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When the left-right axis shakes

In a golf swing, there are two kinds of axes, which are important. The first one is the left-right balance axis, and the second one is upper-lower balance axis. In golf, it would bring a good result when you swing making use of minimum movement of that two balance axes in any situation. In picture 2, the waist moves more to the right and is not turned according to the swing’s orbit, which results in a poor swing.

Mostly, the situation happens a lot in golfers who are weak in the lower part of the body. When you address, hold the lower part of your body tight. And start the take-back by making sure the sole of your foot is fixed on the ground. This will be a great help for a good swing.

Mr. Lee is the project director of The Manila Times Golf Academy opening in June 2005. To book lessons with Mr. Lee, please email sports@manilatimes.net.

By Lee Choong Ho


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