• Your unfriendly ‘sports’ channel



    The football match between Luxembourg and The Netherlands for a ticket to the 2018 World Cup looked familiar as this corner thought that he had seen it before a week or so ago.

    I was watching late last week the game that was held in Amsterdam and it immediately gave itself away that it was a replay when I saw the referee for the clash, which eventually ended 5-0 in the home team’s favor.

    A local free TV channel has been showing the European Qualifiers maybe for about a month now and football fans in these parts must have been thankful that the station was “promoting” the beautiful game in the Philippines when actually it was not.

    Nowhere on the TV screen is a spoiler (well, I could live with this because going to the Dutch city would cost me six arms and six legs) that says the match is not being shown live.

    It destroys the mood when you are being served a recycled game, no matter how much you like, in my case, Luxembourg the overwhelming underdog, and to watch it being beaten 10-0 (5-0 in the live broadcast and 5-0 again in the replay) by much, much superior Dutchmen is way too much for football fans like me to take.

    Apparently further rubbing it in, the TV channel also showed the San Marino-Germany game twice already and I should know because I did watch it in its entirety despite knowing, based on my still limited knowledge of the world of futbol, that the Germans would massacre their opponents (they did, 7-0).

    But do you know when the actual game was held?

    June and the actual match and the replay were shown this month, July.

    What is this TV station taking football fans for?

    I can’t speak for the possibly thousands of others in this country but I personally take the game seriously.

    I’m not watching a game just to pass the time and I can’t and I don’t like to eat ginisang munggo during lunch and ginisang munggo again during supper.

    Evidently, this “sports” station is taking us for granted.

    My revenge is to warn people out there that in all likelihood, you would be watching replays and more replays if you turn your TV and get turned off by yet another Luxembourg-The Netherlands or San Marino-Germany replay and more replays.

    Better, go to YouTube.


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