• Zenyu Eco Spa introduces first negative ion-infused hot bed for city dwellers

    The Zenyu Eco Spa is one of the seven locations in Asia to have the Ecoparadise hotbed

    The Zenyu Eco Spa is one of the seven locations in Asia to have the Ecoparadise hotbed

    In the coming years, Filipinos will continue to see. the rise of wellness and beauty centers around the country with completely new concepts.

    Dr. Eric Tan, spa manager of Hotel H2O’s Zenyu Eco Spa, confidently predicted this to The Manila Times when he invited media representatives to experience his new spa offerings, as part of the hotel’s fourth anniversary celebration this month.

    A medical graduate who never practiced the profession but instead pursued his goals in living healthy, Dr. Tan explained that the local wellness industry is “more passionate” today than ever.

    “Now, people [from the industry]are more focused. They know what they want. If they have an idea [for a treatment or service], they even go abroad to study,” said Dr. Tan of spa practitioners today.

    Considered an expert in the wellness and beauty industry, Dr. Tan pioneered the medi-spa home service concept in the country, before managing Zenyu at Hotel H2O in 2010. The medi-spa incorporated his medical background with massage services for pregnant and lactating mothers in the comfort of their own homes, as well as individuals with chronic muscle pains.

    Asked why the demand for spas continues to grow, he credited the Internet and the access it gives everyone. He explained, “Because of the social media, Filipinos are becoming more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, since they are able to read about it and research online.”

    Dr. Tan added that there are so many more concepts, which have already succeeded in other countries that Filipinos have yet to see in the spa industry.

    “In fact in other countries, there are already phototherapies in spas; others use just music to treat people,” he shared. “Another hit nowadays is the juice cleanse. Can you imagine restaurants opening just to offer this?”

    The Zenyu hotbeds

    With Filipinos demanding new concepts in wellness and beauty, Dr. Tan proudly unveiled a one-of-a-kind spa treatment that can only be found at Zenyu Eco Spa. This is the negative ion-infused hotbed.

    According to the doctor, the negative ion-infused hotbed technology comes from a Japanese company called Ecoparadise, and is now only found in seven countries across Asia, including Singapore, China and Malaysia.

    “We all know that the Japanese are very conscious about their health. According to a study they did, those who live for over 100 years are those who live in the forests. There, air molecules are abundant with negative ions, unlike in cities where air pollution produces more positive ions and diminishes negative ones,” Dr. Tan explained.

    Positive ions are said to weaken the immune system, allowing bacteria and viruses to easily infect people. More of these air molecules also mean more free radicals, the major causes of degenerative diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cancer.

    On the other hand, negative ions stabilize the effects of free radicals and positive ions.

    Also, more health benefits from negative ions have been discovered by international scientific studies from Britain, Moscow and Russia including reducing stress, improving psychological states, and producing of anti-oxidants. (www.nutritionreview.org)
    Recognizing its good effects to humans, Ecoparadise Japan developed a deoxidizing solution that promotes production of negative ions.

    “Ecoparadise has brought nature to city dwellers and infused negative ions to industrial products like plastics, paint, bricks and tiles, as well as lifestyle products like soaps, socks and mattresses. Of course, there is the recent addition of the hotbed technology,” Dr. Tan said.

    The Ecoparadise hotbeds are similar to saunas where one must lie inside a hot, bare room.

    But besides the temperature of up to 40 degrees Celsius, the wall and floor tiles of the room are infused with negative ions.

    During the treatment, the negative ions will be absorbed by the skin through direct contact with hotbed tiles, and via breathing since these are also emitted in the air. A very good source of anti-oxidants, negative ions can also improve blood circulation, water retention, metabolism, as well as detoxify the body and reduce stress.

    For only P400, Hotel H2O guests and non-guests can experience the hotbed service for 30 minutes, either as a standalone service, or for a little indulgence, as a pre- or post-service with other spa treatments.

    Affordability is also what makes Zenyu competitive in spa industry, claimed Dr. Tan. “We are not a Shangri-La type of spa that’s very luxurious. We are a family spa that is casual and affordable because of the fact that we are on top of the Manila Ocean Park. But rest assured, our therapists have the knowledge and understanding in what they do. These are the things that set us apart,” he stressed.

    Besides the hotbed, Zenyu offers a complete line of spa massages, as well as dermatological services. It also features a fish spa, and sells Ecoparadise products including plastic bags, bottles, containers and pails, as well as soaps, socks and kneepads.

    “Zenyu offers complete healing, and gives us an escape from the city,” Dr. Tan concluded.


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