Zambo PNP nabs ASG man in Malaysia raid


ZAMBOANGA CITY: Police authorities here are interrogating an Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) bandit linked to the kidnappings of 21 mostly foreign holidaymakers in Malaysia’s posh island resort of Sipadan in 2000.

Police said Abdulmubin Kudalat Salahuddin, who is employed as a security guard, was arrested on July 13 in the village of Guiwan.

Chief Insp. Helen Galvez, regional police spokesman, said a fragmentation grenade was also seized from Salahuddin’s bag during his arrest. “Salahuddin is said to be involved in the Sipadan kidnapping incident and said to be supplying firearms and ammunition to the Jolo-based Abu Sayyaf group,” she said.

The Abu Sayyaf freed all Sipadan hostages after Malaysia and Libya paid as much as $25 million ransom to the bandits.

Galvez did not identify Salahuddin’s security agency, but said the suspect is assigned in one of the local shopping malls. It was unknown how Salahuddin managed to apply for work as a security guard or where he got the weapons he supplied to the Abu Sayyaf.

“He is employed as security guard by one of the security agencies operating in Zamboanga City and assigned in one of the malls in the city. The suspect and the recovered explosive are now under police custody,” she added.

Salahuddin is currently being interrogated, but details of the investigation were not immediately available.

Dozens of bandits have been arrested or captured by authorities in Zamboanga City the past years. The ASG has been held responsible for bombing civilian targets in Zamboanga.


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