A surprise inspection of the lockers of airport personnel at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminal 3 led to the arrest of a security guard in whose locker was found the missing blue pouch of a Malaysian passenger.

But the money with different denominations, which suspect Eme E. Rendoque separately hid, was found wrapped in a plastic bag at the female comfort room.

Eme immediately admitted to the police that she was tempted to take the cash to support the operation of her mother.

The owner of the blue pouch, Sugin Charles Supramany, arrived in Manila from Kuala Lumpur on September 20 via Cebu Pacific Air.

Airport authorities said that Supramany inadvertently left behind his pouch inside the aircraft when he disembarked from the plane. Supramany said the pouch contained $1,190; Malaysian Rupee 2,000 and P60,000.

Charges of violation of Article 308 of the revised penal code (qualified theft) will be filed against Rendoque.

Manila International Airport Authority General Manager Ed Monreal ordered the cancellation of Redonque’s access pass and she was permanently banned from the airport premises.