• Zubiri wants karate included in Palaro


    Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri has expressed his commitment to pursue the inclusion of karate in the 2018 edition of Palarong Pambansa or National Games.

    Zubiri was sworn in as chairman emeritus of the Philippine Karatedo Federation (PKF) on Saturday during the 1st Zubiri Cup Karatedo Championships at the Fisher Mall in Quezon City.

    Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri (left) was sworn in as the Philippine Karatedo Federation chairman emeritus on Saturday during the 1st Zubiri Karate Cup at the Fisher Mall in Quezon City. PHOTO BY JEAN RUSSEL V. DAVID

    “I would like to make my commitment that we will work very hard that in the next Palarong Pambansa, sport karate will be played,” said the 49-year old lawmaker.

    Zubiri was sworn in by PKF president Joey Romasanta and was handed a blackbelt diploma with an honorary rank of godan (5th degree).

    Zubiri said he would coordinate with the Department of Education (DepEd) and Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) to accomplish his objective.

    Part of Zubiri’s plan during his term is to give Filipino athletes more international exposure in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

    “The only way to get the elusive gold is more exposure abroad and developing world class fighters,” he ended.

    Zubiri is an expert in arnis, which is the Philippines’ national martial art and sport.


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