Zsa Zsa Padilla on learning to drive in her 50s and staying young


There are some who believe that once a person hits the age of 50, he or she should begin slowing down for health reasons. This mindset, however hinders them from doing a great many things–and even “firsts”—that those in their age bracket should be doing, like exploring a new country or learning a new skill or sport. The 50s after all aren’t called the “golden years” for nothing.

At 53, life remains full of energy and adventure for the OPM star

In fact, those who find themselves thriving in the fifth decade of their lives believe that the “Yolo” [You Only Live Once] concept should not be exclusive to millennials. They are parents to millennials, yes, but their adventurous spirit is ever present–and even better, coupled with wisdom to prevent them from making any youthful mistakes.

One such celebrity parent is singer-actress Zsa Zsa Padilla, who at her launch as endorser of a nutritional powdered supplement drink called Nestle Boost, showed how much she and millennial daughters Zia and Coco Quizon have so much in common.

[Zia is her only biological child with long time partner, the late Comedy King Dolphy, while the couple adopted Coco early on].

When asked about a surprising “first” she saw her mother accomplish, Coo related, “I remember when my mom and I tried to learn how to drive together a few years ago. We pretty much quit soon after because we were hitting every curb but she didn’t give up.”

Confessing she never learned to drive at her age, Padilla reasoned out, “I was usually so scared of driving because there are so many different things to worry about.”

Eventually, because she was eager to accomplish more and more things on her bucket list, Padilla finally hit a milestone–her long-time dream of driving a car had been accomplished

“One day, I surprised Coco by picking her up for dinner. She couldn’t believe that I continued to study driving,” Padilla laughed.

“I still don’t drive nor have a license, so good job for her!” Quizon chuckled

Known as the Divine Diva,” Padilla indeed shows no signs of slowing down at the age of 53. Besides her regular appearances on the ABS-CBN Sunday variety show “ASAP,” her acting career continues to blossom too. Just this May, she starred alongside Liza Soberano for “Maalaala Mo Kaya’” episode on Pia Wurtzbach’s life story, and she is currently shooting for the film “Bes And The Beshies” headlined by Comedy Queen Ai Ai delas Alas.

“Sometimes when they ask if I do I feel my age, I say, ‘Yes, I do feel 53.’ But that’s a 53-year-old who works out so I have all the energy I can get. I am also working so I am still having fun,” Padilla said in a quick chat with The Manila Times.

“But what really keeps me young is being in social media because there, I am in touch with a more younger fan base and I also learn many things about young people,” she added.

Padilla holds the distinction of being the first Filipino to have had her own domain (zsazsapadilla.com) just when the Internet was making a foothold in the country in 1994.

“So that’s another first,” she smiled as she said she promised herself many more first to come as she continues to age with beauty, grace and energy.


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