• Zambales to tighten mining policy


    IBA, Zambales: The provincial government here will soon require mining companies to be ISO certified and OHSAS compliant before they are allowed to conduct mining activities, Zambales Governor Hermogenes Ebdane, Jr. said. The strict policy means mining firms should conform with ISO 14001, which sets a criteria for an Environmental Management System and maps out a framework which a company or organization can follow to minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment. OHSAS 18001, or the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems-Requirements, is an internationally applied British standard for occupational health and safety management systems that provide a framework that helps identify and control health and safety risks, and reduce the potential for accidents. The governor said this is the logical next step after the provincial government sought a moratorium on mining in November last year because of damage caused by mining operations in Santa Cruz town. Among the ills that Zambalenos blamed on mining were air pollution, destruction of roads, and the nickel siltation of rivers, farms, fishponds and coastal areas in communities near mining sites.


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    1. There’s nothing ISO compliant mining companies in the world. It’s only in the book. Look everywhere where there is mining operations and look deeply and honestly how devastated the place and livelihood of the people are. Mining is environmentally disastrous and worst to peoples’ health living close to the mining operations. It’s too late for the people of Zambales and for Mr. Ebdane to complain now neither to require the mining company to be ISO compliant. Devastation has been done. Only the Almighty God The Father can restore the place as well as give justice to people whose livelihood were destroyed too.