SAN NICOLAS, Ilocos Norte: A leading business process outsourcing (BPO) company, Expert Global Solutions (EGS), opened its facility here, assuring 1,200 jobs to Ilocanos in the province.

EGS President and Country Head Bong Borja said that in 2014, the company temporarily opened its facility at the Centennial Arena in Laoag City, which initially offered hundreds of jobs to Ilocanos. This week, its new building, located in the village of San Francisco, aims to accommodate 1, 500 slots at one time.

He said EGS chose to open a site in Ilocos Norte because of the abundance of Ilocano talent and the provincial government’s relentless support.

“The Provincial government of Ilocos Norte is as committed as us to making sure that the operation here becomes successful. We will continue partnering with universities in the province to fill the seats,” Borja said.

He said that being a part of the EGS team which provides a competitive salary, benefits and incentives, they will also provide employees with “world class skill”.

Gov. Imee Marcos, during the inaugural ceremony, recognized EGS’ commitment to the province as well as the positive social impact of having quality jobs in Ilocos Norte.

She said the entry of the BPO sector in the province is truly inspiring because after all, Ilocanos travelled throughout the world only to look for jobs, leaving their families.

“There is the real benefit EGS is giving us today, and that is the social and psychological benefit of staying home. You are keeping Ilocano families together, that we could stay home,” Marcos said.

The outgoing governor said she hopes that the investment growth in Ilocos Norte will further boost economic development as more local businesses are expected to flourish in the area including cafés and restaurants.

Since 2012, Marcos has pledged to create more quality jobs for Ilocanos through the Provincial Government’s Task Force Trabaho.