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Cardio – the way to beauty


I never thought I’d ever promote exercise in this column because I hate it. Even if I know it’s good for me. Just the thought of sticking in any form of physical activity in my usually hectic week tires me to my bones. So to stretch, I get a weekly massage and ask the beautifully burly therapist to pull at my limbs with all her might, and cleverly equate it to exercise.

But last weekend, I had no choice but to engage in a lot of stretching, running, and (ugh!) sweating. It was the annual Manila Times Badminton Tournament and I was drafted for the doubles. For two days, I woke up extra early to be with the lovely Times employees, not because I wanted the exercise, but because we always have the best of fun when we hang out. I wasn’t going to miss out on that, of course.

And, miracle of miracles, my partner and I (Dennis Mallari of the Photo Section) placed third! My muscles ached to no end, but suddenly, the sweet taste of victory got me rambling to everyone that “The Champ” (me) would be playing with them regularly. I’m still working out if I really meant it, but of course, there’s no turning back now. I’ve allowed the (office-wide) fame get to me, and I have to live up to my third place tilt.

Fortunately, I found myself some encouragement via Nike Women’s new Holiday campaign for 2004, which says, “Powerful beauty comes from cardio exercise.” The word “beauty” alone would have had me back at the courts already, but “powerful beauty?” I felt like taking on the Olympics!

According to Rely San Agustin, the brand’s marketing communications executive, studies show that women who do cardio exercises regularly glow just wonderfully. “There’s a certain radiance in her—a very physical, truly visceral aura that radiates from her. Running, boxing, stretching, climbing, dancing are just some of the activities that fuel a woman’s aura.”

Thus, their campaign has been dubbed, “Fuel Your Aura,” which supports Nike’s new apparel, footwear and equipment collection. Apparently, the entire range has been designed to help women move better and feel better during exercise.

Let’s have a look what I can wear to my next championship:

Apparel. The bold-colored sportswear range (with shades like “Volt” and “Majesty”) is specifically engineered for high impact cardio movements with improved support system and ventilation.

Footwear. Three new pairs specifically created for different cardio exercises—Air Max Treadmill Plus for treadmill running, of course; Air Max Brilliance for outdoor running; and Air Spin Gym for spinning classes.

Equipment. This is a range of stylish and functional gym bags, watches and other gym stuff to suit our exercise needs.

I really am happy that I’ve decided to take on regular exercise. Honestly! I mean, it’ll give me a good reason to go shopping, and an opportunity to put on a fashion showcase on the courts every week . . .

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