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Nba Live 2005: Slam Dunk 101


Before I teach you how to execute the dunks worthy of Kenny Smith’s commentary, let me first tell you about the upcoming Ragnarok tournament in Dumaguete City.

Ragnarok tournament in Dumaguete:

Level Up Inc., the company behind the success of Ragnarok Online game, will hold its first-ever Ragnarok gamers tournament at Mighty Joe Video Game and Internet Center, Libertad Street in Dumaguete City on Tuesday October 26, 2004, at 4 p.m. Dubbed the “Ragnarok Gamers Meet” all Ragnarok gamers will have a grand assembly on this day activities include a Trivia Quest, and an Awarding ceremony for the Top Ten Ragnarok Players. Aside from the competition, Level Up will also be conducting an IT Presentation for all Internet cafes in the area.

However, the space is limited so players are encouraged to get their tickets for reservations to witness the said event. Surprises await all guests and participants.

Thanks to Don Mark Raymond E. Co, Marketing Officer, Mighty Joe for sending me that info. Goodluck guys! RoK on! For more information you could go to Mighty Joe Video Game and Internet Center Libertad Street, Dumaguete City or call (035) 422-1280.

So you’ve finally gotten hold of your own copy of NBA Live 2005 (hopefully from Stanleys!) played some decent hoops and with any luck scored some wins along the way but still you’ve managed to suck big time on the game’s newest (and probably best ) addition—the All-Star Slam Dunk contest.

The best way to get the timing right and master the art of dunking, is to keep working on your skills at the Slam Dunk School- Advanced Practice. And when you get the hang of it you can try to test your abilities at the Slamdunk Showdown challenge mode and see how high your dunks rate (just don’t expect to win yet).

If your player consistently does half-jumps, then you probably need to press the dunk button sooner or start the whole process sooner. Like the tutorial says the most effective start is from just inside the 3-point line.


Move Your Player- Left Analog Stick

One Footed Gather- Square

One Footed 180 Degree Gather- Triangle

Two Foot Gather- Circle

Two Foot 180 Degree Gather- X

Use A Dunk Modifier- L1 Or R1 (In Mid-Air)

Tomahawk Finish- Square

Pump Finish- Circle

Windmill Finish- Triangle

Clutch Finish- X

Ball Toss (For an Alley-Oop To Yourself) Right Analog Stick

Rotate Your Player (Only to Be Used When You Do A 180 Gather)- Left Analog Stick

Here’s how to execute some of the classic dunks:

Michael Jordan’s Rock The Cradle Baby dunk: When running up to the net, hold R1 then press Square as your gather, and then press Square again.

MJ Dunk: Press Square to lift off, then hold Circle.

Vince Carter’s Arm In the Rim Slam: Note: Hold L1 and move toward the basket with Square and tap Triangle. For an automatic 50 do this with a lob pass (flick right analog right).

Clyde Drexler’s Under the Rim Windmill: From the 3-point corner, hold L1 + R1 move towards the ring with Triangle and tap Triangle again.

Dee Brown’s Cover Eyes Slam: Hold L1 + R1 and move toward the basket with Circle. Then, tap Square.

One Hand Tomahawk: Hold L1 move toward the basket press Circle then tap X.

Dominique’s One Hand Windmill: Hold R1 move towards the basket with Circle and then tap Triangle.

Dominique’s Two Hand Windmill: Hold L1 move towards the basket with Circle then tap Triangle.

Dominique’s Two Hand Reverse Windmill: Hold L1 move towards the basket with X. Then, tap Triangle.

Statue Of Liberty: Move towards the basket, tap X once, rotate the Left Analog-stick 360 degrees, then tap Circle.

JR Rider/ Kobe’s between the Legs dunk: Hold R1 and move toward the basket with Circle then tap X.

Under The Legs Two Hand Reverse: Move toward the basket with Triangle then tap X.

Behind The Back dunk (not reverse): Hold L1 + R1 and move towards the hoops with Square and tap Circle.

Backflip Under The Legs dunk: Toss the ball while pressing L1 + R1, then press Circle to do a backflip, gather, and tap X.

Now for the different tosses, experiment using the Right analog stick and the directional buttons to execute different lob passes to yourself. Remember these are the kinds of dunks that get the highest scores—if you could get the timing right.

Rainbow Gather: To do the gather that Darius Miles does in the Advanced video, hold L1 + R1, then rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise, starting at the bottom.

Soccer Gather: Hold D-pad Left and press Right Analog-stick Left and rotate it clockwise 360 degrees.

Throw ball off screen: Hold D-pad Left or Right (depending on which side you want to dunk from), then tap Right Analog-stick Up.

Throw ball off the camera: Hold D-pad Up and tap Right Analog-stick Up.

Throw ball off shot clock: Hold L1 + R1 and press the Right Analog-stick in any direction.

Kick Alley-oop: Hold L1 and move the Right Analog-stick 270 degrees counter-clockwise starting Down. Your player will toss the ball over his shoulder, then kick it with his right foot.

By Leon Croft


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