Zika Virus Advisory


A of October 2016, 19 cases of Zika Virus infections have been reported in the Philippines. The mosquito-borne disease has already travelled so far since the first case was spotted last year in Brazil; there are now 60 coun­ tries that have reported numbers reaching as high as 400 patients, as in the case of Singapore. In the Philippines, the confirmed cases came from 4 regions: NCR, Calabarzon, Western Visayas, and Central Visayas.

The Department of Health re­ cently released an advisory that gives key facts about the disease, along with tips towards its preven­ tion. According to the advisory, a Zika virus infection is caused by a flavivirus, and occurs in tropical countries with a large mosquito population. ll is transmitted Lo humans through the bile of mos­ quitoes from the Aedes genus, the same species that transmits Den­ gue and Chikungunya. The disease can also be transmitted through unprotected sexual contact with a carrier, and the virus has been detected in blood, urine, amni­ otic fluid, semen, saliva, as well as body fluids found in the brain and spinal cord.

Signs and symptoms of Zika virus include fever, conjunctivitis, and skin rash, similar to that of the other mosquito-borne diseases. Other symptoms include head­ ache, muscle pain, joint pain, pain behind the eyes, and vomiting.

The illness is usually self­ limiting with symptoms lasting for 2 to 7 days but complica­ tions may set in, such as the sudden weakening of muscles due to the Guillain-Barre Syn­ drome. Special concern is given to pregnant women who be­ come infected as Zika virus may cause neonatal malformation, particularly microcephaly where an infant’s head is smaller com­ pared to other babies of the same age and gender.

Healthway Medical continues to promote preventive healthcare and encourage everyone to observe prevention and control measures to prevent the spread of Zika virus through searching and destroying possible mosquito breeding sites such as drums and pails, flower vases, gutters, cans, jars and bollles. Self-protection measures, such as wearing long-sleeved clothing and long pants, using insect repel­ lents on the skin, using mosquito nets when sleeping, and door and window screens, are encouraged. Fogging in communities and proper solid waste management may also help prevent breeding of mosquitoes.

Consult the doctor immediately if fever persists. Visit any Health­ way Medical clinics. This informa­ tion campaign on Zika virus is part of Healthway Medical’s advocacy of providing quality healthcare and wellness to the public.

For inquiries, call Customer Care Hotline {02} 751 4929 or visil the Heallhway Medical website at www.heallhway.com.ph

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