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WCG Feature (Part 2) WCG Team Philippines Player Profiles


Last week we featured four members of the Philippine team that will represent the country in the 2004 World Cyber Games in San Francisco USA.

This week get to know more about the five-man team of PTT INX who will try to frag their way to the finals.

Perhaps the most popular game of the competition, all eyes will be focused on the performance of our Counterstrike team after showing great promise during the national finals.

Two of the PT&T-sponsored Counter-Strike team iNx members, Arvin Agbisit and Gary Guevarras, can already be considered veterans to the competition and are already familiar with the style of their opponents. They believe all the teams from other countries will be tough but can be beaten just the same.

Agbisit says that while they can easily match and even surpass the other international teams in terms of firepower and skill they will need to work on teamwork to further their chances of winning. Agbisit and Guevarras agree and admit that teamwork is one important game plan that Team Captain Kris Romillo continues to work hard on.

Counter-strike: Condition Zero

Kris Romillo

Alias: “KretsiM”

Birth date: December 8, 1986

Role: Sniper, team leader

Favorite weapon: Accuracy International AWP sniper rifle

Win/Loss record (Preliminaries finals): 4-1

As team leader, Kris Romillo has the responsibility of calling out plans of action during games. His additional role as a sniper lets him watch the proceedings from a distance, issue orders, then step in and join the fight when he needs to. Thinking about what orders to give distracts him a little, but his fast reactions and great accuracy keep him alive.

Arvin Agbisit

Alias: “Nivra”

Birth date: February 22, 1987

Role: Assault

Favorite weapon: AK-47 assault rifle

Win/Loss record (Preliminaries finals): 4-1

Even though he’s still in high school, Arvin Agbisit is no stranger to large-scale competitions like the World Cyber Games. Arvin was a member of last year’s official WCG Counter-strike team, the Devilz. He struck out on his own and joined PT&T-iNx last May. His skills and experience in the international arena is sure to prove valuable to this team of WCG rookies.

Gary Guevarras

Alias: “Gary X”

Birth date: April 13, 1982

Role: Assault

Favorite weapon: AK-47 assault rifle

Win/Loss record (Preliminaries finals): 4-1

This first-year Computer Technology student joined the PT&T-iNx team February this year, and has shown his worth by performing in assault roles. Being in an assault role means storming rooms and corridors and closing in to short— medium ranges to attack the enemy with automatic weapons. Gary’s weapon of choice is the AK-47, known for it’s fast rate of fire and high-damage bullets.

Mark Irosa

Alias: “KraM”

Birth date: March 4, 1984

Role: Sniper

Favorite weapon: Accuracy International AWP sniper rifle

Win/Loss record (Preliminaries finals): 4-1

“Reach out and touch someone” is the motto of this sniper, who uses long-rifles to take down enemies from afar. Mark’s favorite sniper rifle is the AWP. The AWP is a Counter-strike favorite because of its extreme power and long range. One hit from this rifle can kill instantly, and Mark uses it to great effect. With it he covers his teammates as they move forward and ambushes enemies as they charge.

Paolo Nancho

Alias: “Purgski”

Birth date: March 24, 1987

Role: Assault

Favorite weapon: Colt M4A1 Carbine

Win/Loss record (Preliminaries finals): 4-1

With his Colt M4A1 Carbine, Paolo Nancho is a versatile member of the WCG Philippine Counter-strike team. Paolo performs in an assault role, but his skill with the M4 Carbine and the weapon’s accuracy at long ranges allow him to assist the snipers. He also likes ambushing and surprising the enemy by using the M4’s silencer. By the time they know he’s there, they’re already down for the count.

The PT&T-iNX team is managed by Jan “Johnny Blaze” Nadal who visits the Counter-strike team once a week and pays for their online gaming rentals. Blaze also acts as their coach preparing their practice schedule and providing them with moral support.

Tournament groupings

The official groupings have been conducted on September 29 at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel in San Francisco and our Counter strike team will have their hands full as they will be facing Japan’s 4dimension and Singapore (gbr) Grudge3 in Group K.

There are 16 groups in Counter-strike and only the 1 team will advance from each group to play in the top 16-single tournament.

NFS has 8 groups and the top 2 players from each group will advance to the top 16 single tournament rounds. Our bet Israel Magante is in Group D and will be racing against Germany’s Bastian Riebold, USA’s Kamran Siddiqui and Jose Torres of Mexico.

For StarCraft: Brood War StarCraft there are 16 groups. The top 2 players from each group will advance to the top 32 single tournament rounds. Marvel Mendoza is in Group A and will be facing George Prado (Chile), Mauro Alberto Castañeda (Guatemala) and Germany’s Fredrik Keitel. His brother Marko on the other hand is in Group P together with Christoph Semke (Germany) Fredrik Nelson (Sweden) Alexandre Hulak (Canada) and Jose Maria Manzanares (Spain).

And finally, only two players from the 16 groups in WarCraft: Frozen Throne will advance to the top 32 single tournament rounds. Our own John Cruz has been grouped with Damiano Di Vincenzo (Luxembourg), Chanin Tingruttanasuwan (Thailand) Kerem Pulat (Turkey) Daniel Gozalvez Serrano (Spain) and Martin Kadinov from Bulgaria.



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