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BSA pilot tests online antipiracy campaign


THE Business Software Alliance will start a campaign against Internet piracy in the Philippines and eventually roll out the program in other countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the BSA said in a statement.

The software watchdog however admitted that the campaign will be “difficult.”

“Software piracy has gone online. While software piracy on the Internet is difficult to determine, we want to raise awareness amongst computer users on the dangers that Internet piracy brings. We are proud to start this program in the Philippines and eventually roll out this campaign to other countries in the region,” said Tarun Sawney, BSA Asia director.

Piracy on the Internet occurs when a copyrighted work is distributed or downloaded illegally on the web.  Piracy over the Internet is perceived to be easier since users need only to download files and software programs that might have been reproduced without the consent of copyright owners.

Dubbed “Right Click,” the BSA campaign will also involved Philippine-based Inter-net service providers, online auction company Bidshot.com, and Chikka.com, a provider of mobile messaging services.

The BSA said it will work with member ISPs of the Philippine Internet Service Organization (PISO), in providing “a positive approach to using the Internet safely while teaching the importance of respect for digital copyrighted works.”

The Right Click campaign is not only targeted at adult computer users but also aims to tap the youth to be good cyber citizens, the BSA said.

According to Sawney, there is a critical need to educate children and young adults on proper web behavior, as they are more likely to download software and other digital files.  He said that even at an early age, the younger generation should be influenced in a positive manner by adults on the issue of respect for copyrighted works.

The BSA will also be producing an Internet piracy fact sheet which contains relevant information on how to become responsible Internet users. The fact sheet will contain such data as types of Internet piracy and tips for safe online shopping.

An earlier BSA Global Software Piracy Study said the software piracy rate in the Philippines currently stands at 72 percent with losses to the industry amounting to more than P3 billion.

BSA members include Ado-be, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Bentley Systems, Borland, Cisco Systems, CNC Soft-ware/Mastercam, Dell, En-trust, HP, IBM, Intel, Internet Security Systems, Intuit, Macromedia, McAfee Inc., Microsoft, RSA Security, SolidWorks, Sybase, Syman-tec, UGS Corp. and VERITAS Software.
–Joel D. Pinaroc


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