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WHEN I was growing up, my friends and I had to deal with callous remarks, courtesy of bigoted teenagers who mouthed the wickedly popular “mga bakla salot ng lipunan  (gays are a curse to this society). Of course, there is no truth to it. Facts and figures would show that heterosexuals, yes the ones who populate this world, are the ones destroying this civilization. Ha ha ha ha!

Ponder this: The biggest and most pressing problems in this country were created and caused by heteros. I can’t think of a scandal or a controversy of national interest that involved a gay man or a gay public official. Not in recent memory. Most, if not all of our tragedies, were the doings of educated straights who think they can salvage this rotten world. I’m not saying that gays can but we, my kind, in general, do not cause trouble.

In the workplace, most male and female bosses have the tendency to regard gay workers as inferior and that they can’t be given “serious jobs.”

Of course, that notion had long been refuted and dismissed. Gays are hard­working and know what they can and can’t do. In other words, gay men and women are more grounded and have no superiority complex. Oh, well yes, they show their superiority when they’re provoked.

Anyhow, 2004 is the year that our God has made for gays. In television, there is the pioneering gay television show in GMA 7 called Out!, which literally means coming out.  Out! gives homosexuals the respectable space in television, a medium that has long pictured them as caricatures; as comic gays who know nothing but to entertain.

Out! is about gays living, loving, hurting, nurturing and coming to terms with their sexual preference—the cause of their persecution in this super macho society.

Out! gives gays the respect that they long deserve, portraying them as individuals—no different from the straight men and women—grappling with the pressures of everyday existence.

Another gay-themed show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is doing well in the ratings game. The Fab Five as the gays call themselves makeover a straight guy and teach him about culture which means his persona is altered radically. From being plain looking, the dowdy man is transformed into a more interesting person without losing his masculinity in the process. In other words, he’s is taught how to become a metrosexual.

In all the episodes that I watched, the Fab Five did a good job of reworking insipid men.

Now, they got character.

Obviously, the pink market is slowly recognized as an emerging market with the potential of bringing in lots of moolah. Out! and Queer Eye prove the pink market is real.

For my next column, I will review the new gay oriented magazines Icon and L.  As they say in gay lingo, Babush!

By Manny B. Marinay


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