Amy Pamintuan’s Star column, and the PDI editorial, last Monday, had the common constructive insight that PNoy had erred in picking Guiuan and skipping Tacloban instead, on the Yolanda anniversary. I very much regret to have to beg to differ with friends with whom I have so much we agree on, that occasional differences, such as on that judgment call comes as a surprise. (I seldom agree with Bobi Tiglao these days but I applaud his piece the other day on Macoy’s technocrats, who remind me of Hitler’s Good Germans, egregiously insensitive to gross human rights violations.)

No one blames Obama for 9/11, Twin Towers, 13th anniversary of the attack, or Merkel, 11/9, 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall Fall. The solemn unifying commemorations were devoid of partisan heckling that could make security antsy. But, in our country, everything seems sadly politicized. Yolanda was just last year; feelings may remain high.

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