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Pestering peeves and pesky things


While mulling over what to write for this week, I realized that this column more often than not talks about pleasant and nice things. And so I thought that maybe I can write something different for a change just this once. (My husband warns me that readers may find this piece a bit nasty though. Oh well, I sure hope not!) Just this time, I’d like to write about simple, everyday things that annoy me, and probably you too. Here’s my complement to the A-List of favorite things I wrote in a previous column, the Z-List (as in Zany List) of Pestering Peeves and Pesky Things.

• Price tags that are double-taped on pens, paper, and worse on books you buy.  This is something that happens too often to me—while peeling the price tag off a book I bought as a gift, I end up wrecking the part of the cover where the price tag is attached;

• A newly-published book title that does not have a summary written on the back cover or flap;

• Cashiers at grocery stores who insist on checking a dozen pieces of the same item one at a time through the bar code reader that it takes you an hour to check-out your groceries;

• Women in mall restrooms who mindlessly stand in front of the sink, brushing their hair or putting on make-up, when they can obviously tell you want to use the faucet to wash your hands;

• Finding out there’s no soap nor toilet paper in mall restrooms;

• People cutting in line when paying at the cashier or while waiting in mall restrooms;

• Salespersons busy gossiping and who don’t even bother to look at you when you enter a store;

• Sales ladies who straighten hangers before you even turn your back from the clothes rack display;

• Department stores that don’t have gift-wrapping services or when they do, assign inexperienced attendants who don’t even know how to wrap gifts properly and take eons to finish wrapping one gift;

• Coffee shop attendants who haughtily eye casually-dressed customers;

• Pasta sauce stains on white shirts;

• People talking aloud on their mobile phones in restaurants, as if to let other people know their business is utterly important. And people who refuse to put their mobile phones on silent mode at concerts, conferences and meetings  (Can you believe that this even happened to us once at a Madrigal Concert at the CCP?);

• Singers who claim to be ‘divas’ who wear the most absurd, revealing gowns on TV when their singing wouldn’t really improve because of their outfits anyhow.  (Although, I suppose I would wear those outfits too if I spent millions keeping a 36-24-36 figure, ha!)

• Celebrities who squabble about the most mundane and inane matters (including breast enlargements and liposuction) on national TV;

• Someone kicking your backrest and jerking their knees in their seat at the movies;

• Internet pop-ups that won’t go away while you’re surfing;

• Call center agents who call you at the oddest hours and even on your mobile phone to sell you a promo or insist they’re only doing a travel survey;

• Broken zippers on clothes when you’ve already left the house;

• And last, bloated egos and people who insist on asking how much your new handbag or blouse is! Oh well, how dull life might be though without these little peeves!

(If you’d like to share your thoughts, e-mail Just That at aliceorosa @yahoo.com.)

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