• Zamboanga police face blank wall on man’s murder


    ZAMBOANGA CITY: A man was shot and killed in an attack in Zamboanga City in southern Philippines and police said both the victim and the assailant were still unidentified.

    Police said the victim was on a motorcycle when shot Tuesday near a motel at Canelar Moret Road. Investigators said they recovered seven bullet casings fired from a.45-caliber pistol from the area.

    Police said the man did not reach the hospital alive.

    “Initial investigation disclosed that the victim was on board his red Honda XRM motorcycle with license plate IE-9421 when shot by the gunman. Deep investigation is being conducted by the police office to determine the identity of the victim as well as of the suspect,” a police report said.

    Killings in Zamboanga City is rampant and police largely blamed the murders to hired killers. Al Jacinto


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