirt on your name. Mr Mercado testified under oath would have a second thought in his testimony if there’s no truth in it. The people of the Philippines deserve an honest and trustworthy President. The amount that is involved in this matter is no joke. The anti-Pnoys seemed to accept all the wrongdoings of the Binays.What makes you become—you becomes one of them…UNTRUSTWORTHY. Don’t think of Pnoy but think of the country. If you love your country PHILIPPINES—let the Binays answer all the allegations of corruptions. This is not about proPnoy or proBinay but for PHILIPPINES.

    • Nancy Bulok Cake on

      You’re right. Binay and Corona abused their positions to amassed wealth illegally. They cannot even explain (base on their salaries) the billions of pesos they accumulated as government employees. I just don’t know why Tatad and some Binay followers insist on the reason that it is political. So when will corruption be stopped if not minimized in our country if all of you keeps on criticizing Pinoy’s way of deleting/minimizing corruption in our country. If it’s only Pinoy’s way to eradicate corruption then so be it and accept it. Binay will continue amassing wealth worst than Marcos if he will not be jailed. Binay will only sell all the Spratly Islands to China with a 30% commission. Ang sabi nga ng mga kababayan natin sa States “Napakasinngaling at napakayabang ng mga Binay. Ang kakapal ng mga mukha sa pagnanakaw ng pera ng bayan. Mamatay na sana silang lahat kasama ang mga gago nilang abogago”.

    • When the Rule of Law has been disregarded. When anyone is deemed guilty until proven innocent. When people like you still think BS AQuino is honest and trustworthy, even after the PCOS, PDAF, DAP, Quirino Grandstand fiasco, MRT, Airports, Yolanda, etc etc etc…. yes, even Binay will seem like a victim.

      Think for once, read the law, understand your rights, and wake the F up.

  16. jocelyn aytalin on

    I hope people will see the truth, and not judge anyone by just the words of dirty politicians.

  17. Politics however naked you may define it to be is just like that but the whole point for Vice-president Binay, et al… is the issue of CORRUPTION such as over pricing of the public buildings of Makati, if the issues are already in the newspaper and being investigated there is basis regardless of how good our vice-president is. If we are looking for a good leader his hands should be clean of CORRUPTION or else he will just lead us to more CORRUPTION. Let the TRUTH stand out as IT IS and the courts should deal with it swiftly – delaying tactics is to the advantage of the person who has to defend himself of these CORRUPTION charges.

  18. Amnata Pundit on

    It is perfectly alright to defend somebody’s right as a citizen. On the other hand, not every citizen is running for president, but Binay is. Doesn’t the public’s right to know everything about candidate Binay carry any weight at all? To argue that helping citizen Binay is not the same as helping candidate Binay is to dichotomize dishonestly. All is fair in love and war, and you know very well nobody knows this better than the yellows, and Binay is a yellow.

  19. christinetan on

    AND WHY IS BINAY CLINGING TO HIS CABINET POST? Can’t he read the big bold signs on the palace wall or “delicadeza” is also not in his dictionary just like “political dynasty?” He fought against Marcos for allegedly perpetuating his hold on power and enriching himself while in power, the very same acts that Binay and his family are now being accused of doing.

    • Binay is now a political pariah and everyone he approaches rebuffs him. Maybe Mr. Tatad can find common grounds and enough incentives from him to be his running mate. Meantime, he has formed a search committee who I assume will be Tiangco, JV Bautista and Quicho. In the end they will find only one willing candidate: Senator Nancy Binay, who is well-qualifed as their first choice with 2-1/2 years experience in the Senate. With their billions, they can win to formally install the Binay-bayaran dynasty and take over the country.

  20. May Sariling Isip on

    In a nutshell, Tatad is saying “Politically motivated” ang attacks kay Binay. The AMLC report is indisputable proof that Binay plundered. Anybody defending him, like Tatad is doing here, is just fooling the Filipinos!

    • The AMLC is never like the Pope – it is never infalliable. Since there has been a precedent in the manner it conducted itself in the case of Renato, no one in his right mind will ever give credit nor sense to what AMLC says or do. In effect, AMLC is just a tool for prosecuting perceived political enemies. Prove to me that AMLC is upright and just by also looking into the accounts of all senators and congressmen and I bet that AMLC will never do that. In fact, I am even wondering that up to now, not one trigger has been pulled to remind them to be just upright in their dealings with everybody.

  21. Bert O. Romero on

    A presidential biographer of American presidents , Theodore White, once wrote: ” Proximity to power elevates all.” It’s unfortunate that in the case of the Binays Lord Acton’s dictum ” Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is the more appropriate lesson that is applicable.

    The Binays have it all: dynastic power encompassing both executive and legislative, intimidating, nay, fearsome influence uninhibitedly wielded even against lowly security guards performing duly mandated tasks and tons and tons of cash whose provenance has now been revealed to have come from the people.

