PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday ordered the dismissal of three cadets of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) who allegedly forced two freshmen to perform oral sex as a form of punishment.

In a post-disaster command conference in Isabela, Duterte slammed the alleged hazing incident in the police academy, saying he does not want his soldiers and policemen to be "dehumanized."

"I was reading a report kasi sa aking office about that incident of the police na, I’m warning you I will never tolerate that kind yung hazing at pinakain nila yung ari nila doon... they will be dismissed. I will dismiss them. I have no place for the people (like them)," Duterte said.

"You know you give me a soldier from the PMA (Philippine Military Academy) or from the PNPA, nandoon tapos you rob him of his dignity, you dehumanized him... He will go out of that academy almost robbed of his humanity and he [will] always remember that ... I don’t need that kind of policeman, not during my time, in my generation, for the next generation of Filipinos," he added.

The President said that such acts would leave "deep psychological" scars on cadets and that they would take it out on others.

"You do not train a soldier or a policeman who goes out of academy with a trauma. It’s a deep psychological insult and stays in the head . . . that kind of thing is really taboo. Hindi  yan gawain ng lalaki. So whatever decision, pagkadating yan sa akin, it is actually dismissal na," Dutere said.

"I don’t need that kind of s***. Ayaw ko yung mga sundalo ko pati police ko na, I can't just imagine if they go out, what could be the paradigm of the guy, sa utak niya he will take it against the others because it’s a trauma that stays. Nawalan ng dignity yung tao. Please yung gustong pumasok o nandyan na, do not ever do that kasi  mag aaway lang tayo. For me, pag dumating yan sa lamesa ko yan, it is dismissal. Period," he said.

On Wednesday, Acting Interior Secretary Eduardo Año ordered the relief of PNPA Director Joseph Adnol "for command responsibility and to pave the way for an impartial investigation into the incident," according to its spokesman Jonathan Malaya.

According to initial reports received by the Department of Interior and Local Government, an upperclassman ordered two underclassmen to perform oral sex on them for allegedly committing violations. Two senior cadets present at the incident did not stop the "punishment" and stayed to watch.

Año also ordered an investigation and for measures to be carried out so that these incidents would not happen again in the academy.

"We should not allow this so-called tradition or culture of violence to continue within the hallowed halls of the PNPA. It is contrary to the ideals of PNPA as the premier institution that produces the future police, fire and jail officers in our country," Año said.

The Philippine Public Safety College is in charge of the investigation, as the mother unit of the PNPA.

The Philippine National Police will also conduct a separate investigation to determine criminal liability. The upperclassmen involved in the issue could face criminal and administrative charges.

The underclassmen involved in the issue are also set to file charges against their seniors.