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Duterte criticizes Cory Aquino legacy


A day after the 10th death anniversary of former president Corazon Aquino, President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday criticized her legacy, particularly her controversial land reform program.

Speaking to agrarian reform beneficiaries in his hometown Davao City, Duterte claimed that during Aquino’s presidency, she spared her family’s property Hacienda Luisita from being subjected to the government’s land reform program.”Cory Aquino may be popular, she is popular. Why? For losing the husband in the hands of Mr. Marcos,” said Duterte, who has often praised the ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

“But what is the fundamental reason why some day 30 years from now we may try to balance history? Because Aquino declared land reform for the entire Philippines but exempted [Hacienda] Luisita, her own land,” he added.

The President said Aquino’s legacy was an “incongruity.””She exempted her own. So you call her, the one who freed, emancipated. It’s an incongruity, si Cory,” he said.

Aquino’s husband was former senator Benigno Aquino Jr. who was felled by an assassin’s bullet in 1983.

The Marcoses have been accused of being behind the killing, which they have denied.

The death of Aquino, considered Marcos’ political archrival, sparked a peaceful revolution in 1986 that his wife led, resulting in the ouster of the 20-year leader and the restoration of democracy in the country. CATHERINE S. VALENTE

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Today’s Front Page January 22, 2020

Today’s Front Page January 22, 2020