NETIZENS expressed concern, fear and anger over a game on the internet that challenged minors to perform tasks that could cause them harm and even death.

The “Momo Challenge,” which started as a pop-up ad on Whats-app, eventually spread to computer games and social media. It stirred controversy in the Philippines when an 11-year-old boy reportedly died while trying to fulfill a task from the game.

Below are some of the reactions:

Joe An Olitres - Draper, Facebook

‘this is true..i talked to my 11 year old son kanina regarding this..we watched the news report together..and sinabi niya na “mommy nakita ko na yan last year pero hindi ko na tinapos yung challenge kasi natatakot na ako eh”..nanlamig buong katawan ko kanina..aminado ako na meron akong lapse as a mom sa part na yun..hindi ko natu tukan ang anak ko sa paggamit ng internet..thank god at kusang tumigil ang anak ko at hindi siya napahamak..

(this is true..i talked to my 11 year old son earlier regarding this..we watched the news report together..and he said “mommy I saw that last year but I didn’t finish the challenge because I got scared” whole body went cold..I admit that I have lapses as a mom on that part..I didn’t pay much attention to my child whenever he’s using the internet..thank god that he stopped voluntarily and he wasn’t harmed..)

Mark Angelo Dy, Facebook

Please take this seriously. This thing happens in other countries. So better talk to your kids if the encounter this...Again prevention is better than cure…

Meggy Mo, Facebook

This is scary. Please make sure you guys watch what your kids play on line or who they talk to.

Jemjem Dee, Facebook

This needs to be spread. This is truly a thing that all of us needs to watch out. Demonic ang concept at kayo ang kawawa.

(This needs to be spread. This is truly a think that all of us needs to watch out. The concept is demonic and all of you are going to be wretched)

Brian Amparado, Facebook

“Praying can’t control this. Guidance and awareness will.”

Jenniffer Manzon, Facebook

Dapat jan banned na lang yang application/game na yan dito sa Pilipinas! At wag na rin spread yang picture na yan!

(Those applications/games should be banned here in the Philippines! And people shouldn’t spread that picture.)

Alviola Freddie Alejado, Facebook

Dapat talaga ipagbawal nang mga apps nayan ang mga ganyang games at yong gumagawa nyan dapat hanapin

(Those apps and games should be prohibited and those who make those should be found)

“I have 8 nephews and nieces and all of them are all exposed in world wide web technology and I personally oppose this kinds of mind conditioning game” He added in a direct message.

Lawless Heaven, Facebook

Mga magulang lagi nyo icheck pinapanood ng mga anak niyo. Kung maaari bawas bawasan ang pag gamit sa gadget like cp or computer. Let them play with other kids at wag lang pnay cp.

(Parents should always check what your kids are watching. If possible, lessen their use of gadgets like cp [cellphone] or computer. Let them play with other kids and not only with cp)

Darren Pineda, Facebook

Wag niyong isama ang Satanas at Diyos dito! Ang dahilan kaya nag ka ganyan eh yung mga magulang na ginagawang babysitter yung cellphone nila! At yung mga magulang na hindi nililimitahan ang pag gamit ng cp ng mga anak nila dahil sila mismo busy sa kacecellphone!

(Don’t bring Satan or God into this! The reason why [kids] are like that is because parents turn their cellphones into babysitters! And those parents who don’t limit their children’s use of cp [cellphone] is because they themselves are too busy using their cellphones.)

Richard Derla, Facebook

“Nakakabahala na at nakakatakot dahil binabalot na ng kadiliman ang picture na yan. Kaylangan ng aksyunan ng ating gobyerno ang mga bagay na yan.”

(It is alarming and scary because that photo is wrapped with darkness. The government should take action when it comes to those things)