Elizabeth DeMotte Jewelry

Following one’s passion. Elizabeth DeMotte, former brand and PR executive for the regional luxury hospitality industry, decided 2018 was the year to do just that—creating jewelry as original as the personalities and lifestyles of the people who wear them. The result is the newly launched www.elizabethdemottejewelry.com, which offers semi-precious gemstone jewelry personally handmade by her, with every piece one-of-a-kind to guarantee a unique statement for each individual.

Her eclectic collection ranges from delicate yet eye-catching chain and charm necklaces to show-stopper earrings for a night out, the perfect chunky necklace to wear to work to the just-right piece to throw on with great jeans and a classic T. Whether it’s playful or elegant, delicate or statement, each is crafted with semi-precious stones and sterling or gold-plated silver.

DeMotte’s jewelry-making penchant was ignited many years ago in Singapore. She became obsessed with imagining new and different designs to create, and she was irresistibly drawn to sourcing unusual materials on her world travels. In time, she moved to Miami, Florida and started creating and selling her designs, but the “real world” lured her back to Asia—to Hong Kong, to re-enter a career in branding and public relations for luxury hotels.

The siren call of jewelry design has captured her once again, and now, she is sharing her new creations with a wider audience to peruse, enjoy and find that special piece meant just for them.

To view DeMotte’s collection, visit www.elizabethdemottejewelry.com and be prepared for enchantment.