• How Zumba changed Regine Tolentino’s attitude toward dancing and fitness


    Actress and fitness specialist Regine Tolentino has been very visible on the GMA Network morning show Unang Hirit as segment host and as a dancing diva of showbiz for many years. But these days, she is often seen at different sports complexes, gyms, corporate events, and even barangay villages, where she holds Zumba sessions as a certified instructor of five years.

    Now tagged the “Zumba Queen of the Philippines,” the former That’s Entertainment member generously shared how the dance-based workout changed her attitude towards fitness.

    “I’ve been a licensed instructor for almost five years now and I’ve been in love with Zumba for the past eight years. I was just a student first.

    “I was inspired to try it out by all the good vibes and the good stuff I’ve heard about it from others. And also because I know the positive results of dancing, and being fit. Your metabolism and stamina improves, but you also feel like a different person when you’re on the floor because you’re just sweating it away and making new friends.”

    The feeling of just letting it go and having fun with those around her are what drew Tolentino all the more to Zumba.

    “You feel like a diva when you’re dancing because you’re letting out who you are,” she reiterated.

    “It is something that changed my life because before, I would just dance to stay fit and be in shape, but now I do it first of all to have fun, and to keep myself strong and motivated and inspired,” the celebrity averred.

    Tolentino swears there is no competition going on when among celebrities are into Zumba. In fact, she is happy the number of licensed instructors and fans of the workout are growing, among them Joshua and Jason Zamora, Saicy Aguila, Sheryl Cruz, Gem Ramos, Joy Cancio, Mel Feliciano, Kramer and Joseph of Streetboys, and Lyn Tamayo.

    “I think there are many Zumba queens in the Philippines. It’s because when you dance, you really feel like a queen. I am humbled by that title, however, and I share that crown with everybody who dances with me. You know, Zumba sets you free; it’s an expression of who you are. Now because of it, I get to travel all around the world to Paris, New York, Japan, and Dubai and get to meet with all the Filipinos there,” she said.

    “All I want is to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle to everyone who would like to try Zumba.”

    To further her advocacy, Tolentino will hold a dance concert today with the support of pain medication Flanax.

    “In celebration of their 35th year, we initiated a two-hour high energy dance fitness party we call ‘Subok Ko Na Yan’ to be attended by over 1,500 participants at the PICC Forum 2 and 3 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. I will be also joined by Richard Yap who will be performing for the attendees,” Tolentino said.

    Moreover, international dance group UPeepz, Madelle Paltu-ob—a world-class performer and Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) —and dozens of other instructors from all over the country will join the event.

    “We also look forward to the special participation of the different groups from different barangay [villages], and our friends from the BFP, PNP, MMDA, AFP, and NBI,” she added.

    The former ‘That’s Entertainment’ star is now tagged as ’Zumba Queen of the Philippines’

    Moving on
    Meanwhile, Tolentino was unable to avoid talking about her confirmed split up with husband Lander Vera Perez.

    The 35-year-old actress and entrepreneur announced in 2016 that she had cut ties with Perez after 18 years of marriage.

    She described the separation as a challenge, especially because they have two daughters. But according to Tolentino, these days, her daughters are the very ones who tell her to go out and have fun.

    “My kids are super open with me. They always tell me to go out and hang with friends. But right now I’m just quite busy doing a lot of things with the business, my boutique, and the artist studio. Of course I’m also busy touring for Zumba,” she shared.

    This summer Tolentino is looking forward to taking her daughters to Boracay where she will also hold Zumba sessions.

    Asked if she will also bring a special someone to the world-famous beach, she laughed and replied, “I’ll be there in Boracay with the kids. And because there’s a lot of things happening for me this year, it’ll probably be when I get everything done, and I’ll be more free to move around, explore and start over.”

    Indeed, Tolentino has her plate full nowadays with Unang Hirit on GMA Network, Go Get Fit on Viva Channel, and Organique TV.

    “I also have an upcoming dance album that’s why I’m happy to say that I am busy with work and career so that keeps me preoccupied. I don’t have any distractions right now which is OK. This is the first time to I’ll really be able to focus on my career, enjoy it more and have fun.”


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