    Of course, it’s political. It being so, does it render the Binays innocent? It being so, does it even make their atrocious acts of impunity less so? Don’t stay in the kitchen if you don’t want your hands to get dirtied. Indeed, they are in the kitchen because their hands are dirty.

    How come that the Binays have not come out publicly rebutting in detail point by point the accusations being hurled in the senate these past 21 hearings except to say its politically inspired? Cannot Nancy’s committee conduct its own inquiry to provide a public forum for her family to air their rebuttals? To insure credibility, cannot the Binays themselves reply to these accusations directly instead of relying on their four or so spokesmen?

    They say politics is perception. In the Binay case, it seems to have become reality in the absence of credible narrative- reply from them. How far longer will the Binays allow this disgraceful bloodletting to go?

  22. Teddy Sevilla on

    I remember Binay thinking, wishfully, that he be President Aquino’s annointed one early on in his (premature) presidential campaign. If he knew Aquino was personally behind his political persecution way before, why did he insist on meeting him one-on-one to appeal the stoppage of the senate investigation. Being forewarned did he then have to profess to still be a good friend and supporter of the President? Logically, because of the LP’s animosity towards him and their hold on power rendering his good intentions for peoples’ housing and OFWs inutile as a practical course, why does he not resign his cabinet position?

    Your article would have better if it was of the “I-told-you-so” rather than the “I-am-telling-you-what-I-knew-before” variety.

    Right now I wish that the focus be on the allegations of corruption. Honestly, amidst all the passionate arguments that Binay’s supporters put out, I get the the opposite impression that defending him head-on on the corruption charges is futile – that this is not based on the personal belief that he is innocent. Is this Thomas Hardy’s sense of “honesty within dishonesty”? That Binay, on moral grounds, is indefensible so that, conscience dictates, the counter arguments should rest on deflections of political persecution and the notion that all politicians, especially the president’s allies, steal and cheat anyway?

  23. Abnoy pnoy is portrayed as pure , the illusion of purity cAn not only hide corruption it help to make it possible.

  24. The main issue will only become very clear if and when GERRY LIMLINGAN and EBENG BALOLOY show up to shed light on where they got their MILLIONS of bank deposits. CJ Corona was not able to explain his dollar and perso accunts amounting to millions.His expensive properties were not included in his SALN and C J Corona and his cildren did not pay the proper income tax.

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      Should it not be the senate which should look into where the moneys of Limlingan and Ebeng came from. If government has evidence to prove that the moneys came from corruption and illegally obtain, then government should criminally prosecute them. A suspect is deemed innocent until proven guilty is the rule in a democracy. What is happening now is destroy one’s reputation no matter what. God bless the Philippines.

    • That is your corrupt main issue. The people’s issue against your yellow regime is the multi-billion DAP-PDAF bribery on SC CJ Corona’s impeachment, the Balsy Aquino-Al Vitangcol extortion try on MRT-Czech company, the unconstitutional BBL, the coco levy fund conversion and many sandamakmaks na eskandalo na walang tigil ang tulo. You cannot force any person to testify against his will. Sure sa kulungan dadamputin ang kaululan sa kapangyarihan ng mga kurakot na miyembro ng LP.

  25. Now i will speak about binay. Lets start off with assuming this information on him about all these bank accounts & all this billions of pesos being moved around in them & taken out from many different accounts is true. Shouldnt then people be concerned if this moiney is legal or illegal. If its all legal there will be a very simple paper trail showing its all legal. But if its illegal they will do their best to hide that same paper trail. But it all needs to be explained to the people. The innocent have nothing to worry about as legal money is just that, its legal & its yours to do with as you wish.
    So let binay & his cohorts open up these bank accounts for scrutiny by the senate.
    But i think both you & i know if you remove the smoke & mirrors they will have a difficult time showing its all legal money.
    Now i have a simple question. Was this bank secrecy law put in place for the benefit of the filipino people. I say no it wasnt as most filipino people dont have dollars to put into a dollar account. So why dont the poor people also have the protection of this bank secrecy law with their peso accounts.
    & wernt all members of government supposed to sight a waiver for this bank secrecy law so if anything arises its easy to check & make sure no one is stealing money. Then why havent all complied. Make them comply.
    Im wondering why none of you people write about this. Are you being paid off by the rich & famous to keep quiet, do you also have money hidden away. Im not accusing im asking.
    There should be no hiding place for these thieves, chase them down, catch them & punish them to the full extent of the law. But stop giving these people a fee pass. I will tell you right now if someone is stealing & trying to hide it away i dont care how that information is found out & or how its passed to someone to investigate it i just want it bought out, by fair or foul means.
    It reminds me of the person who abuses others human rights & when caught & treated harshly want their human rights upheld.
    These people bought in this bank secrecy law to hide money they were going to steal, it was done to protect them, their friends & colleagues. There is no other reason for it, get rid of it right now, the banks wont collapse because of removing it but they tell us that will happen. It wont happen.

