The National Privacy Commission (NPC) has launched a nationwide campaign to assist local government units (LGUs) in complying and reaping the benefits of the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Speaking to local government executives and representatives from Region 11 (Davao Region) at the LGU Data Protection Officers’ (DPOs) Assembly at Marco Polo Davao hotel in Davao City last week, Privacy Commissioner and Chairman Raymund Enriquez Liboro underscored the importance of systematic compliance. He said it would foster greater trust in the way local governments work among businesses, executives and the general public.

This would also allow people to enjoy the benefits of local government projects without any worry, he added.

“Filipinos experience government service on a more personal level when they avail [themselves] of social services offered at city and town halls. If LGUs in the region would rigorously enforce data privacy safeguards in their daily operations, not only would it usher in better local government administration and enhanced social services, it would also redound to improved business practices and usher in the region’s readiness to absorb the economic benefits of the emerging knowledge economy,” Liboro said.

Formally known as Republic Act 10173, the data privacy law aims to protect the privacy of individuals while ensuring the free flow of information to promote innovation and growth. It also aims to regulate personal data, from their collection to deletion, as well as ensure that the country complies with international standards set for data protection.

The one-day DPO assembly was the first in a series of gatherings organized by the NPC for LGUs, and aimed to meet the particular needs of government DPOs in a local government setting, starting with Region 11.

To aid Davao government DPOs in facilitating compliance in their respective offices, the agency has provided them with the second edition of the NPC Privacy Toolkit.

Designed to help new DPOs bolster their competence and confidence, the toolkit serves as a practical reference for daily use.