• Zamboangeños now believe PNoy is more talk


    A year after the Zamboanga siege took place, parts of the city remain devastated while tbousands still do not have jobs. They and their families continue to live in bunkhouses provided by the government days after the war as temporary shelter.

    September 9, 2013 saw the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) seizing several barangays of Zamboanga City trying to declare a Bangsamoro republic.

    The MNLF, under Nur Misuari was enraged because their group was not included in the Bangsamoro Peace Agreement.

    The fighting lasted 21 days between the rebels and government forces, and ended only after the MNLF ground commanders were either killed or captured.

    Thousands were displaced during the war and are still homeless and without work to this day.

    President Aquino immediately promised aid to the victims such as food, livelihood and permanent housing.

    Of the several assistance packages promised by PNoy to the Zamboangeños affected by the war last year, jobs and housing have yet to come.

    One elderly woman in Zamboanga, who was a victim of the war, impatiently puts it, “ayaw na namin ng tuwid na daan. Gusto naman namin ng totoong tirahan.”

    They blame PNoy for their current predicament saying the President surely is just full of talk.

    How many times have I told you that the President is just full of lip service???

    * * *

    Zamboanga siege a bigtime failure in intelligence

    Some 200 heavily armed men belonging to the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) took control of four barangays in Zamboanga City on September 9, 2013.

    A heavy firefight between the rebel group and the authorities ensued that lasted for 21days and claimed more than 200 lives and some P200 million worth of property went up in smoke.

    The MNLF fighters, under Nur Misuari, wanted to establish a Moro republic in Zamboanga after their group was not included in the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s (MILF) Bangsamoro Peace Agreement with the government that year.

    Misuari men’s suicide mission was not a top secret operation. They had been warning the public for days through the media of an impending war with the government.

    And on September 9 last year, the MNLF fighters seized Barangays Mariki, Rio Hondo, Santa Barbara and Santa Catalina and made the residents their human shields.

    But the question remains to this day as to how the MNLF fighters brought in their weapons, and their huge number landing in Zamboanga without being detected by the local police and the military?

    One could not help but wonder, isn’t the purpose of the intelligence fund to buy information crucial to the peace and order of this land?

    Is it really being used to buy intelligence information or does it just end up in the pockets of our officials these days?

    The intelligence network of the government surely failed in Zamboanga last year, yet no one was held accountable for that blunder.

    The war in Zamboaga City in 2013 could happen again, perhaps somewhere else, given the fact that we have a very lousy and poor intelligence network.

    What a shame!!!



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    1. NATO – no action talk only that was yesterday 2010. Today its no action, no talk pa!!! I have been sending this message to the office of the president website and no response and no action. This is the message to pinoy and his yellow hypocrites – “Mr. President when will you decide where the regional center for Region-9, Zamboanga Peninsula? Zamboanga City ba? as recommended by the Regional Development Council No. 9. ” Pinoy is like other public servants, monkey dont see, monkey dont hear, monkey don talk and a new bred monkey, monkey no post. Your yellow hypocrites are hurting you so badly – Is it disrespect? Pathetic? political manipulation?

    2. Emilio Marayag Jr on

      I think the Zambo incident was not a failure of intelligence. It was a sheer disregard of military strategy. Sun Tzu advanced many centuries ago that the “acme of generalship is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” When the mnlf requested safe conduct passes to leave Zambo the ground commanders- sec dnd and dilg- refused to listen. These two and their cinc decided to prolong the conflict thereby increasing battle casualties and the evacuees. The military commanders always aware of civilian supremacy and military outfit as a mere tool of political leadership just gave way lest they be relieved of their jobs. The resignation of Mgen Salazar, former NICA DG and army first infantry division based in Zambo sur and husband of incumbent Zambo mayor, was a manifestation of grave disappointment over those self made political ground commanders.
      I was assigned there in 2007-2008 and never was the intelligence community failed in providing timely information especially on imminent attack of Zambo given previous experiences.

    3. The poor Zambuangenos believed in mischievous PNoy so much that they did not lift a finger in rehabilitating their homes themselves. Many if not most of them believed to much in the promises and the slogan “tuwid na daan” which never happened after all. What is happening in Zamboanga only affirms how a big lie and anomaly PNoy is Awahi na ang pagbasul, Mr. Tulflo, Maayo sad nga motagam ang mga motuo dayon.

    4. Voltaire Inutile Gazmin should have retired a long time ago. As Defense Secretary he did not defend anything, not Zamboanga, the Spratlys nor anything at all.

      • Canuto tama ka, ang nangyari sa Zambo, dapat matagal ng
        sinipa si Gasmin na isa sa mga tolonges na alipores ni
        pnoy, puro hanggin at kabag lang ang laman ng utak
        at tiyan ng mag amo, kawawa ang bayan. Pero huwag kang
        magkamali hamunin sa inuman, at gusto niya yung kasing
        itim niya, double black on the rock. Ngayon ata medyo
        tumigil dahil sa diabetis. Sa Yolanda, imbis na tumulong
        ang mga alipores niya sa 1st day after the bagyo na busy
        paghanap ng Insulin para kay Gasmin, na nasobrahan ng
        inom pampawala daw ng kaba bago dumating yung bagyo.