The Agriculture Ministry’s Animal Health and Production Department of Cambodia yesterday said African Swine Fever (AST) that was detected in Ratanakkiri’s O’Yadav district has spread to the O’Chum district.

Tan Phannara, the department’s director, said the disease had spread in the province despite efforts to keep it confined to O’Yadav district’s Soam Thom commune.

Efforts include spraying disinfectants, culling infected pigs and banning the movement of pigs out of the area.

“We have not yet completely contained ASF in O’Yadav district and it has now spread to O’Chum district,” Phannara said. “Our working teams are now conducting a study to check which communes in the district have been hit by the disease.”

“We received reports of sick pigs from the authorities in O’Chum district between April 11 and 13, and we have banned the transportation of pigs throughout the province,” he added.

On March 22, ASF was detected by Ratanakkiri provincial authorities in O’Yadav district’s Soam Thom commune and more than 500 pigs were culled.

Officials then said the disease was spread via contaminated pork brought in across the border from Vietnam.

Phannara also said that on Sunday morning, ministry officials stopped a truck transporting nearly 100 pigs from Vietnam in Tboung Khmum province’s Krouch Chhmar district despite the Kingdom’s ban on pig imports from Vietnam.

“We are still conducting tests on the pigs to check if they have been infected by the ASF virus,” he noted.

Phannara said that the ministry formed a special working team to enforce the ban on the import of pigs from Vietnam in Tboung Khmum province.

Heng Piseth, Tboung Khmum provincial agriculture department director, yesterday said that after impounding the truck transporting pigs from Vietnam, officials sent blood samples of the animals to a laboratory in Phnom Penh to check for ASF.

“It may take two to three days before we get the results,” he said. “We have impounded the truck and spayed disinfectant as a precaution.”

Khmer Times