• Zygotes and Zombies


    This is one of the problems of laws in the Philippines, lawmakers making many laws but ignore those laws as the people running the show see it fitting or advantageous to them. Many of these laws even contradict or overlap each other. Why make laws when they are not followed?


    Mr. Tiglao’s frontpage Sunday columns attack people who believe in religions and the sanctity of human life. The Manila Times has become a campaigner for the anti-religion and anti-life position.

    Mr. Tiglao is wrong in insisting that the debate between pro-RH Act and those who want it repealed is about when human life–or conception–begins. It is about contraception. Preventing births even with medicines and materials that ruin women’s and human fetuses health.

    The issue is whether the Philippines should have a population control law, which is what the RH Act is. And whether the Filipinos should imitate the United States, the countries of Europe, Japan, Singapore and Korea which are now facing a serious problem because they do not have enough young people.

    The issue is whether the Filipinos should reject Natural Law.

    Phyllis Quinn


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