Zambo streets turn dark


Lampposts broken, defective
ZAMBOANGA CITY: LOCAL residents are calling on the city government to immediately address the problem of unlighted streets in major parts of the city, making driving at night dangerous and turning pedestrians and commuters potential prey for criminals.

The concerned residents said they have already called the attention of Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar and Engineer Rene dela Cruz of city general services, whose office is tasked to maintain the street lights but their complaints reportedly remained unattended.

Virtually every village within 30 kilometers of the downtown area, including the main tho roughfares, have portions that are unlighted at night due to broken street poles while some have defective connections.

Residents claimed that Cruz used as alibi the theft of electrical wires. “We have been calling the attention of the city hall about the unlighted streets for the longest time but no action is being taken until now” one of the exasperated residents, Jeng Fernandez, said.

“Do they want a tragic incident to happen first before they act on our complaints?” he added.

“We already don’t feel safe to walk the streets during the day, what more at night when there is total darkness because streetlights are not working,” Fernandez stressed.

Councilman Percival Ramos has previously proposed to tap solar power for their streetlights to save cost. He also filed a resolution which was approved by the city council in May this year requesting the GSO through the Office of the City Mayor to study the possibility of converting all street lights, including traffic lights, from electric power to solar power.


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