• Zamora stamps class in Alabang tourney

    Terence Zamora FILE PHOTO

    Terence Zamora FILE PHOTO

    Philippine Swimming League (PSL) standout Sean Terence Zamora stamped his class in the boys’ 50-meter freestyle event in the Alabang swim meet held in Muntinlupa City.

    Zamora, 14, registered 26.56 seconds—the top finisher among 15-year-old participants. A much older Alnair Guevarra, a 17-year-old, submitted 25.54 while Skyler Claveria, also 17, had 25.87.

    “We are happy to see that PSL swimmers and Philippine Swimming Incorporated (PSI) swimmers compete in one venue. The FINA unathorized rule has no leg to stand on which has been abused by the PSI, will he now suspend all the PSI swimmers?,” said former Senator Nikki Coseteng.

    PSL President Susan Papa also expressed elation on the development saying “the reality of having swimming democratized has finally been achieved. Eyes has been opened, you see swimming competitions left and right where POC-NSA in swimming and FESSAP-NSA in swimming competes without worrying getting suspended, without worrying of not paying membership and able to participate in a swim-ming competition.”

    According to Papa, PSL authored democratization more than four years ago with the help of the former lawmaker who insisted filing cases against corrupt officials.

    “Since the filing of case in court against the PASA or PSI chief for Child Abuse, he stopped bullying swimmers applying the famous unauthorized relation rule in local competitions. It is now much easier for our PSL swimmers to compete without us raising money for our competition. Our four years of sustaining competitions for our swimmers ends finally,” she stressed.

    Papa said she will continue the grassroots development program of the association to discover more talents especially those in the rural areas.

    “Now we can concentrate in other things where we can develop our swimmers more. God really works in a mysterious way. The better way we can promote swimming all over the country. All swimmers are students, therefore our very own swimmers can compete, too. What a change you see non—members of PSI competing against PSI members,” added Papa.


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