Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. renewed ties with and vowed his support for his Scout Ranger “Buddies,” members of the First Scout Ranger Regiment (FSRR) of the Philippine Army, to continue pursuing their goal of activating an alumni list to network with both active and retired “Buddies” here and abroad.

Marcos announced his willingness to help his “Buddies” during their 65th founding anniversary celebration under the theme “FSRR at 65: Honoring the Excellence and Dedication to Serve from the Past to Present,” held last Wednesday at the covered court of Camp Pablo Tecson in San Miguel, Bulacan.

“It is only but fitting to recognize the Scout Rangers whether they are currently in the active service or retired. As “Buddies,” we should assist and help each other especially those who are in need,” he said.

Marcos added that he was “very happy” to be able to return to see all of his “Buddies” in their new headquarters, unlike the Tanay headquarters where he underwent training a number of years ago and where they held classes “anywhere.”

During the anniversary celebration, Marcos a graduate of the Scout Ranger Course and a member of the 74th Class, reminisced about his experience during the training when he was submerged in water while his parents, then-President Marcos and Imelda Marcos, currently a congresswoman, were watching.

“When I was being submerged, my mother was taking pity on me. My father was laughing loudly. He said, ‘Push his head some more.’ I told myself, ‘This guy’s different. He’s really a soldier,’” the younger Marcos recalled.

He said he regrets that he was unable to send his three sons to any military training because they are studying abroad.

“But I always tell them that my military training has helped make me the person I am today. I feel the camaraderie, I know the sacrifices made by members of the military,” Marcos added.

After doing a “one week” or 10 push-ups and drinking wine as a “ritual” of the FSRR, he professed, “We should give due and deserved recognition by conferring honors to deceased Scout Rangers, I think it is a good idea [to honor them].”