• ‘Zippin’ into New Year

    Carla Bianca V. Ravanes

    Carla Bianca V. Ravanes

    THE thing I love the most about the New Year is the fact that it’s a chance to start over. No matter how bad or good the year was, everything feels like a do-over the moment the clock strikes 12.

    This joyous feeling of being able to recreate yourself brings about that emotion of hope making you think that truly anything is possible. This is the reason for the one million and one “new year, new me” posts and the never ending “things I want to achieve in 2015.”

    As we enter into the New Year, one of the many goals of people from all walks of life is to finally have their own home. Whether to acquire their first ever property or for the purposes of investment, the prospect of having a new home is always exciting.

    For the gifted few, this can be an easy goal to achieve, but for the rest of us, owning our own homes seems like an impossible dream that we may never see come to pass.

    This is where ZipMatch comes in. An online website, it is the brainchild of young and passionate entrepreneurs Chow Paredes and John Dang. And its essence is simple: to empower home ownership. John, Chow, and their young and engaging team are on a mission to reinvent the real estate industry and make home ownership more than just a dream for Filipinos but a real life possibility.

    For the non-tech savvy such as myself understanding what ZipMatch is quite simple.

    It’s basically a website where you can get all the information you will ever need about real estate in the Philippines. Besides this, you also learn about the real estate terms, trends, and the like.

    It’s more than just a website listing the places you can rent or buy from, but a community of people who not only helps you find a home, they also want you to secure it.

    Moreover, ZipMatch has created a community where would be homeowners have the opportunity to connect with licensed real estate brokers and see all the possibilities offered. It’s so accurate that you even get a chance to see what your future neighborhood would look like through their virtual tours. This particular feature favors those living abroad and would like to invest in local property.

    But what truly sets it apart is its ability to create an experience that’s customized just for you at a faster paced than what we’re used to. Imagine owning the property you’ve always wanted minus the hassle.

    ZipMatch’s main communications girl Carissa Hiquiana says, “We customize everything for them and we make the process a lot faster for them, we want them to have results immediately instead of them just sitting, waiting, and hoping for something to happen. We want to quicken the process for them and also create solutions for problems often involved with real estate transactions.”

    In the two years since it started, ZipMatch has made real estate dreams come true by catering to both the brokers and the buyers.

    Also, Start-ups like ZipMatch are the ones truly changing the game and the landscape of the country. It is truly the risk takers that make a difference that positively affect the lives of Filipinos everywhere. And with that, it looks like more and more Filipinos will be achieving their dreams.

    And to end, I would like to send a belated birthday shout out to the man who always makes sure that my dreams, goals and wishes come true: my dad. I dedicate this column and everything I do to you, you’re my life, dad! God’s best is yet to come.

    * * *

    To know more about ZipMatch, visit www.zipmatch.com.


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