    • sonny dela cruz on

      In the United States everything is reported to the IRS, that’s why it is easy to monitor who are depositing large amount in his account. WALA KANG KAWALA but IRS cannot be BRIBE or Intimedated by any politician, even if you are the president of the United States. That’s the difference between the BIR and the IRS.

    • Justaskingseriously on

      Sonny, your response to Dustin implies that you consider him as an American. He is British. I do not know the british counterpart of the United States IRS or the philippine BIR. From the way Dustin writes, it would seem that bank deposits in England are fair game for everyone to know. But I very much doubt that is the case.

    • sonny dela cruz on

      Ok, but anyway that’s how IRS works in the United States. Those crook politicians think they are safe to deposit in the US banks, when there is an inquiry by any country for hidden wealth or laundering money. The US government thru court order will release the information of the hidden wealth to the concerned country.

  26. With the on-going scenario, BS Aquino will be the next President to be put in jail after Estrada and Arroyo. Numerous cases will be filed against him as a results of his actions. So, I won’t be surprised if he will be incarcerated. Good article…

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      Shall we continue electing personalities for president who are potential jail inmates? Shun off this stupidity. God bless the Philippines.

  27. Here we go again with someone using smoke & mirrors. I will start with corona. Whilst he was supreme court chief justice didnt he preside over a woman who worked in the public sector & failed to declare in her saln her small sari sari store. Did he give her chance to ammend it, no he came down with the full weight of the law & she was duismissed & can never work in public office again & lost all retirement benefits. Now shouldnt the chief justice be held to a higer standard than that woman. Lets just hold him for now to the same standard, she didnt declare a sari sari store, he didnt declare a bank account with P180,000,000 in it but in dollars. Now why was it in a dollar account. So no one would know he has it because he is protected by the bank secrecy law. Even when asked many many times how much he had in that account he was refusing to disclose it as he was hoping his lawyers could keep it secret.
    The man is a thief & a liar. How can he be claimed as a victim when what i stated is all the truth & where it seems you were trying to protect him.

    • It may be true that he should be held to a higher standard.
      But that doesn’t refute the fact that Noynoy/LP bribed the senators to convict him.

    • Justaskingseriously on

      Sooner or later, someone has to point this out to you: you got the amount from the ruthless and moral-less waving the report on tv; a report that added the debits and credits and whatever else transactions that started with a small dollar amount. The same way you got a blow-by-blow report from a british sports reporter on the fight of the century with the “fictitious” score. In either case, you have become an authority. Get your facts first hand before making any opinions. Then people might consider your considered opinions.

    • Yes, Higher officials should have credibility and should be made accountable to the people. This is just common sense, are you willing to have a thief to be Supreme Court Justice and worst yet to be the President of the Philippines? If your answer here is yes, then I don’t know what your moral is. Just feed the country to the dogs.

      So since the VP has been accused of these crimes and very glaring evidences have come up, it is just proper for him to answer these accusations and remove any doubt about his character. But for him going around and saying that this is all political harassment and not answer these accusations directly just shows that he is really guilty because no matter how many evidences are directed to you they will not held up if you are innocent. But since the VP decided to ignore these accusations and just hope that he will get elected as President in the coming elections, then it is just right that he be persecuted and prevented the worst crime of all of having a THIEF as a President.

  28. on

    Congrats for filing the cases against PNoy and all his cronies. Deluge him with mountains of cases after all he deserve it.

  29. Pnoy Aquino has lost support and respect nationally and internationally. Asean leaders extend political tolerance but harbor personal indifference. And when it comes to international negotiations, pnoy aquino couldn’t negotiate down a one way street. The Chinese must think Aquino is a comedy character from TV.

    When you can only use bribery and blackmail to get your way then you have plumbed the depths of moral turpitude.

    Pnoy Aquinos lack of values, decency, and gravitas makes him a political and social pariah in civilised circles. 3rd rate and 3rd class with low standards and poor ethics – not what you want in a leader.

    Aquino has shamed the country and can now only continue to peddle lies and propaganda to prop up his failed presidency, and throw dirty money at congress who otherwise would have abandoned him a long time ago.

    Independent analysts and experts nearly all agree that pnoy aquino was a bad choice for the country. Now only the anti-intellectuals, marketeers, and cult members cling on to their forlorn hopes and naivete, but can only whimper and whisper as their ‘hero’ implodes and their own loss of face has no hiding place

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the Government can shield the people from the political, economic and or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the Government to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the Government.”
    Joseph Goebbels

  30. Samuel Santos on

    For all they know, Malacanang and the LP may yet make a “martyr” (out) of Binay.

    • He will only be a martyr if he will be able to prove he is innocent of the crimes levelled against him. However continuing to ignore these accusations and not directly answering these charges will just put him in a deeper and deeper hole.

  31. Firestarter on

    Aquino and his cohorts will have a hard time in court after the of their regime….